Brittany’s New Puppy III: Going Deeper [ff] [bst] [inc]

“Shit,” Sarah swore softly under her breath. She sat on her bed, watching her sister Brittany with an almost morbid fascination. Brittany lay on her stomach on the ground, completely naked and pinning down her dog Cooper as she sucked on his large canine cock. She worked with enthusiasm, her hand pumping tirelessly while she bobbed up and down, her tongue teasing the full length of the animal’s shaft. As Sarah watched, Brittany pulled away, a victorious grin on her face.

“Yes!” Brittany exclaimed, laughing as a stream of cum exploded from Cooper’s dick, coating her face with runny dog jizz. Sarah sighed, a little impressed by her younger sister, but mostly hoping that she'd forget the…

“Looks like I win,” Brittany said, suddenly standing in front of Sarah and pulling her out of her thoughts.

“It was hardly a fair bet to begin with,” Sarah countered. “You've sucked Cooper off so much more than I have.”

“It's not like I’ve ever stopped you from practicing,” Brittany replied. “And besides, you had like twenty minutes to get him off. I could see him getting bored waiting for you to give up.”

“Oh whatever,” Sarah said, resigning herself to her fate. “Let's just get this over with.” Brittany sat down beside her on the bed, and Sarah bent her nude body across Brittany's lap. Brittany rubbed and squeezed her sister’s tight ass for a few seconds, and then without warning brought her hand crashing down in a blistering smack. Sarah let out a squeal of pain and surprise, and Brittany laughed as she turned her sister’s cheeks red with an intense spanking. Mercifully Brittany ended the assault soon after it began, and Sarah slid off her thighs, her pussy dripping wet and her face almost as red as her ass.

“You know, you don't have to pretend that you don't like that,” Brittany said teasingly.

“You certainly make no pretenses,” Sarah fired back, not eager to confess how turned on she was.

“And why should I? You have the nicest butt in the room.”

“Have you seen your own ass lately? And I'm pretty sure Cooper gives me a run for my money,” Sarah said, motioning toward the exhausted and satisfied German Shepherd.

“I do really like that tail,” Brittany said with a laugh. “Now c’mon, let's go get cleaned up. I know you enjoy that.” This time Sarah didn't argue, and the naked sisters made their way down the hall to the bathroom, where Brittany quickly turned on the shower before whipping back around to face Sarah.

“Last chance to eat some of this delicious dog cum,” Brittany teased. “I know how disappointed you are that you missed out.” Brittany smiled, the small rivers of semen shifting about her face as she did. A few globs had already dripped down onto her breasts.

“I'll settle for what's left in your mouth,” Sarah replied with a sly grin. She leaned in and their lips met, tongues tangling as their bodies pulled together passionately. Sarah's hands groped at Brittany's breasts, pinching her nipples and smearing the sticky jizz into her skin. Brittany moaned into Sarah’s mouth in response, her hands cupping Sarah’s sore ass. Eventually Sarah pulled away, though much too soon for either girl’s liking.

“We should probably get in the shower. Wouldn't want Mom and Dad complaining about the hot water bill.”

“They wouldn’t know the half of it,” Brittany said, both girls laughing as they climbed into the shower and began to clean off. Of course, the fun was far from over, and though the conversation drifted, both girls casually groped each other under the thin pretense of cleaning their bodies.

“You know, I've been thinking lately,” Brittany said as she scrubbed her face with a washrag.

“A dangerous pastime,” Sarah replied in song, her hands soaping up Brittany's much thicker ass.

“I know,” Brittany finished. “I might let Cooper inside me again.”

“Like his.. penis?” Sarah said, her words somewhat clunky with surprise. Her hands began to creep towards Brittany’s snatch. “Don't you remember what happened last time? You're lucky I found you screaming instead of a curious neighbor.”

“I know, I know,” Brittany said, her voice rising in pitch slightly as Sarah rubbed at her clit. “But that time I wasn't prepared, and I still had a crazy orgasm at the end.”

“I'll take some of the credit for that,” Sarah said, grinning as her sister moaned softly from her crafty fingers. “But even if you're expecting it it'll be quite a stretch. It's not like my tongue or fingers have loosened you up much, and you haven’t had a dick inside you since Coop.”

“True,” Brittany admitted between moans. “Maybe it's not the best idea.”

