[NSFW][MFMF] Wife Swap on the Duvet

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Niccolo massaged her breasts and snaked his way inside her. Sue felt his sudden softness and was like <here we go again> until he rocked to an erection in mid-stroke.

“Yes, baby. Gimme every inch of that. Hhaaaahh.” She breathed while clutching the bed sheets and was surprised that he was able to cook a T-bone steak after meatloafing earlier.

He got lost in the twat until he found himself. Found himself hitting her spot. The spot on the corner of the pink that he touched with the curve of his dick.

“Yes, right there. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.” She panted from every thrust that felt like bolts of lightning jolting every pressure point of her slender physique.

His balls swung like a pendulum and repeatedly tapped onto her clit. She got off from the stick-of-the-dick-as-the-balls-hit-the-clit combo. One nut. Two nut. Three nut. Four. The multiples weakened her knees, and she slumped down to her stomach.

He turned her sideways and lay next to her in a cuddle position. Spooning. Scraping the first and last of the pudding to make her feel like a kid again. She soaked him with Jell from the mighty O and got a Quaalude high from the tiger bone that fit the Bill to serve her grrrrrrrreat!

“Oh shit. I’m about to cum. I’m about to cum.” Niccolo struggled to hold it in.

“No. No. Don’t stop. Keep going. I wanna cum with you.” Sue protested, and slowed her grind to stop him from cumming.

On the other side of the duvet, Mike picked up Katt from the bed as he stood on the sand. He boned her in the air with her legs wrapped around his waist. She bounced up and down his dick like a jockey to match his horse power.

<Ándele! Ándele! Mami Eee eyee Eee eyee!>

His hands had spread her ass cheeks apart for deeper penetration. She felt every inch of him as she kissed the side of his neck. Keeping him hard as he stood thrusting. He tired out after a while and sat her on the edge of the duvet. With one leg on the duvet and the other planted firm on the sand, he dug in and up in the pie and felt himself cumming.

“Where you want me to bust?” Mike’s shaft grew extra hard from the build-up.

“My stomach.”

“Oh shit.” He yanked the condom off and unloaded streaks from her breasts down to her navel.

Katt got up to a sitting position and mouthed off the last of the drip drops while Niccolo unloaded on Sue’s ass.

And they didn’t stop there… …they went on until the sun blushed from peeking at them from the ocean.

Taken from You, Me, Us, Them (erotic drama)

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