Fantasy; the fairy and the human

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THis is a first for me, I usually never write fantasy so this was definitely more challenging than I'm used to. Thank you for the suggestion (Although I did change it a bit), u/theDudeist00

A fairy and a human are not supposed to fall in love. The size difference alone is a deterrent, let alone the cultural taboo from humans; which is a direct result of the conflict between the fae culture of embracing love and sexuality. They're immortal.

Delphi stood 5 inches tall, with beautiful periwinkle wings and dark curly hair that fell to just below her shoulders. Her olive skin always seemed to have a slightly golden glow, her green eyes twinkled with a mischief that drew creatures in. Even among fae she was considered a great beauty.

It was no surprise that when John saw her one night, dancing and creating a fairy circle (that so many humans falsely considered bad luck), his heart skipped a beat and the attraction qas instant. Cautiously he approached her, his fear outweighed by his body.

"Hello? I'm sorry to interrupt but…" he trailed off, unsure of how to continue.

Delphi started, stopping her dance. "Oh! You startled me!" She sighed in relief, just a human. She flew up to his face so they could have eye contact. Once their eyes met, she felt the sparks of attraction, "can I help you?" She hoped so.

"I…you…you're something special," John fumbled out, his face turning crimson. What are you doing?! His mind screamed at him. How would this ever work?

Delphi giggled, blushing, "thank you." She motioned for hom to hold oit his hand, and when he complied she sat on his palm. "Humans don't normally talk to me."

"I have no idea why! I can tell you're…special. "

Thus began their relationship, they spent that night in conversation until the sun began to illuminate the horizon. Every night they met, talking, falling in love.

One night Delphi met John at his cabin. This was the night she thought. She wanted him, his body, in any way she could. Sitting on his windowsill she said, flushing a deep crimson, "I want you…I want to feel you."

John paused before speaking, "I hoped…I didn't dare…I want you too."

Delphi climbed onto his hand as her carried her to the table, where she took off her dress with shaking hands. John then held out his hand, allowing Delphi to straddle his finger. The wetness between her thighs was noticeable to him and he felt his body respond, his cock beginning to strain against his pants.
Delphi closed her eyes and began to rock her hips, grinding against him. A soft moan escaped her lips, her right hand went to her breast and started to play with her nipple, her cheeks flushing light pink.

With his free hand, John freed his cock and began to stroke himself slowly. “Love, please lay back and finger yourself. I want to see your beautiful, wet, pussy,” he said softly.

Delphi nodded, sliding off his fingers and laying back on the table. Her hand began to slowly trace its way around and down her body; stopping at each nipple, tracing its shape, moving down between them, past her stomach and stopping at her clit. Slowly she began to circle her swollen clit with her legs spread; presenting herself for John. She alternated between that and sliding her fingers between her pussy lips, coating them with her wetness. She was teasing herself, bringing herself to the edge, and then backing off. She wanted this moment to last, she wanted to only cum when John did; she wanted to hand his cum on her, to use is to fuck herself with and feel some inside her. Her back arched every time she got close to her orgasm, moans escaping her as she imagined his cum inside her, covering her. “please…please cum on me…” she moaned softly.

John watched her, his cock getting harder at her words, his breaths becoming faster. He had never wanted a woman so badly, his had never craved a body so much. His longing spurred him on, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. He could feel it building inside him, his balls tightening. “I’m getting close…” he said gruffly as he stroked his cock faster and faster. He stood up, aiming himself toward Delphi. “Fuck!” he moaned as he came, his hot cum covering the table, and her body and cunt.

Delphi moaned loudly as his hot cum covered her, only then did she shove her fingers inside her, rubbing her clit with her other hand. The feeling of his hot cum inside her, on her, was almost too much. Her hips lifted as she came, hard, almost screaming with pleasure as her cunt clenched on her fingers. “Fuck…that was…”


“Mmmmhmmm,” she said, sighing contentedly. “Gods, I love you.”

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