“Unless…” Sarah started, but she suddenly trailed off, shrinking back with surprising embarrassment. Her fingers froze as well, betraying her hesitation.

“Unless what?” Brittany coaxed, turning around to face her sister head on.

“Unless we buy a strap-on,” Sarah finished, her face flushed.

“Sarah, you're a genius! Who needs a man when you can get a perfectly good cock at a sex shop?”

“But what if someone sees us?” Sarah asked, already poking holes in the unestablished plan.

“We’ll drive somewhere a ways away. And besides, Mom and Dad don't get back for another two days. If we leave now, we can drive for an hour and it'll even be dark by the time we get there. What could go wrong?” Brittany finished, the excitement on her face plain to see.

“Well…” Sarah said, as if looking for any other excuse, “If we’re going to make it before tomorrow we’d better get going.”

“That's the spirit!” Brittany replied with excitement. The girls hopped out of the shower, drying off quickly and putting their damp hair up with minimal fooling around. Brittany elected to wear jeans and a plain t-shirt, while Sarah went with leggings and a lengthy sweater.

“I'm not really sure what you're supposed to wear to a sex store,” Sarah said, her voice betraying her nervousness as the sisters walked toward their car.

“I’m not sure either,” Brittany said, giving Sarah an encouraging pat on the back. “But don't worry. You drive and I'll go in the store. Two similar looking blondes walking together around a sex shop might raise some questions.” The girls shared a laugh as they climbed into the car and drove away.

The ride down was uneventful. Brittany found a promising shop on her phone, and afterward the girls talked about little of significance, singing along to the radio and sharing petty gossip. While their relationship had added a sexual element, ultimately Brittany and Sarah were still sisters first. Family dinners had quickly ceased to be awkward, and although the girls snuck an occasional kiss or dirty pic, they were content to save most of their sexual escapades for when they were alone.

It was indeed dark by the time the girls arrived at the store, though the ugly neon sign did more than its fair share to light up the parking lot. Sarah shifted into park, and both girls were relieved to see only a few cars around them.

“You ready for this?” Sarah asked, looking at her sister.

“As ready as I'll ever be. Wish me luck.” Brittany gave Sarah a quick kiss and then ducked out of the car heading toward the store.

Brittany felt light headed and uneasy as she pushed open the door. It was one thing to experiment in the privacy of her home with her dog and loving sister, but to acknowledge her sexuality like this in a building of perfect strangers was quite different.

The aisles of dildos, handcuffs, kinky leather, and various lubricant had no obvious layout, so Brittany picked a direction and started walking. Almost immediately she saw a large middle-aged man approaching from the other direction, and she quickly put her head down. She could almost feel the lust radiating off his gaze as he passed by, and as he looked her up and down his gaze lingered on her jean-hugged hindquarters. After what seemed like a small eternity Brittany ducked around a corner, glad to be alone for the moment.

Fortunately, Brittany's wandering soon led her to the strap-on section. She was taken aback by the variety of selections, ranging from gigantic and very penis-like to small and plain. Thinking quickly, Brittany estimated that Cooper’s cock was about 8 inches, though much thicker than any strap on once the knot was factored in. Her eyes settled on a purple 8 inch model, somewhat phallic but not to an excess. Hoping Sarah would approve, she grabbed it, along with a conveniently placed container of lube nearby.

Brittany headed up toward the counter, and was surprised and relieved to see a woman, perhaps in her lower thirties, working the counter. The cashier gave her a warm smile as she approached, and Brittany blushed, looking down as she placed her two items on the counter without a word.

“Did you find everything alright?” the cashier asked.

“Oh… uhm, yeah,” Brittany said awkwardly. “Thanks.” She tapped her foot anxiously as the cashier scanned her items. The older woman's eyebrows raised slightly at the 8 inch length, but then again it was far from the vibrating foot-long model. She finished bagging Brittany's items, taking her card and scanning it before handing them to her.

“A few years ago I would have said ‘I hope your girlfriend enjoys it,’ but you never really know anymore,” the woman said. Brittany allowed herself a small laugh, thanking the cashier as she slipped out of the door. If only she knew that the strap-on was so her sister could stretch her out to prepare her for the family dog.

Brittany quickly returned to the car, and Sarah jumped slightly as she climbed in.

