Rough Terrain [MF, piv, rough, ds, hum]

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One summer morning, I decide to take you on an adventure. I load two backpacks with snacks and water, plus a few other items and put them into the car before I return. I lay out an outfit for you: a bikini top and bottom that tie at the sides, a tank top and low cut denim shorts. I observe you strip from your pajamas, my eyes tracing your curves as they spill from the quickly discarded garments.

I hand you a remote controlled vibe, which you slide into your hungry cunt, and it soon sends teasing pulses over your flesh. After you dress, you feel my gaze traveling from your forehead down, following the line of your neck to the straps of the top, lowering to your cleavage and around your breast to your side, then crossing your natural waist, just above the hem of your shorts, before finally it rapidly crosses between your thighs as you twist your body, admiring yourself in the mirror.

Gathering your hair in my fist, I tug your head back to kiss me before I slide a leather collar around your neck, closing it snugly over your milky skin. Now, properly attired, I take your hand and lead you to the car, setting the vibrator to its lowest setting, just barely tugging at your thoughts. Before we depart, I hand you a blindfold and as you set it in place over your eyes, I shift the car into gear.

"Tits out, pet," I snarl as the car accelerates onto the highway. You feel my hands brushing over your breasts, yanking your top up and framing your chest with the cups of the bikini. I pinch your nipples, one then the other, making them swell as I reward your obedience with stronger pulses, the pleasure spreading through your core punctuated with hard tugs and slaps on your nipples.

You hear the scream of the engine of a large truck we pass, the wind blowing your hair over the headrest. You jump as it's horn blares, realizing the driver can see you in your exposed state. "Wave, kitten," I say, as I match his speed for a few moments before I press the gas harder, pulling away, your arm still turning as your cheeks and chest flush in embarrassment.

I twist your nipples between my fingers until I see your face twist in pain, alternating left and right. As the car slows and curves off the highway, I give you permission to cover your breasts. We're soon on a twisty stretch of road, and as I guide the car through the turns, I turn the vibrations as high as they will go, then quickly back down, oscillating waves of sensation through your dripping pussy.

I brake as you hear the clicking of the turn signal begin. I pull off your blindfold and tuck it into my pocket as we arrive at the park. I stroke your thigh, brushing between your legs and rubbing over the wetness seeping through your clothes. I guide the car to an open space, retrieving our packs and setting off into the woods, returning the vibe to the barely perceptible setting. "Come along, pet, I've quite the experience in mind for you."

After we travel a short distance into the woods, I turn down a side trail, picking up small twigs, stripping them of bark with a pocketknife. We continue walking through denser brush and after a few minutes I stop. Once again, I make you expose your chest. Pinning you against a tree trunk, I slap your breasts until your nipples are stiff, and attach two small twigs over each one, securing them with small rubber bands I produce from my pack. The makeshift clamps tug on your sensitive buds as we walk, brushing against the fabric of your top.

We soon come to a small clearing with a tree snapped a few feet from the ground, the top leaning down at an angle. I set down my pack near the standing trunk, handing you a water bottle and granola bar. The liquid trickles from your lips, raising goosebumps on your tummy as I slides under your shirt. I approach you from behind, grasping the hem of your shirt and nearly tearing it from your body as you lower the bottle to take a breath. I yank the ties of your bikini top and reach around you, snatching it from your grasp before you can react.

"You won't be needing this, cumtoy," I chuckle as I toss your clothing aside, holding you in place by my fingers around the collar. I bring my hand to your breasts, flicking your nipples and tugging on the clamps, the roughness of the wood pinching your nipples, making you gasp. "On your knees. Now!" I snarl into your ear, as you obediently take your place in front of me. The ground is soft and loamy, sticking to your sweat slicked skin as you spread your knees, making a triangle with the forest floor.

I return to the packs, and you hear the whoosh of a rope unfurling, whistling past your ear. I loop the bind around your body, under your breasts, then over your shoulder, completing a chest harness as you kneel obediently in front of you. My eyes admire your nakedness, making my pants bulge, inches from your face. Grabbing the harness and lifting you to your feet, I remove your shorts, shimmying them down over your thighs and adding them to the pile of clothing.

I complete my tie, draping two ends between your legs and securing them to the harness at your mid back. I tug on my knots, ensuring they are secure, the force nearly causing you to lose your balance. Satisfied, I stroke your cunt through the bikini, bringing my finger to your lips. "How do we taste today, fuckslut?" I shove my fingers into your mouth, the musky scent penetrating your nostrils as your tongue slides over my digits.

Pulling out a smaller cord, I attach your collar to the fallen tree, before forcing you down once more, unzipping my pants to let my cock push through my boxers, the tip damp with precum. I hold your hair at your scalp. "Open," I instruct, and before I could finish the last syllable, your lips are spread, tongue protruding, ready to pleasure my shaft. I take your mouth forcefully, my cock throbbing against the back of your mouth, my juices dribbling from the tip, smearing on your tongue as I thrust my cock in and out, fucking your head.

My rough strokes into your throat make your eyes water, mixing with the sweat on your cheeks and dripping from your face. I switch from moving your head back and forth, to holding it steady, my cock pressing against the back of your throat, denying you breath, to making long, slow strokes into your mouth. I groan quietly as I reach into my pocket, and the vibrations increase in intensity as you moan onto my shaft, until, pleading with your eyes, I grant you release. "Cum for me, fucktoy," I gasp, your body quivering as you dampen the bikini.

