SHE WOULD DO ANYTHING TO BE FAMOUS [Mmff] [oral] [mast] [feet] [piss] [facial]


When Hayley was in high school, she got pressured into being in the school play. Guys and Dolls. It was just the sort of thing she used to make fun of … but after opening night, she had been bitten by the theatre bug. Performing was all she wanted to do. By senior year, she was a full blown theatre junkie with lofty Hollywood goals. She loved attention. Any kind. Good, bad, provocative.

Hayley was always naturally beautiful, so of course, she was the target of bullies who secretly envied her. Hayley almost never worried about doing her hair or wearing make up. Whatever she wore became the trend. One morning, the school bus pulled up. Her brother got on and told the driver she was coming. She wasn't usually late, but had been up late the night before "writing a paper." The truth was, she was a cam-girl who wore a mask and would masturbate on camera for cash. Not wanting to be late, she grabbed her brothers shoes, which happened to fit.

The next day, all of the girls were wearing their younger brothers old, ratty gym shoes. It was the new trend.

The cam-girl thing satiated her need to be desired. She was addicted to attention and craved it in all ways. But lately, she craved sexual attention. The best part of being a cam-girl were the kinky requests she'd get. She never wanted to say no to anyone, out of the fear that they'd say something bad about her. This narcissism worked wonders for her sexual curiosity. She became wildly curious and willing to try all things.

Whenever a new request came through, she'd write the customer privately and tell them it wasn't something she'd done before and needed to explore and research on her own first before she felt fully comfortable to do it on camera. This kept the visitors tuning in, day after day, week after week, to see if she'd do something they requested.

Her one hard rule: The mask never came off. She wanted to be a celebrity and this, obviously, could be a detriment.

Hayley knew one day she'd have herself a boyfriend. And one solid way to keep him around was to be extra kinky in the bedroom. She knew so many girls who came to her saying, "my boyfriend wanted to put a toy up my asshole" or "my boyfriend wanted to have a threesome!" or "my boyfriend wanted to fuck my face" or "my boyfriend wanted to piss on my tits in the shower!" And every time, the women would say no, and eventually, they would find themselves swiping left and right on Tinder.

So, when the kinky requests came in, Hayley never said no. One boy messaged her with a piss fetish. He wanted to watch her urinate into a cup and then drink it. "Drink my own piss?" She said to herself, a little bit grossed out, and a little bit curious. She shrugged and told the viewer that she would consider it, but it came with a hefty price. She knew it wasn't necessarily the sort of thing she'd do again, but it didn't hurt to have the experience.

And so, he paid and one day, after masturbating on camera for over an hour, she said she had to pee. But she was also thirsty, so why not kill two birds with one stone, hm? She got a large glass and placed it between her legs, shifted forward and moaned as she began to urinate, filling the glass almost to the brim.

"Gosh," she giggled. "Guess I really had to go."

She took a straw and put it through the hole in her mask and began sipping, faster and faster, until almost all of the urine was gone. She spat some out onto her tits and waved goodnight. The tips began to roll in. She laughed.

Jump forward four years: Hayley was 22 years old and living on her own in New York City, a feat that would not have been possible without the cam-girl career. She was living out her dream … or at least trying to. She went on audition after audition for local theatre productions, Broadway shows, television commercials and shows, movies, etc. She even had an agent, which, for a girl with just a few local theatre shows under her belt, was a lot.

Hayley knew how to get what she wanted, though. And she had no problem using her body to get those things. Her agent was a nice, older, married man. He sat with her and gave her a lot of advice, but he wouldn't represent her until she landed a few rolls. She sighed, thanked him for his time and got up to leave. And then she stopped.

"You're married, right?"

"Yes," he said, waving the wedding band in her face.

"Is it true that, like, married guys don't get blowjobs anymore? It's! It's just that … I've heard that."

"What does this have to do with anything?" He asked, leaning forward. He knew. She knew, too.

"It's just … I really want an agent. And I'm willing to do anything to get one. I'll take your advice. I really will. I'll work harder than anyone. I want to be famous."

"All right," he said, unzipping his pants.