“Thank goodness you're back! I don't like this parking lot. Too many creepy old guys.”

“And slutty blonde sisters,” Brittany said with a wink, kissing Sarah on the cheek. “I'll show you the stuff when we get home. For now let's get out of here.” Sarah shifted into reverse, and as they sped away Brittany breathed a sigh of relief.

The ride home was even less eventful, with the girls doing their best to keep each other awake. By the time they arrived back, both agreed any hijinx would have to wait until the next morning.

“You picked well Britt. Tomorrow should be fun, but I’ll need some sleep before I can even figure out how to strap that thing on.”

“I understand,” Brittany replied. She started up toward her room, and then stopped and turned back to Sarah. “Hey, you wanna sleep with me tonight? You know, like just sleep?”

Sarah smiled warmly in return. “I'd love to.” She followed Brittany up the stairs to her bedroom, and the girls stripped down to their lingerie before climbing into bed together. Sarah snuggled into her sister, staring deep into her eyes as she held her close.

“I love you Brittany,” she said simply.

“I love you too Sarah.” Before long the girls drifted into a restful sleep, safe in each other's arms.

Brittany woke up first the next morning, and somehow managed to untangle herself from Sarah without waking her. Moving quietly, she wandered into the bathroom and started the shower, hoping to wash away the dirty feeling from the sex shop the previous night. Stripping off her bra and panties, she briefly admired herself in the mirror before entering the shower. Only a minute or two passed before she heard the door open.

“Couldn't stay away, huh?” Brittany asked.

“It got cold after you left,” Sarah replied, drawing back the curtain and joining her sister.

“Well with two of us in here it's not going to be particularly warm,” Brittany said with a laugh. She pulled her sister into a tight embrace, the two sharing the meager stream of water the best they could. The novelty quickly wore off, and the girls left the shower after a minimal amount of washing and soaping each other up. Each girl dried off and threw on a bathrobe before heading to kitchen.

“You sure you don't want to walk around naked? The neighbors might get a kick out of it,” Brittany joked.

“That's exactly what I'm afraid of,” Sarah replied, wrapping her bathrobe even more tightly around her as she passed by the large kitchen window. “Eggs sound good to you?”

“As long as it's quick. This pussy isn't going to stretch itself,” Brittany said, laughing as she set plates on the table and slipped bread into the toaster.

“Glad I'm not the only one thinking about it,” Sarah said, cracking some eggs into a frying pan. Soon the girls had a hearty breakfast, and they enjoyed it along with plenty of laughter. Afterword, the girls reclined at the table together, sipping on drinks and chatting.

“So how are we going to do this?” Sarah asked, doing her best to overcome her own trepidation.

“Well, I figured we'd start with some foreplay, and see where things went from there. And eventually we’ll see if that thing… you know, fits.” Brittany's words revealed to a degree her own nervousness surrounding the situation.

“You sure you want to do this Britt? Cooper doesn’t know the difference between your mouth and your pussy, he just wants something to fit his dick in.” Sarah looked at her sister with concern despite her humor.

“I know, but the feeling of him inside of me… Your tongue is amazing Sarah, but nothing compares to that day. I have to try again.”

“If that's really what you want, then I'm here for you,” Sarah said, filled with new determination.

“And there's no one I'd rather have helping me.” Brittany smiled, assured by her sister's words. “Now let's do this thing.”

The two grabbed the strap-on and lube and scurried upstairs to Brittany’s room. Stripping off their bathrobes, they fell naked onto the bed they'd slept in the night before, kissing as their hands explored each other's bodies. Sarah’s mouth soon fell lower, kissing Brittany’s neck and collarbone while her fingers teased up her thighs toward her pussy. Brittany moaned her approval, straining her neck as a signal for Sarah to go lower. Sarah obliged, her hand rising to Brittany's increasingly wet slit and her mouth lowering onto a sensitive nipple. Brittany threw her head back, reveling in the attention of the girl sitting between her legs. Sarah increased the intensity of her movements, her mouth falling even further, licking and kissing down Brittany's stomach until her nose grazed her blonde pubic hair.

“You really should trim this more often,” Sarah said, her faced still hovering above Brittany's crotch while her two fingers pistoned in and out of her sister's slick hole.

“Quit… teasing and… eat me,” Brittany gasped out between exclamations of pleasure.

