What a delicious game. [f][M]

We tease each other over text, using double entendres and hinting at what we might do if we could meet up. Sometimes it's not so subtle. But we can't meet up. Distance aside, you have a girlfriend.

Still, I like to think about you. Recalling your body sends shivers through mine. Your kisses and bites on my body, your hand around my neck… I waver between shoving these images away and absolutely indulging in them. I know you think about me too. You message me and tell me so. And I can't help but respond–I miss you.

I miss the way you hold me as we go to sleep. I usually fall asleep first; I'm too comfortable around you. But I wake up to the involuntary movements of your limbs. And then I wake you up too, wiggling around to feel your body pressed closely against mine. To feel your erection starting to stir. To finally have you in my hands… my mind runs wild.

You waken and know what I'm up to. Your hands trace my body and land between my legs. You make circles with your fingers across the lips of my pussy and focus them when you feel my clitoris. I wrap my hand around your cock and stroke you up and down. You feel how wet I've become, and I pull you towards me. A whimper escapes me as I lead your fat cock to where I desperately need you. Taking over control, you position yourself to enter me, and I relish in that pleasurable pain as you force my body to make room for you.

You feel how much I've missed you, and you hold me, drilling into me how much my body responds to yours. It's so overwhelming, so powerful, so fucking good that it doesn't take long before I cum. You stop to enjoy my spasms as I stay in an estatic state of mind. You start again, but turning me around to get in even deeper. This new position pushes me hard, and I moan to the rhythm of your thrusts. Switching now, this time you pin me against the bed and lean your upper body on me as you ram in. Your hand finds its way to my throat and tightens its grip. I love these extra sensations, blanking out my mind, and when you let go, I cum again. You work my body so well. I try to return the favor by getting on top of you, and you enjoy how I slowly grind on you. But when you've had enough you lift me to fuck me so rapidly I almost can't take it. I force you to stop when I collapse on top of you, shuddering from another orgasm.

Now you want to fuck me sideways, lifting up one of my legs so that I face you. Another moan as you enter me; I savor each and every movement. You lean in to find my lips and I hungrily return the kiss. As you push deeper and deeper, I sink further and further into bliss. You push my leg down for your favorite position: holding me so tightly that I have to take you all in. You moan and I feel the height of your energy. Your hands grip my waist and I brace myself for your onslaught. It drives me crazy every time, and I cum just as you do, squirting all over my bed. My head spins and I lie in an overstimulated heap.

You are too fucking good. Let's play again.

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by TheAdultNeeds.org


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