Considering writing a book. Is it worth my time?

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Hey all. I've started an erotic fiction book recently just as a pet project, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in this. If I wanted to publish is there any way to do so anonymously with true protection?

I come from a strict Christian background, and my family would all freak out if it got out. I'm also married and my wife would likely not approve, especially because the subject matter is a guy cheating on his wife with her best friend. (Not based in reality if you're wondering, haha!)

I'm also not sure if there's any sort of market, even in terms of just having people follow the story. I'm not really looking for a paycheck, but I want to have some sort of ability to connect with my readers. Maybe an anonymous blog? I posted it on DeviantART, but let's be fair, that's really for a more juvenile audience.

Anyway, thoughts? Opinions? Violent outbursts?

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