Sarah hesitated a few seconds longer to heighten Brittany's anticipation, and then dove into her dripping snatch, her tongue working in perfect conjunction with her fingers to make Brittany squeal with pleasure. Brittany bucked her hips, desperately willing Sarah deeper inside. To her surprise, Sarah instead pulled away.

“I think you're ready,” she said with a sly grin.

“You really are a tease!” Brittany said indecorously. “I underestimated you. But if you take your time putting that thing on I promise you'll regret it.”

“We probably should have opened it earlier then,” Sarah said with a laugh. Brittany let out a groan of frustration and tore into the box with a fervor fueled by pure lust, silently grateful that the packaging was fairly minimal. Sarah took the strap-on components from her hands, looking at them with a mix of interest and confusion. Fortunately for both girls, it didn't take her long to figure it out.

“You have a position in mind?” Sarah asked, standing by the bed and swaying her hips to swing her newly acquired member.

“Just stay right there for the moment. There's something I want to try.” Brittany dropped to her knees in front of Sarah, staring up at the lengthy purple schlong her sister now sported. Grabbing it by the shaft, she licked down the length, staring into Sarah’s eyes the whole time.

“Damn sis that's hot! I can see why guys like this,” Sarah commented.

“Yeah, especially since a real dick would actually feel something,” Brittany replied, focusing her attention on the tip as she sucked. After a brief bit of bobbing up and down she pulled off with a loud pop. “Lube that thing up and let's do this.” Brittany hopped onto the bed, settling onto her hands and knees with her ass facing her sister.

“Doggystyle huh?” Sarah asked as she smeared a generous helping of lube on the strap-on.

“It's the only way Cooper knows,” Brittany replied with a touch of sarcasm. “But we can always try some other ways later.” She winked over her shoulder as Sarah finished her lubrication.

“We’ll have to see if you like it first,” Sarah said simply. “You ready for this?” she asked, placing a hand on Brittany's butt as she positioned herself near the target. Fortunately, the bed was roughly the right height.

“Absolutely. I want you inside me,” Brittany said with a flirtatious wink.

“Alright then,” Sarah replied. “Make sure to stay relaxed.” Placing the strap on right at Brittany's pussy lips, she began to slowly push inside. Brittany groaned as the tip penetrated her, but let out a grunt of effort after only two inches.

“How's it feeling Britt?” Sarah asked, her voice full of hope and concern.

“It's okay. The lube definitely helps a lot. I just feel… really full.”

“You need to relax,” Sarah said gently, rubbing her sister's butt. “You've still got a ways to go.” Brittany sighed, but slowly but surely Sarah felt the strap on slipping deeper and deeper, inch by inch.

“Just do it,” Brittany gasped out with only two inches to go. “I can take it.” Against her better judgement, Sarah quickly thrust her hips forward, burying herself completely inside. Brittany let out an animalistic growl, but after a few moments of pain the sensation was simply one of fullness.

“Mission accomplished,” Sarah whispered, leaning over and kissing Brittany's neck while remaining buried inside her.

“Not yet,” Brittany countered. “Cooper tends to thrust a bit. Just take it slow and this might actually feel good in a few minutes.” Sarah showed her understanding without words, and straightened her body as she grabbed Brittany around the hips. Very slowly, she withdrew a little of the strap-on from Brittany's pussy before sliding back in, gradually working until the whole shaft slid in and out at a slithering speed. Beads of sweat soon covered Brittany's body, and Sarah tightened her grip around Brittany's hips in an almost aggressive fashion.

“I'm gonna speed up now, okay?” Sarah asked, though by now she was too turned on to reconsider.

“Do it,” Brittany replied simply, breathing deeply as she felt her sister sliding deeper into her once more. The sparks of pleasure were just beginning to outweigh the fullness and pain, and as Brittany gave herself away to the rising feelings she found herself relaxing and growing wetter, enabling Sarah to thrust faster.

“Oh Sarah,” Brittany moaned, relishing the feeling of the enormous dildo sliding in and out. Brittany's satisfaction spurred Sarah onward, and her jerky thrusts soon developed into a rhythm, albeit a slow one. She stared in mild disbelief as she slid in and out of her sister, the shaft of the strap on now slick with Brittany's juices as much as with lube. Almost subconsciously she found herself thrusting harder and faster, her eyes locked on the dripping lips devouring her plastic cock.