"Paperwork first," she said. He grinned. She was smart. They sighed the paperwork, shook hands, and then he pulled his cock out.

Hayley smirked and lowered herself to her knees. She wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked, spitting, stroking, gagging. He leaned back and groaned as she slurped and coughed and sputtered all over his cock. It was surprisingly big, but she could take it. Swallowing every inch. Her nose pressed against his pelvis. His legs became to tremble. He grunted and groaned.

"Mm-hmm," Hayley whispered as he pushed his cock down her throat and ejaculated, blasting a thick load into her mouth. She leaned back and gulped and then winked at him.

"I'll be seeing you," she said as she collected her things and left. As the door closed, she leaped into the air and shrieked. She had an agent!

Not six months later, she had an audition. It was a small part in a very big film. But it was an audition! It was the beginning. Her agent assured her this was a good move, it would put a lot of eyes on her. And she had a distinct set of skills that would help her … land the role, shall we say.

Her agent must have put in the word, shall we say, that Hayley was willing to go the extra mile. So, the producer of the film made sure Hayley had the last appointment of the day. His secretary arranged the audition.

"If you're able to come by tomorrow at 730 PM, we'd love to see you. You'll meet with the producer and audition for him and his two assistants."

A town car picked Hayley up. She was wearing a very conservative outfit, just to mess with the producer a little. He had no idea what he was in for. When she arrived, she was sitting in a large, empty room. It was intimidating to say the least. The producer introduced himself and his two assistants: Charles and Emily. That threw Hayley, but she remained calm and confident.

He handed her a script and told her she could begin whenever she was ready. After she read the lines, he leaned back in his chair.

"All right," he said. "You've got a few monologues ready for us?"

"I do," Hayley said. She was suddenly anxious. This was actually happening.

"It's okay," the producer said. "Relax. You're doing great so far. Your agent, uh … speaks very highly of you."

"Oh," Hayley said. That was just the confidence booster she needed. She smiled and launched into her monologues. She was halfway through the second one when the producer stopped her.

"Okay," he said. "We have one other contender for this role. You're both great. But if you really want this part, it's yours."

"Ohmygod," Hayley said, giggling.

"Hayley, I need you to listen to me," the producer said. "The role is yours. 100%, you just have to do a few extra things."

She was about to blow his MIND, but first, she teased.

"Oh," she said, fidgeting nervously. "You want me to, like, do another monologue? I have a few more I ca–"

"No, no," the producer said. "I need to know that you can follow direction. And orders. I need to know that you will do whatever it takes, okay?"

"Oh … okay," she said. She was fidgeting, her eyes darted anxiously. She was acting. She knew what was coming. "So, like, what do you want me to do?"

"Emily," the producer said.

Emily, the assistant, began to undress. Hayley's eyes popped. She swallowed hard enough for the producer to see that she was visibly anxious, but she wasn't leaving.

Within a few seconds, Emily, the assistant, was completely nude. She walked over to Hayley. Hayley leaned back in her chair, smiling nervously.

"Hi," Hayley said.

"Shhh," Emily whispered.

Hayley mouth, "sorry."

"Get onto your hands and knees," Emily whispered.

Hayley slid out of her chair and crawled towards Emily on her hands and knees. The producer, and the other assistant, Charles, just watched.

"Follow me," Emily whispered.

Hayley crawled on her hands and knees, following Emily until they were at Charles' feet.

"Take off his shoes."

Hayley crawled onto her knees and untied Charles' shoes. Charles was very good looking. British. Slicked back dirty blonde hair. He even had manicured feet. Hayley's heart was racing.

"Kiss them," Emily instructed.

Hayley leaned down and kissed Charles' feet. The producer watched her, studied the way she moved. Hayley licked his toes and feet while Emily sat down in her chair and spread her legs, masturbating.

"God," Charles whispered as Hayley sucked on his toes. Hayley reached up and unzipped his pants and took his cock out. He was rock hard. And large.

"Wow," Hayley whispered.

"Think you can suck a cock that big?" The producer asked.

"I think so," Hayley said.

