Threeway between my best friend, his girlfriend and myself.

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I was attending my last year of high school in Los Angeles when I first met Derick and his girlfriend, Sandra. Derick was the popular kind, a tall skinny Mexican with short black slicked back hair and a dark brown skin tone. He was the artist type, working on his artwork, whether it was Photoshop or a mural on a wall, you could always find him creating. Derick always cracked jokes in class and spread positivity to everyone he met so it made him one of the most likeable person in our high school. I met him after I met Sandra. Sandra on the other hand was an introvert. Quiet, always minded her business and never fell to the gossip surrounding her. She was short with pale skin, green eyes, curly brown hair and with a body that definitely stood out among the other classmates. She always wore black. No matter what she wore it was always black. She brought a skirt to school? Black. Jeans? Black. Sweaters? Black. Not once throughout high school I saw her wear anything but black. With the exception of her cheerleader outfit. She joined cheerleading early into high school. Even though she was an introvert, through cheerleading she became one of the popular girls and naturally, many of the guys including myself found her extremely beautiful and attractive. At the end of high school, they were marked down as “Cutest Couple” n our yearbook and even became prom queen and king.

After high school Derick and I remained good friends and stayed in contact. A year went by and Derick told me he was going through a rough time with his family and was soon to kick him out. Derick being a really good friend of mine, I offered him to be my roommate and live for free until he got back on his feet and landed a job. He agreed so that weekend I helped him move his stuff into my room and that night he was going to sleep on my floor. I felt uncomfortable seeing Derick sleep on the floor with only a cover so I offered him half the space on my bed. Days passed and we became closer and closer. With Sandra frequently visiting him and late nights with him while I slept. Sometimes waking up at 6 am of the morning with Sandra and Derick sleeping on the opposite side of my bed. I was glad to be that support that Derick needed and a place to stay.

A few weeks go by, and I find myself as a third wheel to Dericks and Sandras dates. I did not feel uncomfortable because even though I was the third wheel, they never failed to include me in their conversations or made me feel left out. I started feeling good that I was able to achieve this sort of close friendship. As the weeks go by and our bond becomes stronger I start noticing Sandra starts wearing more and more revealing clothes around me. I remember one night after the movies, we stop by a fast food restaurant to grab some food when she takes off her sweater and I notice she was wearing a see through black shirt with no bra. I quickly look away but remember that she is comfortable with me so I don’t look deep into situation. A few days go by and another situation arises where we were all in my room watching a movie. When I realize she is wearing a tank top and starts taking her bra off in front of me revealing a good amount of her breasts followed by her smile and Dericks nod. Not knowing what I make of this I shrug it off and continue watching the movie.

A couple of weeks later Derick asks if I want to come along with them to get Sandras nipples pierced. I found this a little weird but had my schedule clear and decided to go with them because I had nothing better to do. We go to a tattoo shop in Hollywood and Derick and Sandra proceed into the room and I wait outside. I wait around 30 minutes until they both come out of the room smiling. I ask Sandra how it went and Derick than tells me, “Man you'll love them”. I am confused by his response but decide not to ask what he meant by that. On our way to the car we come across an adult store and Sandra then tells Derick to go inside and have a look. We all go in the shop and browse. I try to walk in different isles to give both of them some space. However both Sandra and Erick kept calling me to their side to ask me what I thought of certain toys and if I like them. I tell them that the toys look fun and they both look st each other smiling and with what appears to be having a conversation in their heads. We don’t buy anything and decide to call it a night and head home. Friday comes along and Derick and I decide to buy some beer. Usually this would end with us both falling asleep until the next day. However that Friday I fall asleep sooner than Derick because Derick had to drink a lot less than what he usually drank. A couple of hours later I am woken up with someone fondling my penis. Slowly starting to jack me off. I'm still tipsy, hazy and the lights are off. While the hand is wrapped around my penis I hear Sandras voice in a quiet sexy whisper, "do you know who I am?". I reply, "Yeah, I know who you are. What are you doing?" Still rubbing my cock firmly she asks, "Can I suck you off" and proceeds to licking the top of my head and then wraps her lips around my entire cock. Slowly moving her head forward and backwards running her fingers down my balls. I feel her slippery tongue sliding around my head and her lips tightly pressed against my cock. I grab her hair and start pulling her deeper to the point where here mouth is touching my crotch and I feel her tight throat. A couple of minutes later she stops and she then asks, "can I ride you?" I reply with a yes and she gets right on top of me, sucks on her fingers, slides them in her vagina and then slides my cock in. She starts off with just my tip inside of her and quickly slides all the way inside. She feels tight, warm and wet when my cock slides inside of her. So I proceed to run my fingers up her thick thighs to her small waist up to her pierced perky breasts. She's slowly riding me and as I'm coming off the buzz I have I get her off, put her sideways and start eating her out. Her pussy was soft, smooth, shaved and had a great natural scent to it. I have my tongue go deep inside of her and she quietly moans and pushes herself more towards me. When I look up I see Sandra giving oral to Derick and Derick looking straight at me. I see Dericks penis and was surprised. He had a long thick black cock that Sandra could barely fit it all into her mouth. I proceed to sit up, grab Sandras waist and have her bend over on her knees and I grab my cock and slide into Sandra not breaking eye contact with Derick. Derick also sits up, grabs Sandra by her hair and starts throat fucking Sandra. While we are doing this, we both grab each others neck, pull each other in and start making out. Our tongues wrap around each other, I suck on his and he sucks on mine. I occasionally choke him and spit on his face or make him swallow my spit.

After a couple of minutes I stand up, tell Sandra to sit up and Derick to get on his knees. Then I proceed to grab Dericks and Sandras head and have Derick suck my balls while Sandra sucks on my head. The oral they both gave me was so sloppy that I almost came within the first few seconds. So then I tell Sandra to get on top of Derick so she can ride him. They both do as I say and I get behind Sandra. My cock already drowned in spit I spread Samantha open and slowly start fucking her in the ass. The room was full of Derick , Sandra and my own moans. At the end of it Derick first cums inside her and then I come im her ass. We both our cum dripping and oozing out of her both myself and Derick start sucking it out, eating her out and her ass, playing with her clit until she gives a loud moan and cums to the point where her legs are throbbing and shaking around. After this the three of us proceed to get under the sheets and cuddling until we fall asleep. This was followed by weekends of amazing sex and even hotter situations even after Derick moved out.

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