The Picnic

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She needed to get fucked, plain and simple.
Normally she enjoyed making love romantically, but today she was too horny for that.
She needed it hard and fast, and she needed it now.
Too bad that they were out at a picnic with their friends, and it was far from nightfall.
The four of them had just finished a late afternoon lunch and were sitting around chatting.
She glanced over at him, trying to signal with her eyes her needs, but he was too busy in the middle of his story to register what her look meant.

She gently took his hand as if she was just taking it to hold it lightly as he talked, but she was about to let him know what she wanted.
You see, she had this little habit of stroking the middle of his palm lightly, and scraping her nail right along with it in a very arousing manner.
This had become their established cue for I am horny for you right this second, and it usually meant if he didn't excuse himself within the next ten minutes, she would literally drag him away from whatever he was doing.
She didn't like to take no for an answer, at least not with sex.

She continued to toy with his palm, as he started having trouble keeping his sentences coherent.
She smirked.
I got him, she thought.
Politely, she got up, excusing herself from their friends, saying that she needed to take a little walk and stretch her legs.
She pointedly only invited him with her for the walk.
He cleared his throat slightly, cheeks going into a very slight blush.
Quickly, he did get up and joined her, excusing himself from the friends as well.

She took his hand, and pranced away lightly, pulling him with her.
Once out of earshot, she started teasing him in a low voice.

"Baby, I have this incredible urge to cum for you.
I know I'm being a bad girl, but I can't help it today.
Can I cum for you, please?"

It was obvious her verbal teasing was having an effect on him, since his shorts were already starting to tent.
She grinned at him and put her arm around his waist, and into his pocket.
Her fingers weren't long enough to do too much, but they were long enough to graze his cock with every step they took together.
She was already soaking her own thong and shorts, even though he was only at half-mast.

Once they had walked maybe 100 feet away from their friends, she steered him to the right, and into the forest, away from the path.
She was taking him not too far from the picnic, to a little cove with a nice flat rock in the middle of it that she had found earlier that day.
She giggled a little at her naughtiness; the rock was close enough to the picnic that if they got too loud the friends would be able to hear them.
This turned her on even more and her pussy lips started to throb.

In a couple of minutes, they reached the flat rock she had been thinking of all afternoon.
Smiling at him, she removed her hand from his pocket, and turned him around to face her.
She crouched down in front of him, and quickly unbuttoned his shorts, pulling his boxers down with them.
He was getting more aroused as the air hit his cock, throbbing and growing.

She was going to tease him first, without giving him a full blowjob today, because, well, she's a woman and that's what she can do.
Instead of taking him into her mouth, she started to run her tongue up his shaft, lightly circling the head each time.
She licked him up and down his entire cock, but she never took it into her mouth.
Finally, when his cock was coated in her saliva cooling in the light breeze, she took him into her mouth, but only his head.
She licked little circles around lightly, with barely-there touches, stopping when she tasted his precum oozing out.

"Mmm. You're ready for me.
I want you to fuck me.
Fuck me rough.
Fuck me hard.
I want to cum for you, but you have to give me permission to come."

With that, she stripped off her shorts and thong, and pulled off her tank top, under which she was not wearing a bra.
She gingerly laid down on the rock, which thankfully was still in the shade and cool to the touch.
Instantly, her nipple became rock hard, with her arousal and the rock cooling her hot, flushed skin.

He needed no other invitation and plowed his cock deep inside of her.
Before he started thrusting, he growled and took her nipple roughly into his mouth.
As he started pushing into her with long, but fast strokes, he chewed and sucked on her nipple.
The rough treatment of her nipple had her on edge within seconds, and soon after, she was screaming with her first orgasm, her canal clenching him in waves as she came.
He stopped playing with her nipple, but never stopped thrusting.

"Naughty girl, you came without asking permission." He said

He started to nip and suckle at her neck, causing her to moan and thrash around even more.
She started to buck high up at him, to meet his thrusts harder and deeper.

"Baby, I'm going to cum.
May I please cum for you?"

"Yes, I need you to cum hard for me. And look into my eyes…
I need to see your eyes when you cum for me."

She whimpered as he started thrusting harder and faster into her, his own orgasm was imminent.
She started screaming again and fought to keep her eyes open, staring into his own eyes.
She thrashed about, orgasming and soaking him with her juices.
He grunted, pushing deeper and deeper, finally groaning loudly as he splashed his cum inside of her.
She clung to him as she rode out the rest of her climax and then went limp, shaking like a leaf.
He supported himself above her, still hard inside of her, and breathing heavy.

She pulled him in for a deep, passionate kiss.

"Thank you, baby. That was perfect."

I hope to give you passion like that for the rest of your life darling!

Sweet Dreams my LOVER!

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