The Evening [MF][Bondage][Teasing]

"Are you truly ready for this?" I ask for the third time thinking that the third time is the charm. She had said yes, the previous two times, but this would be going a level above. This is something she hadn't tried before and I wanted her to be sure she was ready for this.

She nodded, of course she would nod. She wants to prove herself to me. She's willing to give up every part of herself to make sure I know she's mine. But there's still a bit of hesitation. Which is natural since she's not 100% sure what's going to happen. All she knows is that it's going to involve restraints and teasing.

"I will take care of you, don't worry." I whisper sweetly in your ear. I know it's going to hurt a bit. All good teasing comes with a bit of pain. However, she isn't fully aware. She'll learn soon enough though.

Taking her by the hand I walk her into the bedroom. I tell her to please just do as I say as I get everything set up for her. Step one is going to be the ball gag. This really brings the fear to her eyes but I'm insistent. I look at her sternly and raise it up to her face. She opens her mouth and accepts what I have for her. The gag settles into her mouth and she sighs through it.

Next, I lay her down on the bed. I want her to see the way I'm tying her up, I want her to feel the straps tighten on her wrists and ankles. I want to see the control in her eyes go out. She will know exactly who is in charge.

Quickly, with her barely noticing I slide a collar around her neck. Attached to the collar are restraints for her wrists. Sliding her wrists in she understands now that her hands will be useless. She wasn't going to be using them anytime soon.

Her ankles were next. This was a bit more difficult because she was trying to dictate this one. I wasn't having that, and I had to use a little more persuasion to get them open as far as I wanted. Using straps on either side of the bed I was able to get them open and expose her to me. The breeze from the overhead fan silently wafted over her wetting pussy and she shivered from the sensation.

Reaching up it was time to shut off her senses. The headphones went in first. I was going to let her listen to some nice music while this was happening. Then went on the earmuffs. She wasn't going to hear anything I was doing. And of course, the blindfold. There was no way she was going to see what I was doing. I tested my work by yelling and throwing my hand at her face as if to slap her. She didn't flinch. She was mine.

Letting my fingers run down her body, from her neck, I slide over her left nipple, rubbing it and teasing it out to make it even harder. I pinch it and get the response from her that I wanted. She flinches and moans through the gag knowing that I she can’t do anything else is making me even more excited for what’s to come. Sliding my hand down over her stomach I let it rest on her pussy. Sliding one finger down over her clit I let her feel exactly the lightest of touches. She strains to get more of my finger on her and I move away. This wasn’t hers to control, this was mine.

I get off the bed and watch her struggle for a second. The immediate loss of all contact and feeling has an interesting reaction on the mind. She’s craving something, anything, a sound, a touch, a word, anything from me, but I’m not going to give it. I’m busy getting her ready for the next step in her education. This was her moment to learn exactly what it means to be teased to absolute insanity. I was going to bring her past everything she thought possible. She was going to feel the greatest orgasm of her life and he was going to be the one to give it to her. I hear her grunt and watch her head move around searching. Picking up the cat of nine tails I grin, because there’s no way she’s expecting this.

Walking back to the bed I silently bring my hand and the whip up, aiming for her stomach I bring it down with a smack. She squeals through the gag and then rests her body back down on the bed. It had come up on that first contact. This was going to be the easiest of the blows, things were going to get harder and in more intimate places. Sliding the whip across her stomach I bring it up and back down even quicker on her stomach. This is followed by 3 more strikes to her stomach, each a little harder and a little faster.

After the fifth hit, I pull back as if to hit again and watch her tense up, but there would be no blow this time. This time I bring my hand down to her pussy and play with her clit a little more. Going from pain to pleasure is sure to mess with her mind and make her struggle for that orgasm that she knows is coming. I rub her clit lightly for a few minutes, I want her to feel it coming, to feel it building, but there’s no way she’s Cumming yet, I’m not done with her by a long shot. I slide a finger into her pussy and hook it up, rubbing her g-spot. I keep this up for a little bit and her moaning and groaning through the gag. Long before she cums I pull my finger out, maybe a little roughly, but I want her to know it’s out.

