Dirty talk

I am down on my knees sucking your cock going in and out, using my hands and gently playing with your balls in the process. I keep doing this until you cum as I take my mouth off of your big member. You shoot the cum all over my breasts as I kneel there and take in that glory. After you are done I stick your penis between my breasts and start moving them up and down/bouncing while you look at my breasts and feel aroused even more.

You close your eyes fantasizing about putting your shaft into my pussy until you blow another load and start breathing heavily. You rest and open your eyes. I take your fingers and open my legs wider. You put two fingers in my wet and drenched pussy barely inserting it, giving me a taste of what’s to come. You take your fingers out, now dripping with my juices, and I suck and lick your fingers as you say, "Yeah, you like that don’t you, you naughty girl."

You slap my ass and put your hands on them, squeezing them. Slapping them once more you then kneel and bow down to pussy level and take your fingers and insert them. You go in and out first slowly and then as time goes by quicker and quicker. As I almost climax, you stop, kiss me then my breasts and nipples and then eat me out. As I almost climax again, you add your fingers while you eat me out until I cum all over you

You test me and put your lips onto my clit, licking and gently biting. This only happens for a few seconds before I jerk my knees and legs and cum again, moaning all the way through

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by TheAdultNeeds.org

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