Robyn and Luke – Blacksmith Fantasy – [MF] – Short story.

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Hi all, this is my first short story so please be gentle.

It was hot today. The kind of heat that sets the cicadas singing and everything feels hazy and slow. Robyn had no idea how Luke could stand being at his forge when the weather was like this. When he built it he insisted on old school with coal, wind bellows and tools that were likely from the days you needed the smith to shoe your horse. He had appreciation for well built things. It was hotter than hell in there and almost daily he would come into the house after pounding away at his latest project completely covered in soot and sweat, an absolute mess . He was so happy though and Robyn loved seeing him that way. She was absolutely weak in the knees when she watched him work and the thought often fueled her into a desperate frenzy that Luke was always obliged to help her relieve. Back in the day, her friends had always played up how attractive the wealthy business types were and how amazing it would be to end up with one of them, to be taken care of like a spoiled house cat. Robyn had nodded her head at the time, but the appeal of those men had never reached her. She wanted a rugged, powerful, talented man with passion for his work and not just the almighty buck. Luke was this breed of man.

Robyn was relaxing on the deck, sitting in the rocking chair, halfheartedly reading a book but mostly thinking about Luke. A lazy breeze rustled her dress around her legs bringing goosebumps to her flesh despite the heat outside. She could hear the clanging of Luke's hammering on the anvil, each sharp ping sending an exciting little jolt through her body. In her minds eye she could see him vividly; feet planted, leaning over his piece, his arm swinging the head of the hammer to meet the red-hot metal. His shirt sleeves rolled up exposing the muscles of his forearms straining to keep a tight grip. Beads of sweat rolling from his forehead down his face to his beard, making little streaks in his soot blackened skin. The concocted image thrilled her and she felt her need for him increasing, a pervasive heat spreading through her pussy lips and clit until she was sure she was going to soak through her panties. Robyn didn't see the sense in prolonging her mental torturing of herself any longer. She grabbed a bottle of water and set off towards her stud at the forge.

"Hey. You thirsty? I brought you this." Luke smiled warmly at the sight of her leaning casually against the door frame with the bottle dangling from her finger tips. The sun lit her from behind casting her in slight silhouette beneath her dress and made her hair shine. The dress was a sweet, flower-printed affair that should scream girl next door but on her curvy figure it was anything but that. It clung to her bust then nipped in at the waist before curving out sharply at her full hips and ass. She'd opted to go braless today and the faint duskiness of her nipples could be seen through her clothes. Robyn was by all accounts a sultry, voluptuous woman that any red-blooded man should crave and he was certainly not immune to her appeal. She had a flushed look about her and her lips were full and soft looking. Perhaps it was just the heat of the day becoming too much, but knowing her she had only one thing on her mind. Him.

"What are you working on?"

He held up a small piece hammered into a twisted delicate shape. "Just a decorative sign."

She set the bottle down and sashayed toward him with as much seduction as she could muster.

"Are you coming up to the house soon?" she asked hopefully, shamelessly wetting her lips. "It's a little lonely."

"I'd really like to get this done today. It's a custom order."

"Can I entice you to take a break here instead?" Robyn stepped closer to him dropping her hands to his belt, fingers slowly creeping toward the buckle. Beneath her palms she felt him twitch and begin to harden and she smiled devilishly.

"Your dress would get filthy," he teased.

"I don't care," she whispered into his ear. "Make it filthy."

"Christ, woman," he growled, backing her into a workbench pinning her between it and his now aching groin. Her arms flung up around his neck as she kissed him deeply. Moaning into his mouth when his tongue met her back with the same intensity. Luke ground against her, making her feel the length of him ride between her legs, a tease of what he would be giving her shortly. He fisted his hands in her hair and tilted her head back licking softly, teasingly down to her breasts. He sucked at her flesh forcing her to respond by pushing her hips towards him, her body begging for his. Admiring the marks he left on her skin, and wanting to make a more lasting impression, Luke's mouthing turned to bites, softly at first but growing ever more aggressive. Moving lower still he caught her nipples each in turn through the thin fabric of the dress and tugged them between his teeth. Robyn moaned at the tantalizing mix of pain and pleasure. She loved it when he was rough with her. He spun her around and pressed her face down into the bench shoving the skirt of her dress up around her waist. Her panties were the complete opposite of her clothes. Sinful, see-through, black lace curving gently down around her smooth, round ass cheeks. She looked like a present waiting to be opened. "Your favorite," she purred over her shoulder with a wiggle of her rump. He dropped to his knees behind her and palmed her ass in his hands, kneading and massaging, watching the thoroughly soaked panties slip in and out between her puffy lips. He hooked his thumb in the fabric and pulled them aside fully exposing her delicious mound. Unable to resist tasting her, he softly dragged his tongue from her clit, through her slick heat before swirling slowly around her asshole. She let out a whimper at the sinful teasing of her tight hole and had to grip the bench to keep from collapsing. He continued this slow, methodical torture until her legs were shaking and she was incoherently begging him to fuck her. Not wanting to deprive her, he rose to his feet and undid his fly letting his jeans drop to his ankles. Freeing himself from his boxers his stiff member stood proudly at attention, bouncing and throbbing with excitement. Bracing his hand on beside her face he slid himself between her thighs with agonizing slowness, teased her hot slit with the length of his shaft, resisting her needy thrusts back trying to get him inside of her. He still had her panties pulled to the side, enjoying the added friction on his cock.

