Class of ’04 – Part FOUR – (mf) (oral) (anal) (domination) (taboo) (teacher/student)

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My legs were still trembling as Mr O'Neals cock pulsed inside of me, my ass squeezing every last drop of cum from him. He'd dug his fingertips into my hips so hard I'm pretty sure he'd broken the skin. When he pulled out slowly it left a delicious stinging sensation behind. I never thought I'd love the feel of someone's cum dripping from my ass and my pussy at the same time, but as it trailed it's way down my thighs my pussy ached for more. I was insatiable for him. If I knew it would be this amazing maybe I would have tried harder in school to get him to notice me, then maybe he'd have bent me over his desk and railed me like this back then too. 

"Fuck." He sighed with a chuckle, his hand was back to caressing my ass cheeks, he'd let go of my hair leaving it to cascade over my back. I looked behind me at him, my eyes were heavy with desire, I didn't want this night to end so I reached under me between my legs, cupping my pussy and asshole, soaking my fingers with his cum before bringing them to my mouth and suck them clean with a throaty moan. I was no angel, I knew how to exploit myself to get what I wanted from men. 

"You're not sweet and innocent anymore are you Miss Shaw." Again he said it like a statement with a smirk on his lips. 

"Oh Mr O'Neal, I was never innocent, if you'd looked under my desk in class you'd have seen me fingering my pussy watching you." It wasn't a lie, my assigned desk of my final year was in the back corner of his classroom and every once in a while when the football players were excused from lessons and their desks sat empty around me, I'd ease my throbbing clit as he taught his lesson in front of his blackboard. I was a quiet little mouse back then, I'd cum with a gasp instead of a moan. 

"You didn't." His eyes narrowed but I could see it turned him on, his softening cock was already rock hard again. 

"I thought you'd caught me once, I must have looked flustered because you came to my desk all concerned and asked if I was okay, if I needed to be excused and when you knelt in front of me.." I turned around, kneeling before him and taking his length into my hands, I spoke softly watching him. "And rested your head on your hands, I came right in front of you.. I soaked my fingers with cum and you had no idea." 

His eyes closed and he swallowed loudly, "Fuck Luna." He groaned into the quiet suite. I seized my opportunity and took him into my mouth, taking his entire length down my throat and cradling his balls. My lips were a vice grip around his cock as I worked up and down his length, from tip to base. He ripped his jacket, tie and shirt off, then he pulled out of my grasp and shed the rest of his clothes until he was naked before me. He wasn't muscular but he wasn't scrawny either, a small spattering of hair over his tanned chest had a few grey hairs that matched the hair on his temples. Not to sound girly but he was exactly how I'd dreamed he'd be. 

"Get up Miss Shaw," He stroked his cock staring down at me, my thick saliva still coating him, lubricating his movement. His other hand was held out towards me, offering help. "I want you on your knees in the shower." I swallowed my moan at the thought and eagerly got to my feet, I was about to kick my shoes off when he stopped me. "Leave them on." He commanded. 

I walked ahead of him, my thighs slick with his cum, my hips swaying and my heels clicking against granite. I pushed the door open to reveal a black marble bathroom, it was stunning and my pause gave Mr O'Neal enough time to press against me. He walked passed me and into the large clear glass shower cubicle, he turned the single tap and a rain shower spilled from the ceiling, every inch of the cubicle was filled with spray and steam. "Come." He commanded again, standing in the centre of the water, his body drenched already. I hesitated, too entranced by what his hand was doing. "Come." It snapped me out of my daze and a smile curved my lips. 

"Yes Sir." I purred, putting a little more sway to my hips as I made my way towards him, I took his offered hand and let him guide me into the steam. Hot water coated me, my hair soaking within seconds. His hands smoothed over my arms and shoulders, massaging my tits, pinching my nipples, grazing his fingers down my stomach and cupping my pussy. "Mr O'Neal." I panted as the palm of his hand rubbed hard against my clit. 

"Suck my dick Miss Shaw," He murmured with one last swipe at my pussy. "Now." 

"Yes Sir." I lowered myself to my knees, my hands holding his hips to steady myself he pressed the tip of his cock to my closed lips and I opened them willingly, he thrust his entire length down my throat, I fought against the initial gag reflex, holding him still until my throat adjusted before tightening my lips around him and letting him fuck my mouth slowly at first. "Finger your pussy Luna." He moaned, his thrusts were getting faster as he chased his pleasure. "That's right gorgeous, fuck yourself." 

I moaned around him, the vibration making him growl and fuck the back of my throat harder. With my mouth full and the water pelting my face it was hard to breathe, I was almost dizzy but it'd created a pleasure so intense, one that I'd never felt before and didn't want it to ever end. My clit was a hard ball of nerves, the slightest touch had me twitching, I rocked on my knees, trying to find the perfect spot in my pussy to cum again. 

He pulled completely out of my mouth, my saliva created ropes between us, he thrust back in until he hit the back of my throat. He repeated it over and over, his moaning growing deeper with each thrust. "Fuck, you're gonna make me cum again Luna." He tightened his grip in my hair as he once again became savage. 

"Cum all over my face… " I moaned between thrusts. "Please Sir… I Want all." He was impossibly rough as he fucked my mouth. 

"Ahhh fuck Luna!" He pulled my head back hard, my scalp stung as he jerked his cock fast, I stuck my tongue out and waited for him to fill me again. He came hard shouting my name, and when his cum hit my tongue and my face, I came with a scream of my own. My legs weakened once again and I collapsed against the shower floor, panting through the waves of my orgasm. 

"Again." I grinned up at him. 

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