Craziest thing happened [MF]

I was asked to repost:

Last night the craziest thing happened. I am extremely cerebral when having sex I sometimes have issues turning my brain off and just having sex. So, now that our drought is over we have been having sex a couple times a week schedules and kids permitting.

We had sex 3 times yesterday 1 and 2 were great. Positions, sucking, face riding and 2 orgasms for her one for me. Off to a good start.

Here's where the weird stuff happens. My wife is not very imaginative but does try to follow directions which I have plans on later 😎. I told her I wanted to watch her play with herself before we started while coming down off of #2.

We were laying in bed watching tv when I was ready. I reached over and stated touching her slit. Her eyes closed and her head rolled back into the pillow. She pushed the covers off and I started slipping my fingers inside. She was so wet. A combination of me and her.

I don't mind eating her pussy one bit after cumming in her. So I lick my way down and start licking slowly. Loving the mixed taste and the smell. Oh the smell. She is grabbing my hair and fucking my tounge. Then she pushes me away and starts rubbing her beautiful pussy and clit.

She extends her fingers for me to lick then plunges them in her then I see it. A little of my cum leaks out. I get even harder. She pulls her hand away and I dive in. Licking and sucking. Then I ever so gently bite her clit.

That does it she cums hard. Locking my head in place while we ride her orgasm. She then pushes me away and rolls over to present her sweet white ass to me. I am a black man of mixed heritage. I love the color contrast and a white woman with a black ass has the honey to take all my money.

I spit in my hand and start rubbing my dick to get it ready. I hotdog her ass for a bit. Google it, it is awesome! Then I slide into her. She is so wet. From her cum and mine. I have been reading a lot of Reddit. The stories of wife sharing, cuckold, and cheating wives turn me on.

I could never be a cuck and could not handle cheating. However my active brain took over and I started fantasizing that I was getting some guys sloppy seconds. It started when I saw my cum leaking from her. And now tyhat I was riding that ass it intensified.

In my mind I called her a dirty whore and she told me she would be good. My hand was in her hair now. Fucking her like she stole something. Calling her a slut and her moans which were real took me over the edge.

I came hard. All I could say was wow. We laid there for a while then I stood up and told her how her little show did it for me and how hard it was to last that long. We cleaned up cuddled and went to sleep.

I don't want to share my wife, but this new fantasy. Wow.

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