“Oh yes, faster,” Brittany groaned, moving her hips and thrusting herself back onto the cock. Sarah was happy to help, and she gripped Brittany’s hips as she drove into her with new abandon.

“Fuck me Sarah!” Brittany begged, her hands a death grip on her sheets. The feelings coursing through her body were even better than she'd imagined, and she felt an insatiable lust rising within her.

Sarah slapped Brittany's ass, surprising herself a bit with how aggressive she was becoming. Brittany's ass reddened and jiggled irresistibly, and Sarah slapped it again, craving every instant. “You like that Brittany? You like getting fucked by your sister's huge cock?”

“Oh yes,” Brittany gasped in response. “I’m a slut for your cock. Fuck me harder!” Soon Sarah’s gasps joined her sister as their bodies met, slapping together louder and faster with each passing second. As Brittany's cries reached a crescendo, she screamed out with vigor.

“Fuck I’m cumming!” A renewed stream of her juices flowed out past Sarah’s dick as she quivered and shook, cumming with utter abandon. Sarah pinched her nipples and bit her lip as she watched, her own pussy dripping from the display. As Brittany slowly but surely came down, Sarah slowed her thrusts, coming to a crawl before withdrawing from her sister. Brittany rolled over, collapsing on her back on the bed. Sarah shakily climbed on the bed to join her, prodding her mouth slightly with the strap-on.

“You wanna see what you taste like Britt?” Sarah said teasingly.

“You act like I haven't before,” Brittany answered in a small voice. She accepted the tip of the strap-on anyway, suckling on if briefly before Sarah pulled out of her mouth. Sarah then joined Brittany on the bed, lying on her back beside her with her long purple dick sticking straight in the air. They sat in silence for a while before Sarah broke the tension.

“That was incredible.”

“You don't know the half of it,” Brittany replied and both girls laughed. Sarah set about removing the strap-on, and Brittany slowly sat up, stretching out her aching legs.

“I think I'm ready for Cooper now,” Brittany said, some energy returning to her voice.

“You're probably best to try sooner rather than later,” Sarah agreed. “Stay here and relax for a minute and I'll go get him.”

“Sounds good to me,” Brittany replied. Sarah left the room, walking down to her bedroom and throwing on her leggings and sweater from the previous night, knowing full well that she wouldn't need them for long. She moved quickly downstairs, slipping out the back door and greeting Cooper. He'd been in the backyard most of the morning, and jumped at Sarah, licking with enthusiasm. Sarah laughed and hugged the large dog, enjoying his canine companionship. She managed to calm him enough to get him in the door, and from there it was easy enough to bring him back upstairs to Brittany's room.

“Getting naked again already?” Brittany teased as Sarah stripped off the clothes she'd worn for the briefest of moments.

“If you think I'm not getting in on this then you've got another thing coming,” Sarah replied with sass of her own. For the time being though, she was content to watch.

Brittany spread her legs open on the bed, and Cooper didn't need a further invitation. His snout buried itself in Brittany's snatch, and like clockwork his red rocket began to emerge from its sheath, hardening with impressive speed. Brittany pet Cooper's furry head, enjoying the sensation between her legs but more focused on the near future. Sarah came behind the dog, grabbing his emerging member and giving it a few encouraging tugs while also smearing him with lube.

“I think he's just about ready,” Sarah said. Cooper had already begun to pant in anticipation of further stimulation.

“Then I guess it's now or never,” Brittany said. Filled with a mixture of nervousness and excitement, she assumed the position she'd be in only a few minutes before, her ass hovering enticingly in front of Cooper. He caught on quickly, placing his paws on her ass and climbing aboard while clumsily thrusting, missing a few times before shoving right into Brittany's dripping cunt.

Brittany let out an involuntary squeal, shocked by the sudden painful sensation, and Sarah hopped onto the bed, sitting by her head and comforting her.

“It’s okay, you've got this,” Sarah said, lovingly stroking Brittany's long blonde hair. “He's not fully hard, and you took something bigger just a few minutes ago. Try to relax.”

“I'm alright, he just surprised me,” Brittany replied, taking a deep breath. Sarah kissed her on the forehead, and Brittany leaned her head against her sister's neck, kissing it slowly and breathing in her scent.

