My hippie stepmom (mf) (cougar) (step fantasy) (virgin)

I spent summers with my dad ever since the divorce when I was four. He got remarried when I was 10 to a complete hippie. She had flower hair bands, tie dye everything, loved the grateful dead, and any other hippie stereotype she hit the nail on the head. She was nice as could be so I could never say a mean word about her.

They lived on a horse ranch back in the woods on a large plot of land that had a crystal clear spring running through it. She was a completely unashamed, full fledged nudist and every time that they got back from riding horses, she would strip naked on the porch and go swim in the spring. This never meant much to me until I got to the age when my hormones really started racing. She was in her mid to late forties, salt and pepper straight hair that went to the middle of her back. She was a full figured Amazonian woman with large (dd if I had to guess) breasts. They sagged a little with light stretch marks, large round areolas with nipples about the size of eraser tips. Her bush was for lack of better term glorious. It was full, curly, black and gray, and never shaved or waxed a day in her life.

I had just turned 16 when I moved in that summer, and by that point in my life I decided that horses weren't really my thing. I spent my time while they were riding horses playing super Nintendo, raiding my dad's secret porn stash, and jerking off relentlessly. This was a time when the internet was just becoming mainstream and smartphones didn't exist yet so porn mags were all I had.

Fast forward to the middle of summer, dad and stepmom were walking out the door to get the horses. I gave them a few minutes to clear out then I picked my favorite mag out of my dad's stash, put a towel down on the couch and went at it. About 10 minutes in to my jerking off, I hear shuffling in the house. I thought to myself "no way, I would have heard the door if someone came in", but as I pulled the magazine away from my face all I see is SM (Stepmom) standing there completely nude. She had decided to skip horse riding and just go for a swim while Dad rode the horses.

I scrambled for my shorts to hide my erect virgin cock. But she quickly and clearly spoke "No, stop!" I stopped dead in my scramble, my cock clearly pulsing, she approached me and said "this is completely natural and you need a woman's touch so that your ready for the girls your age." She sat down beside me firmly gripping my teenage cock. I began writhing immediately as she slowly began stroking. I was staring at her amazing tits as she stroked at my manhood. As soon as I thought I couldn't take it anymore, she lowered her face to my throbbing cock. As soon as her lips enveloped the head, I exploded in her mouth, pumping shot after shot of hot cum in her mouth. She made a short surprised little squeak. I imagine she wasn't expecting it quite that quickly. I heard a large gulp, and I thought it was done, but I was wrong.

She took my hand pulling me to the floor, she laid down spreading her legs she pulled apart her full bush exposing a little pink slit with a tiny exposed clit poking out. She took my hand and put three of my fingers in her mouth covering them with saliva. "Now put them in down there and do this with your fingers" showing me a motion that looked like i was telling someone to come over. I did exactly as she said. I pushed slowly inside her with the three fingers. Her head worked backed and her round natural tits moved in rhythm with her hips as she pushed herself into my fingers. She slowly started whispering faster over and over. Her pussy juices were flowing and every in and out, up and down motion got easier and easier until I heard a load moan, followed by her pussy clenching around my fingers and a full body shiver.

Little had I noticed that during this time my cock had come back to life and was once again erect and throbbing. She looked over noticing and immediately said "put it in me Now! But don't cum inside!" Everything was a whirlwind at this point and I did as told. I put myself in the first pussy of my life and it was pure ectasy. I felt the warm pink hole, soaking wet surround me completely. I felt every squeeze and shift her body made. I slowly started pushing in and out. I only lasted about a minute or two. I felt myself about to cum again so I pulled out and shot more of my creamy cum load all over her thick bush. She smiled and rubbed it all over her, into her thick bush, across her curves and onto her full breasts.

She got up smiled down at me asked me to clean myself up as sweetly as ever, and went to shower off. There were three more times I was shown amazing things by that glorious woman over that summer each more intense than the last. My father never the wiser.

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