[MF] [Vouyer] potential [MmmmmmF] Meghan finds out why ladies don’t go on Fox hunts.

"Why are you carrying that flag Harry?" Meghan asked, Harry gave her a dirty look. She'd argued, cajoled and threatened him into taking her on the fox Hunt.

He spun in his saddle to face her.

"You do know that women are invited to come on the fox Hunt. They don't come."

"Well I want to. I want to do all the princess and royal things."

"I love that and you've done great so far, but you don't understand. If you really want to do the princess things this isn't one you have to do." "It is and I am!" She said sternly. ",I'm more of a princess than anyone else because I'm willing to come on a Fox Hunt and they aren't."

They trotted to the other men with their baying hounds. They all looked immensely pleased to see the flag and Meghan. They were all thanking Harry and slapping him on the back. He looked less than pleased.

"Harry. You and Meghan can signal the hunt to begin. Then plant the flag." The men all cheered. Harry nodded and signalled for Meghan to follow him and took off at a gallop across the green field. She urged her horse on her hair flowing like a mane behind her.

They raced to the treeline and in the distance they heard the fox hunt begin with the baying of hounds and trumpets sounding.

Harry led the way into a forest and on a rise he stopped. Surrounded by a thicket of bushes he planted the flag.

Meghan joined him flushed from the gallop.

"Now what?" She said.

"Now we have to have sex."


"When a woman comes on the hunt her man has to bring her to orgasm and come himself before the men catch the fox or they find the flag and come to watch and maybe assist."

"You didn't tell me this!" She burst out. "I'm not allowed to tell you. And you're wasting time the hunt sometimes is over very quickly."

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