I lower the intensity of the vibe two notches, lifting your body onto my shoulders and placing you face down onto the tilting tree. I bind your wrists and ankles under the tree, the thick wood pushing your breasts to each side and keeping your soaked cunt spread, the fabric covering it catching on a ridge of the trunk, pulling it to the side.

The broken branches remaining on the tree support your arms, and I unknot the ties, pulling the bottoms open, exposing your damp, full bottom to the warm forest air. I caress the naked flesh, my fingertips teasing the bottom of your pussy, until I stop, and wander off for a moment, making snapping noises as I go. I return, and there is a whistle, a pause, and then a stinging stripe of pain across your ass. The vines lash over your skin repeatedly, and the nerves burn from the constant assault.

My warm breath falls on your bottom as I pause the strokes, only to further inflame the tender flesh with my teeth, clamping into your bruised skin. I raise the intensity once more, continuing to whip your ass as I grunt, "Cum… for, me… you… worthless, filthy… whore… now!" The strikes don't stop until your body shakes and you scream in pleasure. I pour some cool water over your backside, rinsing your cum saturated bottoms hanging loosely between your trembling cunt and the tree.

I twist the frayed vines around your neck and stroke your clit, edging you for what seems like an eternity. My thumb presses against your asshole, winking as you get so close to cumming, only for me to change my pace or pressure, denying your orgasm. Your chest feels like burning as you wheeze for breath, until my thumb slips into your ass, once again demanding, "Cum for me." Your cries of release escaping sibilantly until I loosen the garrote and your breath returns in large gulps and gasps.

I slap your bottom with my open hand before I unfasten the tie holding your legs to your arms. As you slide off the trunk and tumble to the ground, the clamp on your right breast pulling down your nipple, pinching even more. "Get up, fuckwhore," I growl. As you unsteadily rise to your feet, I yank your bottoms from you, causing one of the ropes to slide between your lips and rub against your clit with every movement of your body. I ball the bikini up and shove it in your mouth, tying it around your head, your cum wringing into your mouth as it closes. I remove the leash keeping you to the tree, pulling you by your hair to the edge of the clearing.

I push you against a small tree trunk, lashing your left arm and ankle to it, then tying your other arm and anchoring it to another nearby tree. Your body stretches as the knots tighten, your legs spread. I place my hand under your dripping cunt, requesting my toy. You squeeze the muscles, slowly working it out, the slaps on your tits making your cunt tighten and frustrating your efforts. One by one the twigs pinching your nipples snap from my blows, until finally you push out the vibe and I shut it off, placing it in my pocket.

Stepping around the trees, I dig my nails into the flesh of your shoulders. I push you forward, the trees swaying under our weight as my cock slides into your waiting cunt. I rake my nails down your back, my hand at your waist, steadying your body as I thrust into you, hard and fast, your pussy stretching to take my entire length. "You like that, don't you, cocktoy? You like being fucked like a filthy little whore?" I say, every word interrupted by another rough thrust.

Your body rocks back and forth with the never ending pounding strokes of my cock into your cunt. Sweat drips down your body, trickling along your skin and flowing down your thighs. My grunts become low groans, reminding you: "Your cunt feels so good, I can feel your wetness leaking from your tight little fuckhole. Cum for me, you filthy little tramp."

My hands squeeze your breasts forcefully, pushing your body against my thrusts, your yelps of pleasure echoing through the trees. I shove three fingers into your mouth as I wiggle my thumb into your tight little asshole again, filling all your fuckholes at once, your screams mere gurgles as I continue to fuck you fast and hard.

I loosen your arms and you topple over, exposing your cunt and ass even more, your body swinging back and forth, your face falling into the dirt as I continue my relentless thrusts. A loud cry of pleasure escapes your lips as I sink my thumb deeper, sliding in another knuckle. You spit out the earth that you suck into your mouth as you pant from the thrusts, dirt caking your pretty little face.

My thumb slides up and down in your asshole as my cock fills your cunt again and again, pressing into your spot. I push you further forward until you're resting on your shoulders, my swinging sack mesmerizing you as every nerve in your body fires, burning your skin with sensation.

As I feel my core tighten, my strokes become rigid, my hips pushing my cock into you over and over, grunting, moaning, my body twitching, breath unsteady, caught in m'y throat before exploding into a roar, my cock twitching and throbbing inside you as my thick cum spurts into your fuckhole, continuing my thrusts, plunging our cum out, letting it drip onto your face, becoming gritty as it slides along the dirt on your skin.

I thrust two fingers back into your cunt, scraping along the top until you cum at my command, pushing more of my cum out, spattering onto your pretty little head. I scoop the remainder and fling it at your chest before I finally release your aching legs. "Good girl," I breathe, returning to the packs at the snapped tree.

As you lay crumpled on the ground, I retrieve a water bottle and splash the icy water over your used body, causing as much grime and cum to slip into your mouth as I wash off your face. I gather the ropes and repack our bags, removing my overshirt and laying your clothes next to you, hurrying you to get dressed, every 5 seconds of delay earning you another slap to your chest or smack on your ass.

I reattach the cord as a leash, walking you back out of the forest, hair a mess and skin dirty. Your cheeks flush as you notice the traffic on the trail has increased, turning your head as we pass other hikers, your shorts soaked with our cum leaking from your thoroughly used cunt. I lead you by the leash until we reach the car, wiping your skin clean and brushing the dirt from the scrapes you sustained. I hold you close in my arms, untying the leash and kissing your forehead.

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