An unexpected surprise – The tail plug.

"Cheer up babe, it could be worse, I could have left you at home alone again." Your comments don't ease me at all. Sulking, I look out of the window.

"Plus once we get to the party and you start to relax you’ll only realise just how little of an inconvenience it is" your words only reinforcing my already uneasy mood.

My mind wanders into what is to come. How am I supposed to hide this from everyone? Why did I ever agree to come along like this!? These thoughts race through my mind as with every second I reposition myself on the front seat to alleviate any discomfort. 

The sudden end of our journey interrupts my day dreaming as you slow down and park in front of the house. In my mind I decide I will never let you do this to me ever again. Not in public, never ever.

You open the passenger door for me, even under the current circumstances you’re still a gentleman to me.

We walk hand in hand from the car to the door and you ring the bell. The party is already in full swing, the music and the ruckus can be heard all the way to the outside. We stand there nervously. I count the seconds which seem like an eternity until the door opens. Anne, your colleague from work stands in the doorway she screams as she envelopes me in a crazy hug.

"Jessica! I'm so happy you came!"

I hold my breath trying to stand still. I feel like a single move would reveal all my secrets to Anne, and even though she wasn't the biggest gossip, the effects would be devastating.

She pulls both of us into the house the smell already lingering indicates that Anne and the other party guests seem to be fairly tipsy already, and everyone's still focused on whatever they were doing before we awkwardly danced in. Anne disappeared into the crowd mumbling something about the pool and we follow her, still hand in hand, deeper into the house.

Everyone else seems uninterested in our arrival and we get a small moment to breathe. However, I can feel three eyes prying at me through the crowd. I suddenly become very self conscious about my outfit, the cleavage feels way too revealing for my ample bosom and the dress way too short, especially considering what is underneath it. I lean closer to you to get some safety and comfort. There are three guys clearly checking me out.

To my dismay, I feel your hand making its way down the arch of my back, my cheeks run red as I feel your hand cupping the undercup of my bottom over the fabric of my attire.

"Okay babe, go meet your friends while I'll get us drinks."

In panic I look around, hoping no one saw anything, but to my relief no one seemed to be close enough to acknowledge what just happened. When I recover I see you disappearing to the kitchen. I'm left standing there all alone, under the ogling and curious glimpses. What should I do? I just want to disappear. Then my mind raced to hours before. The memories so vivid. 

I remember it clearly, sat cross-legged on the floor of our bedroom, wearing a frown on my face. I was angry at myself for upsetting you, if there is one thing in this world that I don’t like it's when you're mad at me, I don't like it, not at all. But sometimes actions require consequences and today was one of those days. I felt like I’d seriously let you down, and that was one of the many things I didn't want to do in life.

You knew how much I relished in spending time with you and my heart dropped when your decision that my punishment was that I couldn't go shopping alongside you today, it hurt me a lot. I loved shopping, trying on the clothes you so correctly knew would suit me, giving you, your own personal fashion show there in the middle of the shop. You knew the most effective punishment was to deny me the privilege of spending time with you, I felt so lost without your presence.

I leaned over to check the clock, it was 15:04. You were adamant that you'd be back at 15:00. You're never inaccurate when it comes to timing, It's one of the things I love about you, how it makes me feel safe that you were so accurate and precise. What could be wrong? You always factored in traffic, were you okay? Were you in an accident? A thousand thoughts of fear rushed through my mind and anxiety began to settle in, manifesting itself in a familiar twinge inside my uneasy butterflies filled stomach as I began to feel sick. Naturally, I got up to go to the toilet just incase. But the sudden movement forward abruptly stopped as my neck could go no further. How could I forget? My leather collar was attached to a lead, which in turn was tied to the bedpost. My hands mindlessly reached towards the clip at the from, though I refrained from unclipping it. No, I couldn't. I didn't want to upset you any further.

The clock now read 15:06. At this point, your lateness could be indefinite. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I realised just how helpless I looked, tied like an animal to the bedpost. Desperate for attention and lust for being needed, sitting on the floor, cross-legged like an animal. That's how I felt, like an animal being punished. That's what I was, but that's why I needed you. I needed your guidance and you wanted to offer it. That's why you chose me, that's why you collared me.

The sound of a car pulling up outside startled me. I jumped up in an attempt to look out the window, my motion was limited by the collar and lead but I  saw you which instantly washed relief over me. You were back and soon going to comfort me. 

Where was the sound of the keys in the door? What took you so long? I wanted to be angry with you but couldn't. I never could. Although I may show it, or intend it to be malicious it never could. I knew my place. Though through all this I couldn't help but think where were you? Caught chatting to a neighbour? I daren't risk attempting to stand up again to check at this point.

