Class of ’04 – Part ONE – (mf) (voyeurism) (exhibitionism)

Why the fuck am I here? I'd asked myself the same question for 2 days, when I'd gotten on the train to my hometown, then again when I got into the cab to my moms house, when I'd walked into my childhood room where everything looked exactly how I'd left it 15 years ago, she hadn't kept it as a shrine or anything because even when I lived there I was pretty minimalist. Then the phone calls started, confirmation of my attendance, am I bringing a guest? Did I know there's now a theme? Would I like to be part of the carpool to get to the hotel? Each phone call had left me regretting to come here, but the one friend I kept in touch with had begged me, promised me that it would be fun. Pretty sure she was wrong.

I'd declined the carpool and feigned ignorance to a theme. That's why my step father dropped me off like I was a teenager because I didn't mind being in a car with him. "Call me if you want to bail early, I'll come and get you and we can go for dinner somewhere with your mom."

"I'll hold you to that." I laughed. He'd raised me since I was an infant. I stepped out of his car and pulled down the hem of my black bodycon dress.

Staring up at the Grand Hotel my stupid nerves were getting the better of me why the fuck was I here? I hated most of these people. Always had. "Class of '04" was printed on a huge banner that hung over the entrance of the hotel. 15 year reunion. Was that even a thing? Why the fuck were reunions a thing? Oh God why was I here?

"Luna!?" A familiar voice squealed from the entrance. Jenny Perry hadn't changed in all the years I'd known her, she had fire red hair that was impossibly curly, her eyes were a rich Amber colour and I'd never seen her without a smile. She was my opposite, my jet black hair was naturally poker straight, my eyes were ice blue and I'm pretty sure I had a resting bitch face. But our friendship worked, she forced me out of my bubble when it was needed, she kept me connected to the world when I wanted to hide from it. It was her damn fault I was here.

"Hey Jen." I gave her a tight smile as I approached, my velvet black stiletto heals clicking against the concrete.

"Oh come on, I'm not leading you to your death." Her laugh was musical. Bitch.

"You might aswell do." I quipped but it made me smile.

She lead me inside to a decorated conference room in the back. And there they all were. The people I'd spent years avoiding and making myself invisible around. I'd watched them for years, their friendships, relationships and fights. None of them had looked my way, it's how I'd liked it, no attention meant no drama.

"I'll be right back! Cheryl's calling, probably gotten lost again." She'd said it as she left, her phone pressed to her ear. I'd been standing in the same spot for 30 minutes waiting for Jenny to come back. God I hope she hadn't ditched me. It was her ide la to come to this stupid thing.

"Hey, I'd like another vodka coke." A woman's voice had followed a prod to my arm. Looking down at the woman beside me, she sat around a table filled with other people. Most of whom I remember as the "popular kids", which at our school had translated to they swapped each other every weekend.

"I'm not a waitress." I turned my back on her, just as someone slapped my ass. "Come on, just get her a drink." A guy laughed from behind me, I balled my hand into a fist as I turned around but before I could follow through with my intention to punch him, a large hand gently wrapped around my wrist. "At 30 years old, I didn't think I'd have to tell you to behave Justin."

I knew that voice. I'd fantasised for years about that voice. I can't count how many times I'd repeated "Good girl" in my head at the height of my orgasm.

My head whipped around. There he was. Mr O'Neal, my science teacher. We walked away from the table, my eyes were glued to him. He'd gotten better looking with age, his brown hair was greying at his temples and his deep brown eyes were framed with laughter lines. "It's so good to see you again Luna." His voice was just as soft as it always had been.

"Mr O'Neal," My heart was in my throat and I think my mouth was watering, and if the ache that started between my legs was anything to go by then I knew I was wet. My body always reacted to him like this. "It's uh-good to see you too." He'd lead me to the darkened bar at the back, we sat in the corner on the bar stools, my legs between his open ones.

"Would you like a drink?" His hand was still around my wrist, his thumb rubbing soft circles over the sensitive skin of my inner wrist. "A glass of rose wine please." I could hear the quiver in my voice, I was tensing my thighs together to stop the ache but it only made it heighten, my clit had started to throb.

He must have felt my pulse quicken and my restless hips as I tried to find release against my seat. His pupils dilated and he licked his bottom lip. Fuck that made my voice hitch. I was losing the battle to hide my arousal. His lessons had been my torture in my teenage years and he could still illicit the same response now. I almost jumped out of my skin when his hand that had been on the bar was now on my thigh, his fingers grazing the hem of my dress.

"Are you okay?" He'd leaned forward, I could feel his lips on my ear. I hadn't meant to but a whisper of a moan escaped me when his hand moved slightly under my dress. "Y-yes." I whispered, trying to cover my embarrassment.

"Are you sure? You're panting." I pulled my head back slightly, I swear I could hear amusement in his voice and looking at his face confirmed it. I sucked my bottom lip between my teethband let it slowly pop out. He glided his hand higher up my thigh, moving it down towards the sensitive part of my skin.

"Mr O'Neal." I'd wanted it to sound like a reprimand but it came out as a moan. He put his lips back to my ear. "Tell me to stop Luna." His fingertips grazed my panties, just over my clit. "Fuck, you're wet.. Tell me to stop Luna." He moaned my name as he nudged my legs apart slightly, my knees pushing against his inner thighs, he gently ran his fingers the length of my panty covered seam. "You're so sexy Luna, fuck I don't want to stop, you need to tell me to before I go to far and can't anymore."

"Don't stop…" I gasped a moan when his fingers delicately moved my panties aside and he slipped a single finger inside of me. "Mr Oooo'Neal."

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