Once Cooper was confident in his positioning, he began a series of frenzied thrusts into Brittany, forcing her to grit her teeth and weather the assault. Sarah continued stroking Brittany's hair, watching in amazement as Cooper's cock expanded to new lengths. Gradually Brittany began to moan, softly at first but louder as her body was rocked by Cooper's stabs. All at once she grimaced, hissing painfully through her teeth. Cooper had stopped thrusting, having successfully knotted his bitch.

“You're alright, he's all the way inside you,” Sarah said, embracing Brittany’s head and holding it close to her chest. “In a minute you'll be stretched out and this will feel amazing.” Brittany nodded wordlessly, her head buried in her sister’s breasts.

With everything still, Sarah took a moment to truly appreciate her surroundings. Brittany's perfect body lay before her, her pussy filled to the brim with Cooper’s thick canine cock, quivering in a mixture of pain and pleasure unlike any other. She pulled her sister even closer with one hand, but the other slid down to her own burning need. Sarah had been on the giving end far too often during the course of the morning, and she felt a desperate need to be filled. Suddenly, a lustful idea gripped her. Releasing her sister, she refrained from rubbing herself and instead reached over on the bed to where she'd left the strap on. Detaching the dildo proved to be easy enough, and with a deep breath she gripped the shaft and slowly slid the tip inside herself.

“Oh yes,” Sarah moaned, the lips of her cunt greedily absorbing the first inch of the toy. Brittany opened her eyes in surprise at the declaration, and was greeted by the sight of Sarah stuffing herself.

“Shit that's hot,” she hissed out, feeling her own slit grow wetter. Cooper shifted slightly inside her, and Brittany felt the waves of pleasure she'd been waiting for begin to creep over her. “Don't stop Sarah, you're turning me on!”

Sarah was more than happy to oblige Brittany's demands, shoving even more of the lengthy plastic cock up her hole and working it in and out. She moved even more aggressively than she had pounding Brittany, spearing her tight cunt with lustful ferocity. Though the previous night felt like an eternity away, the same truth from her spankings with Brittany applied here. Sarah was a little turned on by pain, and shoving an 8 inch dildo up her tight canal was certainly doing it for her.

The girls kissed passionately, moaning into each other's mouths with the satisfaction of being filled to the brim. Driven crazy by hours without release, Sarah quickly came, keeping her mouth locked on Brittany's as she convulsed with the pleasure enveloping her. She finally pulled her lips away as the waves ceased, looking dead into Brittany's eyes as she continued to slowly engorge herself on the plastic dick.

“Cum for me Brittany. Feel that doggy knot in your tight pussy and just let it go, I know you're close!” Sarah’s words were well-timed, as Brittany felt hot spurts of dog jizz begin to fill her womb. Tightening even further around the knot, Brittany orgasmsed with her loudest moan yet, her arms giving way as her face crashed into the mattress, reality a foreign blur compared to the overwhelming sensations coursing through her. Only when Cooper finished his pumping and withdrew from her pussy did she come to her senses. The moment of peace did not last long.

“Come here,” Sarah said, her voice full of lust. Pulling her sister into a sitting position, she intertwined their legs, scissoring her pussy against Brittany’s cum filled one, relishing in each dirty squishing sound and the warm gooey feeling she felt from the cum inside her sister’s snatch. The girls kissed hungrily, clinging to each other until the last of the dog’s seed had dribbled out of Brittany. At last they lay back down on the bed, joining a satisfied Cooper on the blanket.

“Wow, what a mess,” Sarah said. The girls observed the sheets and blanket, covered in stains from various fluids emitted by a dog and two horny girls.

“We've got time to do laundry,” Brittany replied, patting her sister on the stomach. “I gotta admit, the way you used that dildo was impressive. You're lucky I bought a detachable one.”

“I'm sure glad you did,” Sarah said with a laugh. “I surprised myself a bit with that. Maybe one of these days I'll surprise myself and let Cooper try me.”

“Just make sure I'm there to see it,” Brittany replied, giving her sister a quick smooch. “Now c’mon. Cooper’s probably starving and we’ve got some cleaning up to do.” The two girls got up and set about their business, and though they didn't mention it aloud both their minds were already firmly fixed on kinky things to come.

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