Finally, there it was. The clinging of keys and turning of the front door lock. The sense of relief hit me again as my pained expression turned to a gleeful smile. You were back and moments away from helping me. 

Footsteps sounded like they were halfway across the house. I knew it was a matter of seconds before you barged in the bedroom, I was still tied to the bed helplessly awaiting your mercy.

The door opened, and you stood there as well dressed as when you left though you were stopped in you tracks at the picture before you.

“You really didn’t move did you” you mutter to me.

I couldn’t answer, I just sat motionless on the bedroom floor.

"I didn't actually expect you to stay here Jessica."

I didn't care, although the ordeal was new to me, it felt right not to fight the natural human urges, this was my place now and we both knew it.

I looked up with wide eyes and droopy lips. You exhale a small sigh through your nose which was otherwise silent. You walked over to me graciously and untied the lead from the bed, unhooking the lead from the collar in one swift motion. You knelt to be at eye level with me and took one of my hands in yours.

"Come downstairs, I want to show you something." You said calmly with no hint of disappointment. I naturally obeyed and walked half a step behind you down to the kitchen. 

"Firstly, I owe you an apology." You said firmly, looking into my wet happy eyes. "This is why I was late, It was a.. last ditch thought of mine." You admitted, gesturing towards a bag on the kitchen counter.

"So then I thought of you today, I thought of you all tied up and helpless, perhaps this is a selfish thought from me or perhaps it’s me getting what I want, but I think this would be good for us.” you explained, hooking a finger inside my collar and pulling me gentle closer into a warm embrace. I simply nod in agreement.

“Close your eyes” was all you need to say and I instantly do so, I couldn’t do anything but oblige the request.

I could hear rummaging around as you removed the box from the bag and began to open it, pulling the contents out you gently placed a soft velvet bag into my already open and awaiting hand. The bag was soft to touch with a little drawstring to open, I pulled the bag open gentle and reached inside. 

“You can open your eyes now” you said to me, just as my hand clasped a round, cold metal object, I opened my eyes and pulled it out of the bag. A shiny metal butt plug filled the contents of my hand, but this soon became a thought of the past as attached to the plug was a long soft fluffy tail.

I willingly accepted it, a small tear of happiness running from the corner of my eye down my cheek. I handed the plug over in confidence, as I instantly turned around to face away. Leaning down slightly to reveal my panties to you, without missing a beat you slipped a finger in and pulled the fabric to the left that was covering my most sensitive area, As it’s pulled away it reveals just how wet the anticipation of what’s to come makes me. You wet your fingers slightly before slipping them in my eager hole, stretching me slightly as you do so. Moments past but it seems like an eternity before you fingers are replaced by the cold, metal plug. I shudder as it penetrates me for the first time, stretching me to limits that I’ve never reached before. You lift me back up slowly clasping my breasts as you use them to pull me up so I’m stood upright before turning me around on the spot. Though still quite ridiculous stood there in a tail plug, I begin to feel safe again. Somehow you always knew what was best for me, you always knew.

I semi nakedly walked around, initially I felt ridiculous, though quickly these fears of embarrassment were soon replaced with arousal and comfort. The tail was soft and cozy as it brushed my inner thighs and the plug welcoming and fulfilling. When I finally looked down at myself, I felt sort of cute. I silently looked up with a smile and was met with one of your own. I jumped forward and embraced you although in hindsight that probably wasn’t the best idea, the plug inside me felt claustrophobic as I clenched around it in my sprint, closing my eyes over you shoulder in joy and semi pain as I felt your arms wrap around my torso and back reaching down you gave the tail a little stroke and playful tug, I flicked one leg in the air behind me. Our embrace came to a natural end and you placed your palms on my shoulders, one index finger gently pulling on my collar once more, just how I liked it.

"Come on get ready, let's go to that party" You instructed warmly as you took my hand and lead me to the bedroom.

I argued with you, explained to you that I would not wear the tail in public. I tried desperately to take it out but it was a feeble attempt, you naturally didn’t listen, arguing with me as I put on the favourite dress that you liked, arguing with you as I applied my makeup and donned your favourite pair of heels.

But as I got in the car, collar, dress, tail and heels I knew that arguing with you would only get me another time alone, another time tied to the bedpost.

So there I was, stood alone in the party. My thoughts returning to me just as one of the men from the otherside of the room made his approach. Did this strange gentleman know what was lying in wait underneath my dress.


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