The Arrangement/Chapter 21

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(hey y'all! Be aware that I may not be able to publish every day for a while. Work is picking up, slowing my progress, and I am thinking quality is better that quantity!)

Chap 20 –

At the meet site, Dave stood outside the Audi and watched as Marlene got Cody out of the baby-daddies’ car. That guy stared daggers into Dave. He was driving a beat up old Toyota, and that made Dave, in the Audi A4 look that much better. Seating him in the car, Marlene gave Dave’s cheek a small kiss, then got in. Dave said “Hey buddy, you good back there?” Cody answered shyly “Yes…sir. I like the TV screen in this. Sunroof too.” Dave replied “want it open?” he saw the look and so he hit the button, and as they began the return drive, Cody was in back, smiling. After a few minutes, he said “Hey mister Dave…are you mom’s BF?” Dave grinned and looked over at Marlene, who was conveniently wearing mirrored sunglasses. She looked damn sexy in them, but they didn’t hide her smile well at all.

“Dave & I are friends, just good friends, she said, reaching over and patting his thigh. Cody asked “so you are her junior BF?” Dave laughed and said “no big man, I just think your mom is cool. What do you think?” Cody nodded and said “yeah, she is…” and went back to his movie

At the house, Dave dropped Marlene and Cody off. Under her mother’s iron glare, Marlene kissed her fingers, and gave Dave a pat on the cheek, then walked towards the door. As he backed out, Dave took a look and smiled. Marlene bounced up on her toes, beamed, then went in.

All the way home and even in the elevator & house, Dave was consumed in thought. Well of course he had enjoyed himself sexually, but more than that, he had fun. He hadn’t had unpredictable fun like that in a long time. Marlene Alvarez’s personality was a great one, and he wondered how long it would last. Pouring himself a drink, he remembered when he had that kind of fun before. That was with his wife, whom he missed desperately. Having that memory, plus the fun, made him finish the drink and ready himself for bed. Later, with the lights out, Dave remembered his wife, and weeping bitter tears, he sobbed, crying himself to sleep.

Two days later, and David had not long returned from the gym, when he got a text. Looking at it, he saw it was from Marlene, an emoji with a smiley face, and ‘What’Cha Doooooin’?”

Dave smiled and texted back, “Watching the sun move. Bored”

“I’m a mile away, let me in.” Marlene had responded

Dave grinned and texted back the security code. In a few minutes, he received another text from Marlene. “neighbors around?”

Dave furrowed his brow and responded “Dunno, why?”

“Open your door” She sent. Dave could hear the elevator reaching the top, his floor. The door opened… one. Or was there? After a moment, Marlene poked her head around the corner. She was holding a small bag in front of her and peeked over at his neighbor’s door, then looked back at Dave. With a big grin she said, “Hello, Lover” and ran across the hall…wearing only tennis shoes & her panties!

Marlene shot across the hall, and caught Dave in a lunging embrace. Kissing him, she felt him pushing the door shut, then Dave pushing her against it. Marlene tossed her little bag of clothes down at her feet, & raised one foot and wrapped it around him, so he could feel her panties. Which were the blue satin ones he bought for her. Breaking her deep, sloppy kiss, she said “Missed you – kiss/smack – Babe.” THIS was where she wanted to be, Marlene decided. And with that, she began to tear the clothes from her Man’s body. Dave was wearing jeans & a shirt, and thankfully smelled fresh out of the shower, but he was about to need another. She had already torn the shirt off & over his head, and as Marlene sloppily kissed her man, she unbuttoned & unzipped his pants. “Out of class early, Lover, not much tim-….” Was all she got out, as she felt him pulling down her panties, manhandling her as she loved. He was picking her up, and carrying her to the bedroom, and she wrapped both legs ‘round him.

oooohhhhh-yessss-s-ssss….” She said, feeling that inner part of her, the one she kept secret, melt away. She found her mouth watering, her desire in overdrive, and her mind wanting him, badly.

Dave was totally shocked to see Marlene all but naked in the elevator! He would have laughed, but before he knew it, that little minx had shot across the hall and was on him! Not that he minded a bit. Dave liked the way this incredibly sexy woman all but tore his clothes off. By the time he was to his underwear, the dominant part of him took over, and Dave found picking her up & carrying her.. Her ‘yes’ moan was incredible, but he needed to maintain control, so he ‘tossed his woman on the bed, missionary style. Placing his cock along Mar’s pussy, he began to rub the head on her clit. Already, she was wet. Marlene Alvarez had a certain smell when wet, and he craved it. She was reaching for his dick, but he pushed her hands away, and said “OK Mar, let’s see you mount this, no hands.”

Marlene returned her Man’s evil grin. Up on her elbows, she opened her knees wide and, rocking back, she pushed her hips forward, tensing her thighs in an outward motion…and said “Uhh-Hhhhh-h-h-h-h-hhhhh.” In a long erotic groan as she took as much of Dave as she could inside her. Looking at Dave with a smiling face, she began to rock herself forward on to his dick, only to have Dave push her right back. “Oh-GaH…” SHE STAMMERED, “Da-dave-e-e…I have been wanting this-s-sss….”

Dave grabbed Marlene’s thighs, and pulled her towards him and the edge of the bed. Gruffly pushing one leg down, he grabbed the other leg at the ankle, and put it on his shoulder. His woman’s pussy felt to warm, so wet and velvet-like, making that wet ‘shlack-schlack’ sound, that he began immediately to pound into her, fast and stiff, for all he was worth. After all, he knew they didn’t have much time.

Marlene was already going from grunt to pant. She wasn’t sure she would orgasm when she got here, but already, she could feel it building, and getting pounded/used like this made her that much closer. shlack-schlack’ “Dave…”she said as he stroked into her – “Ba- shlack-schlack’ Baby – shlack-schlack’ I want you to orgasm in – shlack-schlack’ – me, I feel I am shlack-schlack’ going to – shlack-schlack’ cum too!” It was very fast for her, but she didn’t care, she had her man as she wanted him, and had been thinking about this for days now. Her man was starting to make that low moan, and with that, Marlene, let herself go, and the orgasm began to overtake her

Maybe it was the separation, maybe it was the surprise, but either way, Dave also felt it, and as his woman came, so di he. It was a symphony of moaning grunts and yells, along with the shlack-schlack’ sound to boot. As soon as he came, Dave bent forward and gave Marlene a long, wet-sloppy, passionate kiss. “I guess absence does do things, Hmm?” he asked with a smile. Getting on to the bed, Dave said “Just a minute…or two” & pulled Marlene in close to him. He felt her breathing, and drank in the smell of her hair, cherishing this stolen moment with His Woman.

Marlene’s had been thinking about it for days. The feeling of David Johns inside her. The feeling of being manhandled. Of being pumped, particularly the noise her wetness on her Man’s cock made. And of course, David filling her. The best part though? The fact that David pulled her close, and held her. The feeling of his hot breath on her shoulder, of his limp, wet penis pressed against her, but most of all, the strong arms of a man that cared.

At last, she was forced to break the embrace they shared, but for a few short minutes. She made the best of getting dressed, of her need to leave, and that of actually leaving, but in her heart-of-hearts, she didn’t really want to go. Marlene’s Man walked her to the elevator, and the whole way down, they kissed, enjoying each other for a few more moments, with the promise that Cody’s next visit to the baby-daddy would mean more fun together.

As Marlene drove away, she was thankful for her mirrored sunglasses. They concealed the tears, and she didn’t look back, because she couldn’t

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