"Is this what you want, my little slut?"

Her face was pressed against the work bench but he could see her bite her lip and nod furiously. The swell of his head pressed towards her entrance, "Then tell me…"

"PLEASE!" She cried, slamming her fist on the bench.

"Not good enough," he said pressing a little harder but not entering.

"Stuff my pussy, Luke. I need you now!"

"Mmm, much better."

Holding nothing back he slammed into her to the hilt making her scream from the sudden filling. Her pussy quivered around him, enveloping his thickness in her warm, wet arousal. Moving his hands to the front of her legs, he pulled her back onto him, stroking her with a slow churn of his hips. He always believed his woman should come first and today was no exception. Keeping his smooth rhythmic pace he reached around to stroke her where she needed it most. He tugged the sheer fabric panties further aside and formed his fingers in a V around her clit. Every thrust of his cock made her taut little bud press forward into his hand.

"You feel so good," she moaned breathlessly.

She couldn't resist thrusting back on him and he quickened his pace slightly in response, never moving his hand. Her climax was building and he could feel it. It was so hard to resist fucking her senseless right in the moment, but he would take his own pleasure soon. She was positively dripping wet and every thrust forced cries of pleasure from her mouth.

"I'm going to come!"

"Yes, sweetness. Come on my hard cock."

Hearing his words was just more fuel for the fire. With just few more thrusts she exploded, arching up off the bench, screaming with her release. He pushed her back down, burying himself in her as far as he could, feeling her sweet pussy pulse around his cock. She lay there shuddering underneath him, spent and happy, but there would be no rest for her yet.

Bending down over her he bit her neck roughly making her gasp. "Now, it's my turn."

Robyn felt his hand on her cheek and he thrust his fingers into her mouth to taste her own cum before he wrapped it around her throat and squeezed. The dangerous thrill shot through her and she couldn't help but roll her ass back into him. His other hand went to grip her hip tightly making a dark, sooty hand print against her pale skin. There was no slow build this time. Luke took her hard and fast against the bench. The edge dug painfully into her thighs, but she loved it. He was a beast and he was going to take everything he wanted from her body. His balls slapped against her pussy with every slam of his hips, his pleasured groans filling her ear. He was so insanely hard and thick she swore she could feel every vein and swell of his dick as he pounded her. She squeezed her thighs together in an effort to make it as tight as possible for him, only hoping she made him half as delirious as he made her. His hand tightened on her throat, restricting her breath making stars dance before her eyes. His breath was coming fast and hot against her shoulder. The hand on her hip tightened too, pulling her against him with frenzied speed. His breathing changed to groans signaling his impending release and Robyn made every effort to meet his intensity despite being pinned beneath him. He came so suddenly with such force Robyn was thought he would blow right through her.

"Fuuuuckkk," he hissed through his teeth as his hot cum pulsed deep inside her, his dick throbbing to burst. He bucked against her wildly, pumping out every last drop before collapsing against her in a sated heap. When his senses returned he slid out of her slowly, moving her panties back in place to keep his load inside. He stroked her opening slowly through the fabric feeling the evidence of their orgasms mingle. Luke caressed his hands up her legs before easing her skirt back over her bottom but gave her a little pinch for good measure, making her squeak. He tucked himself back inside his drawers and lazily pulled his jeans up over his hips. Robyn was still leaning against the bench in a daze with a faraway look in her eyes.

She stood up shakily and flipped her hair back over her shoulders. She couldn't believe what it was like with him. Every time was so consuming she was just beside herself when it was over. She straightened herself up as much as she could then moved close to him as he wrapped her in his arms.

"Well… you better be getting back to work then." She kissed him softly, raking her fingers lightly through his beard. "Sorry for the distraction."

"I forgive you," he said, patting her ass.

"Mm. Don't forget your water," she remarked as she turned to walk out of the forge.

As she walked back to the house, she looked herself over with a smirk. She was covered in dust and hand prints, bite marks littering the tops of her breasts. Her panties slipped around her tender flesh, sticky from their loving. Behind her the sound of metal on metal began to ring out again in the warm summer air.

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