Class of ’04 – Part TWO – (mf) (PIV) (voyeurism) (exhibitionism) (teasing) (taboo) (teacher/student)

Even in my wildest fantasies, I'd never imagined this. The object of my desires for so many years was fucking me with his fingers at the bar of my high school reunion. My back was almost touching the wall and his body was shielding me from the rest of the people in the room. 

"Here's your wine and the scotch on the rocks for you." The bartender smiled at us as he placed our drinks beside us and walked away. 

Mr O'Neal pushed his finger deep inside of me, his palm rubbing against my clit. "We shouldn't.. Ahh.. We shouldn't.. Oh fuck.. Sir we shouldn't be doing this." 

"Fuck it's a turn on when you call me sir." He growled in my ear, he added a second finger, he was gently stretching me open with each pump, scissoring his fingers inside of me. "I know we shouldn't, but I've wanted you, this, for so fucking long Luna."

"Yoooo, Mr O'Neal, my man!" An older version of Thomas Sinclaire shouted from a few feet down the bar. He'd been Mr Popularity back in High School and it pissed me off that he wasn't fat or balding. My ex-science teacher pulled his fingers from inside of me but I didn't feel disappointed for long, the hand on my wrist replaced those fingers as he turned his body towards the bar to face Thomas. 

"Thomas, how are you?" His teacher voice was back and he was still fucking me with his fingers as he continued to speak to him. It turned me on more than it should have, no one knew what we were doing and I was fighting myself not to moan, especially when his thumb started to circle my clit. I covered my gasp with a cough, resting my elbow on the bar in order to cover my mouth with my hand. A smirk curved Mr O'Neals mouth, he was loving what he was doing to me. He was torturing me, he was going to make me cum in a room full of people. He leaned forward and shook Thomas hand, I swear to God I almost fainted at the sight of his glistening fingers wrapped around Thomas's hand. It was over quickly and I doubt he noticed but it had shocked me and made Mr O'Neal chuckle. 

"Oh God, you need to stooop." I moaned quietly but he responded by adding a third finger. Thomas halted the conversation to put his order in. "Sir, please, you're gonna make me cum." I whispered into my palm, I closed my eyes trying to fight against the orgasm that was building. "Cum for me Luna, be my good girl." 

"No… I shouldn't." I clenched my jaw and my thighs but his fingers were still pumping inside of me. 

"Cum for me now Miss Shaw," That's what he'd always called me in class, my pussy quivered, he was going to tip me over the edge. "Be a good girl, cum for me." His voice was so low, a purr that only I could hear but it was still commanding.

"Please sir, I can't.." I was panting into my hand, I needed to fight it. He added a fourth finger and put more pressure on my clit. 

"Is she okay?" Thomas's voice broke my concentration and my orgasm hit me like a fucking freight train. I bit down on my lip hard, my free hand wrapped around his wrist to stop his onslaught but he chuckled and pushed his fingers fully instead of me to the knuckle of his thumb he'd stretched me open and cupped my pussy as it spasmed around his hand. "She's okay, just feeling a little light headed." Maybe because it was my pussy but I could hear how wet I was when he pulled his hand away. His fingers gripped my thigh. "Fuck that was hot." He grinned at me, squeezing my leg. Thomas had walked away, I wasn't sure if it was his presence that made my orgasm so high. 

"I can't believe we just did that," I whispered, still breathless and still turned on. 

"I've wanted to do that since the last time I saw you." That was 6 years ago, the last time I was in town, we'd bumped into each other at a pub. I was drunk and almost spilling out of a corset that I'd worn for Halloween. He'd looked so fucking good in a crisp white shirt and jeans. "Feel free to say no, but I've got a suite upstairs…"

I don't think I could talk without my voice breaking, so I nodded my head vigorously. We almost ran towards the elevators, I could see his excitement straining against his trousers and the way he was impatiently jabbing at the button of the private elevator, it only went to one floor. "You've booked the Lord suite?" 

"Yes," the doors slid open and we stepped inside. "I was hoping you'd attend otherwise I'd have checked out." He'd booked it for us? 

As the doors closed and the elevator slowly lurched up, he was on me, pinning me to the mirrored wall and hiking one of my legs over his hip. "Fuck I can't believe I've got you." He whispered against my skin, his tongue tracing my pulse as he ground against my pussy. I moaned with him. 

"I've wanted you since I was 16," I quivered and moaned as he massaged my breast and dug his fingers into my hip. "I looked forward to your class every fucking week," I started gyrating my own hips, trying to find a release with our friction. "I've imagined this a thousand times Mr O'Neal, you've been my wet dream for years." 

"Fuck, you're going to drive me insane." He was pushing against me harder, trying to get closer. "The last time I saw you.. I wanted to rip that Goddamn corset off of you and fuck you raw right there." 

The doors slid open, we were through them before they'd opened fully. He pushed my back against the door, biting down on my neck as he fumbled with the key in the door. A surprised giggle escaped me as we almost fell through when he swung the door open but it died on my lips when he kicked it closed behind us. I was slammed against the wall, he slid the zipper on my ribs down and yanked my dress off as he dropped to his knees. "I need to taste you." He tore my panties off me like it was tissue paper and discarded them behind him as he buried his face between my legs, sucking my clit into his mouth roughly, his teeth grazing it.

 My knees almost buckled at the instant pleasure that flooded through me. "Mr O'Neal." I moaned as I rode his face, my hands in his short hair. I looked down as he took his cock out of his trousers and started to fist it roughly, I'd never seen something so sexy. "Fuuuuuck." He had me almost screaming as he devoured me roughly. And as fast as it started, he stopped. Everything was happening so fast, he spun me around and slammed his cock inside of me, my face pressed against the wall and my arms crossed behind my back as he took me without mercy. "Fuck Luna you're so fucking tight, it's going to milk me dry." 

I'd never been into dirty talk but he had me moaning with his brash words. "Oh God, Sir please don't stop, don't stop, don't stop.. Oh my fucking God." I didn't want to cum yet but I was fighting a losing battle as he worked on destroying my pussy with every punishing thrust. My legs turned to jelly as I came so hard that my vision went black. 

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