She sat up and came face to face with Charles' cock. Charles removed the rest of his clothing. Hayley leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked it, gagging.

"Good girl," Charles whispered as she struggled to shove his cock down her throat.

"Mmm," Hayley said as she coughed and drooled on his cock.

"Suck it like your life depends on it," the producer said.

Hayley began to aggressively face fuck herself with Charles' cock. She gagged and drooled. A small puddle gathered on the floor and on his feet.

"Slurp it up," Emily whispered.

Hayley leaned down and slurped her drool off of Charles' feet. Charles stroked his cock as he watched.

"Suck it again," Emily barked.

Hayley rose up and put her mouth on Charles. Emily, her pussy soaking wet, stood from her chair and pressed Hayley deeper and deeper down Charles' hard cock until Hayley squirmed. Her eyes ran.

"MORE," Emily barked as she pressed.

"URGH," Hayley shouted as saliva gushed into her mouth and spilled out of the cracks as her head was pressed harder and harder until every inch of Charles' cock disappeared down her throat.

"Fuck her mouth," Emily ordered.

Charles' put his hands on Hayley's temples and began to violently fuck her face. Saliva and drool sputtered everywhere.

"Take off your clothes," the producer ordered.

Hayley removed her clothing while Emily and Charles watched.

"You've got great tits," the producer said. "Show me your pussy. Spread your lips."

Hayley did.

"Beautiful," the producer said. "Get on the floor. Lie down."

Hayley got on the cold cement floor and suddenly, with no warning, Emily walked over Hayley's face and squatted down, locking eyes with her.

"Open your mouth," Emily whispered.

"Um … okay …" Hayley said. She opened her mouth.

Emily rubbed her clit and moaned and then, suddenly, a trickle of urine dripped out of Emily's perfectly waxed cunt. A few drops splashed onto Hayley's face.

Charles walked over and aimed his rock hard cock towards Hayley's face.

Within seconds, both Charles and Emily were pissing all over Hayley. Urine soaked her hair.

"Good! You want this role?" The producer cheered as he watched. "You want this role?"

"YES!" Hayley shouted as urine splashed all over her.

"Then open your mouth and swallow their piss, you little slut. You want this role, drink their piss. Swallow it."

Hayley gulped down mouthful after mouthful of warm, crystal clear piss. There was no taste to it. She eagerly gulped and drank every last ounce of piss from Charles' cock and Hayley's pussy.

"Stay there," the producer said.

Charles and Emily stepped back, leaving Hayley in a piss puddle on the floor.

"Crawl onto your hands and knees," the producer said, watching.

Hayley rolled onto her hands and knees.

"Slurp," the producer whispered.

Hayley leaned towards the massive puddle and began to slurp.

The producer stood up and removed his cock from his pants.

Emily took her chair and continued to masturbate as Charles and the producer jerked off while Hayley slurped up the piss puddle on the floor.

"On your knees," the producer whispered.

Hayley crawled onto her hands and knees and inched forward as the two men masturbated over her face.

"Mouth open," the producer said with a groan.

"Ohmygod this is so fucking hot," Emily said as she fingered herself and rubbed her clit. "I'm gonna cum!"

As Emily writhed in her chair, Charles and the producer both exploded onto Hayley's face, drenching her in thick, white sperm. Cum soaked her face and mouth and tongue. Jizz dripped off of her chin and onto her perfect, petit tits. Hayley moaned with pleasure as rope after rope darted across her face, painting her.

"Goddddd," Hayley said as they drained their balls all over her.

"Very good," the producer said.

"Hayley, there are showers in the back room. Feel free to clean yourself up."

"What? What a waste of jizz. Don't you want Emily to lick it off my face?" Hayley said.

The producer stood up and smirked. He looked to Emily and ordered her to lick the jizz from Hayley's face.

Emily kneeled down into the piss puddle and ran her tongue over Hayley's face, licking up all of the cum.

"Slurp it up," Hayley whispered. Emily drank down every bit of cum that she slurped off of Hayley's face.

The producer tucked his cock back into his pants and smiled.

"I'm pretty sure you just got the part," he said.

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