NEW POST Office Politics/Blackmail – Chapter 34

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Chap. 33 –

Jono had to smile, it appeared that his property knew more than she was letting on. "well-well-well," he said, a bit out of breath, "I did enjoy that. I am impressed, little one….have you been holding out on me?”

“nooo-Sir!’ Sherry replied, “it’s like I said, it’s not the taste. I am actually starting to like the taste, it’s the- “

“Consistency, like oysters.” Jono replied, finishing her sentence. “Good thing I’m not big on them either.” He mused

Sherry shifted so that she was sitting on His lap, and removed her bra. “I can’t say thanks enough for this gift, Sir. Breaking it in was fun.” She said, with a devilish smile

“I agree,” Jono replied. He gave his property a kiss, then kissed the nipple nearest his mouth, and she gave him a tiny, playful squeal. Looking around he told her, “I want to build a house here, like a Spanish Villa, the rear looking out over this large pond.”

“it would be nice,” Sherry responded, then asked ,”Sir?”

“Yes, pet?” Jono asked, as he continued to toy with her nipples.

“Sir,” Sherry asked, “I understand what a collar means in this dynamic, but I want to know where you are thinking this dynamic will go?” before he spoke she touched his lips and said, “I am liking this Sir, I am, but I keep thinking ahead….”

“I know,” Jono said. “I have been enjoying the fucking, to be sure, but if this is to get past that, well, there are many things we do not know about each other, and there are things I can never give you.” Jono shifted a bit, and sucked her nipple, wondering if his dick would get hard again. It sure felt like it was trying. “I’ve only brought one other person here..” he said

Sherry enjoyed his mouth on her nipples. She shifted on His lap again, wondering if she could play with His Dick. “Sir I did not know that, but I understand. It means a lot. I have to ask, what can you not give me?”

“Well,” Jono replied, shifting his free hand t play with he pubic hair, now that she had shifted, “You will at some point want children. Pet, I am not quite double your age, & have had a vasectomy, remember?” he turned her a bit so he could get at her other nipple. The Dick seemed willing….”I know you have parents. I bet they are not going to be accepting of this. “Damn, those nipples do it for me.” he added

Having her Man do this was enticing, she had to admit. “Well actually…” Sherry told Him, “They know something is up. I was thinking about asking you to meet them for lunch tomorrow. They are more open minded than you might think, Sir.” Looking out in front of the SUV, Sherry could see the blankets and the cushion. More than that, the sun was low over the trees. She smiled, “Sir, I WANT my Man. Sir, can we Please get on the blanket out there, I want to give myself to Him…” And she gave him a kiss.

Jono smiled and, giving her a little butt slap, said, “let’s go.”

Sherry enjoyed having Him give to her to her wants, and whispered “thanks…Sir.” As they got out, she handed Him his sunglasses, and, holding His Dick, walked to the blanket. Turning and kissing Him, she said “Let me please You Sir…” and getting on to her knees, took His half-hard Cock in her mouth. She began to move her head back & forth, taking the whole Dick and nothing but the Dick, periodically looking up at him and smiling.

Jono was loving it, and let this incredible blonde beauty do her thing. It was like she had been well-trained, but Jono knew that he had really just freed her inhibitions. Normally he would grab her head and face-fuck her, he instead simply looked down at her & smiled approvingly, watching her work.

Sherry continued to suck Him, able to taste both him and some of her. He mix was different, but she actually found it interesting, recognizing that it was something only she could taste. She could feel Him getting hard, and once it felt pretty erect, she pulled the Dick out and ran her tongue and lips down one side. “If Sir will please get on his knees behind me, I will fuck His Dick. Will you do that, Sir…please?”

“Now how am I supposed to say no to that?” Jono said, as he got on his knees. He liked that his property was not only fucking as he liked, but was working to meet his needs. It was the mark of a great sub and Jono was honored – it was as though they ‘matched’.

He watched as she used her flexibility to turn around and stroked his cock, making sure it was good and hard. She looked back at him, smiled, and pulled her ass-cheek open, exposing her damp pussy. Despite all the fucking, he could see that his cunt was good and wet. It felt wonderful as this incredible woman, HIS woman, carefully f-i-t-t-e-d herself onto His dick. Watching her face change from concentration to one of pleasure made him stiffen right up, and Jono, who had told himself not to get too close, felt himself being drawn to his property, getting close….and went willingly.

“Oooohhhh – Sirr…..” Sherry cooed, then said as clearly as she could get out, “Sir…you just watch the water, and the sunset, OK Sir?” Pulling the cushion over, she buried her face in it, and began twerking and using he cagel muscles to work her Man’s Fat Meaty Cock. It was driving her crazy, she was loving it, and not just His Cock, and she shoved her face into the cushion to drown her whimpers and cries of ecstasy as he pushed back into it, tightening & resisting the Fat Meaty Cock as she forced it to push into her pussy.

Jono was trying, unsuccessfully, to remain calm. Almost three months ago, had forcibly seduced someone he though was little more than a girl, intending to fuck her several times, then dump her off like an old porno mag. Now here he was, sitting here at the lot he had intended to build his widowed wife’s dream home, and this woman not quite half his age, was throwing her cunt back into him, fucking him like he had never had it…while he enjoyed the sunset.

The sun was sinking lower, dipping behind the trees, throwing beams of red-orange light. One particular beam cascaded down, landing on his property’s lower back and ass as she pounded herself back into her owner. As his property begged and then threw her head back and screamed, Jono ended a glorious sunset by blowing a blew his glorious load inside his pussy, ending a truly glorious day.

Sherry helped her Man get dressed, and back in her new SUV. Stopping and getting the gate at the top of the property, she took the long way home, letting her Man lightly doze in the passenger seat. At a stoplight, she reached out and almost touched his adorable face, but stopped, knowing it might wake him. At last, Sherry knew what it was to be linked to someone, to be owned, and she was in love with it. As the light turned green, she took pleasure in where she was, enjoying the scent of their recent sex and her new car's leather, and headed for her Master’s home.

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