The single mom – Part 1

It was an early Saturday morning and I could count the number of people in my gym on one hand…the usual faces. There was the old couple who went straight to the pool, the buffed up middle aged guy who hovered around the weights and the teenager who hit the machines hard and fast. I stepped onto the treadmill, plugged my earphones in and started my routine.

She stepped onto the treadmill two down from me and began a brisk walk programme.

We both then caught one another reflected in the mirror and turned to face each other at the exact same time locking eyes for the briefest of moments before snapping away with a childish embarrassment

After a quick shower and change and I decide a coffee is in order. I sit down in the bar area

She is at the bar getting a coffee with her back to me but that blonde hair is unmistakable. She turns around, coffee in hand and our eyes lock once again. Shit, shit, shit…she is coming over! “Mind if I join you?” she says. “Please” I squeak.

Her was Dillon, throughout our chat, we barely break eye contact as we tell tales of our lives and swap failed relationship stories.

She tells me she doesn’t ever do this. I tell her I want to call her later. She tells me she wants to see me later. And with that, I kiss her forehead, smile and nod.

That evening, I was stood outside Dillon’s house holding a bottle of red wine. I knock and hear a flurry of activity from within before Dillon appears at the door. My god, she looks amazing. She is wearing a long black dress which exposes her arms and shoulders which has upon them resting, her striking blonde hair, straightened to perfection. Her eyes, highlighted and wide, and we both lean in for a welcome kiss on the cheek. She leads me into the living room, tells me to take a seat and disappears into the kitchen to uncork the wine and get some glasses.

I look around the room and I walk over to the bookcase, tilt my head and look at what she reads. Poetry, biographies…a dash of sci-fi; just like me. She sneaks up and startles me before carefully handing me a glass of wine. We both take a sip in silence. The air is becoming heavy and the mood is becoming very serious as we inch closer. My heart is like a drum and my ears feel like they are about to explode as she takes my glass from me and puts it on the table next to hers. I place my finger and thumb on her chin and bring her face to mine, our lips so close I can feel her warm breath quicken with sharp intakes. And then it happens…we kiss.

“I want you so bad” I tell her, not even realising what I am saying “You are so beautiful”. She smiles and takes my hand leading me upstairs all the while not taking her eyes off of me. We go into the bedroom and she stops in front of me, I grab her waist and kiss her again as her fingers feel through my hair, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths with a tender play. She leads me onto the bed, our lips still locked, and I carefully lower myself over her rubbing my hand down her side and squeezing her thigh. She lets out a moan and releases my mouth. Putting her hands on my chest, she roles me onto my back and kneels by my feet. Lifting her black dress just enough so I can see her white panties, I watch as she slowly reaches behind her back and begins to unzip, the sound sending blood rushing to my cock as it struggles in the confines of my pants and I watch as like a snake, she wriggles out of the dress.

She crawls over to me and begins to unbutton my shirt kissing each bit of exposed flesh and rubbing her palms over my chest and my stomach. Opening my shirt fully, I watch as she licks my nipples causing me to groan and flinch with every soft wet flick. She finishes with a tender bite before sliding up to face me and kissing me with a passionate thrust. I put my arms around her and unbutton her bra feeling her soft breasts on me. She arches upwards so I move my head down and start licking her hard nipples whilst caressing her tits with both my hands; they are amazing! Perfectly round and naturally big, I can’t get enough of them as my moaning increases. “Oh my god” she heaves, “don’t stop”…so I don’t.

Her body suddenly squirms, she lets out a muffled scream, collapses on me and starts sucking at my neck…I can’t believe she has just come from me playing with her tits! Her panting begins to slow and she looks at me. I brush fiery blonde hair out of her face and begin kissing her again, our eyes closed, soft and tender, delicate and subtle, “can I?” she says glancing down at my pants, “please” I reply. She shuffles down and begins to unbutton my pants. Grabbing both pants and boxer shorts, she pulls them and my cock springs out. Her eyes widen as she removes my pants, shoes and socks completely and I remove my shirt. She stands and steps out of her knickers. This is my first full view of her naked body. Strong arms, a stomach so sexy it hurts, long defined legs and a fully shaven pussy; my cock is ready to explode.

I watch as she hunts over to my cock and gently grabs it. Not taking her eyes off mine, Dillon begins to lick the tip and slowly wank me off. She then parts her lips, takes her hand away and begins to gorge on my cock…her eyes rolling back in pleasure as her fingers grip my thighs hard. I can’t stop watching as she bobs up and down, each bob getting closer to taking my full length. I very carefully begin to thrust my pelvis in time to her as she releases my thighs and begins to play with her pussy and ass, her moaning telling me she is close to coming again. She snaps off my cock with a sudden jerk and puts it in between her breasts giving me an amazing tit wank as she comes down from her second orgasm…her spit and saliva seeping from her mouth and glistening off her chest and my dick.

I am so close to coming all over her face when she stops and stands up. She climbs on the bed and kneels over my wet cock and begins to tease me, rubbing her clit over the bottom of my shaft whilst grabbing her ankles…and then suddenly, she swallows me up. My breath is taken away instantly as she leans into me, her hair brushing down over my face as my cock pushes deeper into her warm, wet pussy; we kiss…hard. We begin to fuck with deliberate and long movements, each time her legs slide away and stretch out until she is lying on top of me, our fucking controlled by the rhythm of our entire bodies against each other locked.

I flip her over and kneel in front of her pushing her legs upwards and outwards, her arms reaching high above her head as I slide my body away from her and dive into her pussy with my whole mouth. I lose complete control when I taste her salty warm insides and I furiously lick, suck, kiss and tongue fuck her with no possibility of escape as she grabs my head and keeps me in place grinding herself and covering my face with yet another orgasm. Her panting is fast as beads of sweat slide off her spent body. Her moans are constant and deep when I stand up and tell her to bend over…and with a wicked smile, she does. Positioning her ass high in the air, I once again begin eating her dripping pussy…this time full of desire and precision.

My mind wants this to last all night…but my body wants release! I move behind her and bury my cock deep inside her wanton body. When I bottom out, she lets out a gorgeous shriek and I grab her waist and begin to fuck her. I can hear my balls slapping against her clit as I take her hard and fast, the passion and heat now controlling my actions; a beast unleashed. I let go of her waist, lean into her and put my arms around her stomach pulling her upwards so we are kneeling straight and continue my relentless banging. Dillon angles her body into mine and drops her head back onto my shoulders as I kiss her neck and she whispers “come in me”. My body begins to tense as I speed up and Dillon puts her arms around her back and onto my ass pushing me further in her. I grab her tits hard and come deep inside her pussy, my whole being exploding and shaking with immense power.

She releases my ass and pushes back on me, our hot, wet bodies deflating into each other as I wrap my arms around her chest and she grabs my hands not wanting to let me go. She turns her head and we kiss with an innocent softness, folding into each other and slowly lying face to face on the bed. I stroke the hair from her face and just stare deep into her eyes as her hand feels the beat of my heart…our bodies beginning to cool down and our composure returning to normal. After what seems like a beautiful eternity, Dillon moves her mouth close to my ear and whispers 3 little words that send me soaring, “shower with me”.

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