[NSFW][MF] When Daddy Hits All Corners

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He slapped her twice across the face with his meat. She needed two hands to twirl and suck his wood. His length and girth were more than enough to put her mouth and tongue to work.

“I'ma tell your husband you can’t suck dick,” he playfully threatened.

“Please don’t.”


“Please, don’t tell him.”

He pulled away from her grip and was like, “Turn around so I can fuck you froggy style.”

She got on her knees and assumed the position. He got behind her round, juicy ass, and spat on her asshole before tonguing the pussy from the back. He slipped on a new condom after discarding the one he’d just used and slowly slid in her triple darkness.

“Ooooooh yeeeah.” Her walls were stuffed and stretched from his thickness.

He mounted off his knees and hovered over her. Palming both ass cheeks and spreading them apart. Stroking in and up to hit the G-spot. Her clit kissed his balls that swung and hung chain-low as he got busy in the P.

“Say my name,” he demanded.

She didn’t say a word.

“Say my name,” he repeated with frustration.

Again, she didn’t say a word.

“Oh, you not gonna say my name? You want me to be savage. Is that how you feel?”

“Yes…gimme that dick, you fucker.”

“You want it?”

“Yes, daddy…yes.”

“Bury that fuckin’ face in the pillow and arch that back.” He grabbed her waist and rabbit- fucked her to the mighty O.

Sweat beaded down his forehead and back. Drenched his face. Glossed his shoulder blades. His balls swung back and forth like a pendulum and repeatedly tapped her clit from thrusts. Back shots.

Doggy style.

The I’m going to pay for Child Support after this session position.

He grabbed her waist with one hand and a breast with the other. Fondling the nipple. Massaging her rib cage. Grinding in and up inside the pussycat.

“Right there…ooooooh yes, right there.” Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as he left no room for her to maneuver.

She was too filled up to release therapy.

“You makin’ me wanna cum. You makin’ wanna cum. Oooooh you fucker!” She lost her breath from the power of his hips.

“Say my name.”


“Say my name.”


“Bitch, louder.”

“Niiiiiicoooooooooooo oohh oohh oooohhhh!” She hit the high notes and came harder than bricks in the cold.

She gripped and pushed him out the pussy. He grabbed himself and slid back inside. He felt himself about to cum as he went to town in supreme dominance.

Feeling himself about to cum, he flipped her over and told her to, “Come here.”

He stood over her as she got on her knees. He slipped off the condom and grabbed her red crimp and curly hair to jerk off at her face. Just the imagination of him nutting on her pretty face got him off to cum.


Globs of jizz coated her nose and forehead.

She was beated… …and he was the makeup artist.

No mascara, just protein.

Taken from You, Me, Us, Them (erotic drama)

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Submitted by TheAdultNeeds.org


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