A rainy day in office

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It's one of those rainy days where everyone in the office has left for home. Everyone but you and me. You go to the water cooler to get your drink and in the meantime I lock the office door. I start walking towards you, the look in your eyes already tells me what you want. I walk up to you, push you against the wall and start kissing you. My hands going through your hair and then reaching to take off the shirt that you're wearing. I tear the top you're wearing, take off your bra and my hands are all over your boobs now. I continue to kiss you with more and more passion with one hand on your neck, choking you ever so slightly and the other handing alternating between both your boobs, squeezing them and pinching your nipples. I walk you over to one of the tables and bend you over. I make you take your pants and your parties off and now you're completely naked in front of me. This is what I've wanted from the day I saw you walk into the office. This isn't love, no ma'am, this is pure lust, this is the body that I've wanted for a long long time now. I push you don't on your stomach and I start to slap your ass. You want some more of it, you like it so I continue spanking you while I occasionally trail my fingers from your ass cheeks to your pussy, teasing you enough but still not letting you get the pleasure just yet. I take my clothes off while I turn you around, I start kissing you again and you get your legs wrapped around me while I lift you and I tease your already wet vagina even more touching it just a bit with the tip of my penis. I push you on your back and I go down on my knees. I split open your legs open in up your vagina for me. I start trailing kisses, from your ankle to your inner thighs. I reach your thighs and I start biting now. I trail my hot moist breath over your vagina and I can see it getting wet, I can hear you moan and it was time. I slide one finger into you while I start to slowly lick your clit. Your moans get louder, your pussy gets wetter and I insert the second finger in while I continue to kiss your clit. To increase the pace I start sucking on your clit with all four of my fingers inside your vagina and my thumb rubbing your clit causing you to moan louder and louder. I open up your vagina and o start to lick you, eat you up while your hands in my hair push me deeper into you, you keep moaning and you wrap your legs around my head. All of this gets me hotter than ever and I continue to intensely eat you up while you cum all over my face and in my mouth. This was just the first one. I order you to get onto your knees. I am already rock hard for you and with you on your knees and inches away from my dick, I get as hard as I possibly could before I feel your could hand on my dick. You lick the tip of my penis with your tongue while you continue to shag me. One of your hands continues to shag me, the other cupping my balls while you go deeper and deeper making me moan. I put my hand through your hair, I ask you to not use your hands while I now set the pace for you. I pull you in deeper towards me making you gag slightly while you continue to lick my shaft. I take my dick out and slap it on your tongue before I ask you to get up. I bend you over the table now while you're standing. I spread your legs apart, I rub my fingers all over your vagina after I've slid them into you so that you're now completely wet and lubed for me. I rub the tip of my penis on your vagina before I slide it in. I hear you moan, your moaning grows louder and louder as I increase my pace. I grab onto your hair and start pulling you towards me with one hand while I slap your ass with my other hand. I bend down on you biting your heat with my tongue licking your ear and your neck. I pull out of you, turn you around, lift you up a little and place you on the table, you're now facing me, your eyes show me what you want. I slap my dick on your vagina before I slide it in, I start fucking you, harder and harder, faster and faster, rougher and rougher with every passing second. I pinch your nipples while I continue to fuck you causing you to moan in my mouth, getting me wetter and harder for you. I start to kiss your neck, biting it, biting your shoulder before going down on your tits, sucking on your nipples and caressing them with my tongue, biting ever so slightly. I now pull out of you and lie down on the table. You climb on top of me, facing me, slowly sliding my dick into your vagina. I look at you bounce on my dick, maintaining the fast pace with your loud moans. You then lean over on top of me, grinding slowly on me with my dick inside you. We're kissing, biting each other. You start to increase the pace and I do that too. All of this is too much for us and I feel your vagina clench like a vice grip around my dick, you cumming on my dick which caused me to cum too and I cum inside you. We slow down, but you don't get up from on top of me. We continue kissing with all the energy we have left before we get up.

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Submitted by TheAdultNeeds.org

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