Taking my left hand, I grab her left breast and squeeze it roughly to hear her grunt. I want that nipple nice and hard and ready for what’s coming next. Bringing my mouth down I latch on to her nipple with my lips. Teasing with my tongue and teeth I stretch the nipple out and out. I’m going to get it extremely hard and sensitive. The next step is going to be rough on her, but I’m sure she can handle it, and to be honest we haven’t hit the roughest step yet. I let go with my lips and teeth, but I make sure and leave her nipple very wet. Pulling back, I pick up the whip in my right hand. Still hold and squeezing her tit I bring the whip down hard on her nipple and breast. Her body raises up off the bed and she screams into the gag. That was exactly the response I wanted. She shakes her head no, but I bring down the whip again and again! Her nipple is bright red and her tit has the marks from the whip splayed across it. She’s panting as I stop whipping her breast.

Sliding down I rest my face between her legs. She thrusts her hips towards my face and whimpers. I let my tongue slide between her lips and over her clit. The reaction is violent, and the squeal is loud enough to wake the rest of the house. I continue licking her clit and bringing her closer to orgasm, but yet again, before she gets that far I stop. She screams and struggles against the restraints and I watch until she settles down. I wasn’t done with her body by a long shot.

Sliding my hand across the bed I pick up my next instrument of torture and pick it up. With my other hand I reach down and spread her pussy apart. I want to see her clit extremely well. It’s jutting out from her mound and her lips are glistening from not only my spit, but her own wetness. Turning on the vibrator to its highest level I slowly rest it on her clit. I have to put my arm and elbow on her to try and control the thrashing from her body. She is screaming in the gag and throwing her body around the bed, I almost can’t hold her down, but I do because that’s my job – lead her on this journey and make sure she gets there.

I occasionally take the vibrator off and left her feel nothing for a minute before putting it back on. Teasing like this every now and then to keep her orgasm building, but not far enough that she actually cums. Turning off the vibrator I feel it’s time for the next bit of fun. I continue to hold her open but turn to my familiar cat of nine tails. Bringing my hand back I quickly bring the whip down onto her stretched open pussy so that it hits not only her lips, but her clit also. Again, she jumps off the bed almost and squeals into the gag. I know I’ve got her, and she is giving up everything to me. I continue bring this down while her pussy turns redder and redder from the continued punishment. Stopping I walk away for a moment. This is pushing my body to the limits also. She’s sweating and so am I. I feel a break is necessary for at least myself, plus the feeling of nothingness will just make the home stretch even better.

Sliding to the last toy that I brought out I spit on it and make sure it’s nicely wet. Sliding down I spit on her pussy a few times and rub it in, I want her wet also for this monster that’s going in. Putting the head at her pussy her body tenses up. I rest my hand on her stomach as a reassurance and start pushing the large toy in. With some struggle her lips surround it and allow it entry. But you can see the struggle and feel her body shaking. Her breath is coming out in heavy rasps and grunts. Her face is scrunched up in concentration. She knows that I want her to take this and she’s going to no matter what! She wants this and is going to take this for me. Sliding it in a little further and a little further she’s slowly taking the whole thing. The sight is incredible, and I have to grab my phone and take a photo for her, she needs to see what a good girl she is taking this whole thing into her tight pussy.

After I take my picture an idea comes to my head. I reach for the vibrator and turn it on to a low setting. As I pull the large dildo out, I put the vibrator on her clit and then push the dildo back in. As usual the affect I want is there and she rises up off the bed. But this time, when she comes down it’s with a moan of satisfaction. She pushes herself towards the toys and tries to fuck herself with them. I move them away a little bit so she can’t reach them, and she screams at me through the gag. I start moving the large dildo faster and faster in her pussy, really pounding her with it. I turn the vibrator up a notch and watch her shake and tremble, I know her orgasm is coming soon but I’m not ready for her to cum yet. I stop everything I’m doing and put the toys away on the bed.

You can tell she’s on the verge of crying and I actually feel sorry for her. It’s time for her to cum I decide as I rest my face between her legs. She loves my tongue and that’s how I’m going to make her cum. My magical tongue as she calls it rubs itself onto her clit and her wet pussy. I use it the way she wants, rubbing it up and down, left and right, and in a figure eight. Everything she likes. Her body is shaking and shuddering and moving towards my tongue. She’s expecting me to stop but I’m not going to, this is it, she’s going to cum for me because I will it. I feel her getting closer, so I push a little harder onto her clit, her body stops moving all of a sudden and she screams. Her screams include my name struggling against the gag. I continue licking her for another few minutes knowing that she’s cum and this is just the come down for her.

Getting up I remove the leg restraints first and let her legs fall to the bed. I take off all the head gear and release her hands. I lay down next to her and put my arms around her. She still has her eyes closed and is basking in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm given to her by her amazing man. She opens her eyes slowly, rolls over to look me in the eyes and whispers “I’m keeping you.”

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