Hooking up with my (F 23) manager (40 M) at work.

We work at a car dealership together and started having a little fling a few months ago when our work sent us out of town for a big car show and had rooms at a hotel. That was the first time. But the second time was my favorite. He took me to the back where his desk is and pulled my skirt up to finger me and whispered naughty things to me. I hadn’t gotten to go down on him so I got on my knees and sucked him off until he asked me if he could put it inside of me. He put me on his desk and put just the tip in first while I got used to his big cock inside of me. Once he was deeper in me he pulled me up and fucked me against the wall until he was about to cum and then I got back on my knees so he could finish in my mouth. It was by far one of the hottest hook ups I’ve ever had and I haven’t been able to tell anyone about it.

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by TheAdultNeeds.org

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