Best Birthday Present Ever! [MF][OlderF][Cougar][MILF]

It's a bright summer afternoon and I'm sunbathing with Liz by her pool, generally chilling out and chatting. Her son James arrives how from school and waves across the garden. James and I have known each other for years and he's developed one hell of a crush on me.  

"Hey James, how it going" I shift onto my side, showing off the subtle curve of my hips. "Umm good thanks Alice" James replies somewhat distractedly as he blatantly checks me out, seemingly oblivious to his mum's presence. It's the first time he's seen me in anything revealing at all, let alone the tiny black bikini I'm currently sporting. 

I smile and wait patiently as his eyes rove over my long, toned legs, flat stomach with just a hint of a six-pack and my pert breasts. We catch up and flirt a little, as we've grown so used to doing. I start to notice a bulge growing in James' shorts and decide to have a lil fun. "Could you put some of this on my back James?" I ask, offering a bottle of sun lotion. "Sure Alice" he takes the bottle and I roll over, revealing that I'm wearing a thong – he almost audibly gasps as he sees my butt cheeks.

I push my slightly greying, long red hair over one shoulder, out of the way and then ask "Can you undo my straps – I don't want any tan lines". James kneels down and tentatively undoes the straps of my top, which I push out of the way, wondering how much side-boob I'm showing. I look across to Liz, who scowls at me teasing her son, but says nothing. James starts to work the lotion into my back. He hesitates as he reaches my sides. "Don't miss anywhere James – I don't wanna burn" I reassure him and he's soon feeling me up. Getting a little too hot, I wiggle my lower legs "These too please James". I regain my composure and, with the assistance of a glare from Liz, I manage to resist spreading my legs as James works his way up my thighs. I let out a little "oh" as his hands move onto my butt without hesitation. His fingers under the strings of my thong starts to get me going again "Thanks James, that's… wonderful". He takes the hint "Anytime Alice" he get's up. I immediately clock the massive tent in his shorts – our eyes meet I smile and wink, he goes bright red and scurries off into the house. 

I turn to see a disapproving Liz scowling at me again. "You're a minx Alice Wright" she berates me with a wry smile "You mustn't keep teasing him like that, it's not fair".

"So more than teasing it is then!?" I say jokingly with a grin, wondering if Liz realises how wet he got me. Liz grins "Well it is his birthday next week and we both know what he really wants…"

So on the afternoon of James' birthday I find myself laying alone on his bed. Liz has just left, having neatly wrapped his present – a two inch wide red ribbon running between my legs, over my left shoulder and tied in a bow across my chest. 

I don't have to wait too long before I hear someone coming up the stairs – it must be James. I unpick the camel toe the ribbon has given me, with no time to check if the dampness of the ribbon is noticeable, I lay on my side and try to look sexy. The door opens and James stands and stares. I smile and let him take me in. "Happy Birthday James!" I get off the bed and walk over to him, wrapping my arms around him in a firm hug, pulling my near-naked body against him. I move one hand to the small of his back and pull myself against me – god I can already feel him…

I step back and hand him a card. He still looks a little taken aback "Open it James, it'll explain everything". He opens it and I watch his eyes scan over the text of the card:

"Happy Birthday James! Alice is yours for the evening – Enjoy!  Love Mum & Alice xxx"

"Wanna unwrap me" I ask James, who still looks like he can't quite believe what is happening, and offer him one end of the ribbon. He yanks it and I'm soon butt naked. I give him a slow twirl, letting him check me out properly. 

I smile and step closer to him. I wrap my arms around him and pull my naked body against him. "I'm all yours James" I whisper in his ear as I move one hand to his butt and pull myself against him. I slide a thigh gently between his legs and almost squeal with delight as I feel him rapidly growing. I let out a gentle moan as I feel his hands move to my ass, squeezing it firmly – I grin and move in for a kiss.

"Let me help you with your shirt James." I start to unbutton his shirt and then slide it down his arms. As I check out his muscular chest, he moves his hands to my breasts and starts to explore them properly. As he tweaks my nipples, I start to undo his belt and undo his trousers. I slide my thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and push them, and is trousers, off his hips and let them fall to his ankles. "Oh my" I exclaim as his fully erect cock springs out. "What shall we do with this" I enquire as I stroke it gently and lick my lips. "Umm would you suck it Alice" James asksnervously. I drop to my knees and look up at him "Of course birthday boy!" I start to voraciously devour his cock, grasping his butt as I slide his shaft back and forth from my lips to the back of my throat. I keep going, backing off each time I feel him start to get a little too twitchy. "I wanna cum Alice" he moans. I sit back and look up at him "Oh James, you will do, but your Mum made me promise I'd show you how to treat a woman properly". I get up, take his hand and lead him over to his bed. 

As we start to kiss and cuddle, I take his hand and guide it down to my fiery red landing strip. He doesn't need any encouragement as he start to finger me and his fingers are soon smothered in my juices. I let him explore for a while, before taking his hand requesting "Two fingers" and then guiding them to my clit. He starts to rub away. "Uhhmmm that's the spot" I moan as I feel my breathing quicken.

I take James' hand again and move it up to his face, holding his dripping wet fingers in front of his mouth. "Wanna taste me James?" I ask. He obliges, licking his fingers clean. "Good boy James" I scoot over to the edge of the bed  and spread wide as he kneels between my legs. He's soon keenly lapping at my clit and driving me absolutely wild. I start to writhe on the bed, moaning loudly.

I push his head away from my pussy and whisper "I want you in me James". He soon has the tip of his cock pressed against me. "All the way in James, nice and gently". I breathe deeply has he fills me up. "Now fuck me James – slow and hard". He starts to pound away at my pussy, but starts to get a little too frantic. "Slower James" I start to squeeze his butt to provide a nice slow rhythm.I wrap my calves over his so I can better brace against his powerful thrusts. I start to orgasm and stop keeping rhythm, James starts to thrust faster and faster. I can tell he's close and I soon feel his warm load filling my pussy.

We lay on his bed, our bodies entwined and James look me in the eyes and says "Alice, this was the best birthday present ever!"

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