My Sister’s Boyfriend

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My cousin was getting married. We never saw this girl. She lived far away, in Charlotte, NC, for some reason, but it might as well have been China. So my mom, myself and my sister, Jenna, drove down to North Carolina for this wedding. Of course my sister and her boyfriend, James, were attached at the hip, so she had to bring him along. I was blissfully single and had no desire to bring a date.

We had two rooms reserved, one for my mom and me, and one for Jenna and her boyfriend.. After a long day of driving, we checked into the hotel at about 1am the day before the wedding. My mom was exhausted so she wanted to go straight to sleep, but I wasn’t really tired so I went over to my sister’s room to hang out for a while. Jenna and I were really close growing up, best friends. We would always hang out and had a lot of common friends.

So in the room we had a couple beers, had the tv on and just kind of chit chatted about life and how we barely know our cousin and joked that James knows our cousin as well as we do. After a few beers were in our systems we jokingly decided to put on some porn. It was all terrible porn but we didn’t care, porn is always fun. So we watched, made fun of the acting, and how the storylines are pointless. The one we were watching got to a threesome scene with two girls and a guy. I could tell that James was enjoying it. I asked them if they ever had a threesome and Jenna laughed. She said James always asks her for one. James gave an uncomfortable snicker.

“I’ll break her down one of these days, haha,” he said.

Jenna asked me if I had, and I told her yes. Many. I told her I was bisexual. I love men and women and sex with more than one other person was my favorite. Jenna wasn’t sure how to react. I could see James’ cock getting harder through his basketball shorts.

I told Jenna that she should be open minded, and I turned to James and said that I bet he’d like to see her with another girl. He nodded with a grin that said “hell yeah.”

We laughed and kept the beers flowing. We were all getting more uninhibited and it was kind of fun.

As the porn scene got toward a climax, I saw Jenna’s had go down James’ shorts and grab a handful of cock. Whoa, I thought. This is getting interesting. They started making out, and it was almost as if they forgot I was there. Yep, they were definitely inebriated.

“Watch the porn, not us,” Jenna said, not even turning to look at me.

Wrong. I was definitely watching them. I was super wet at this point. I’ve always been attracted to James, so I was getting excited. And my sister. Yeah she’s my sister but there’s no denying she’s hot.

James slipped off his t-shirt, revealing his thin physique. I love skinny boys. He made his way to Jenna’s tank top and pulled it over her head. He breasts spilled out, one at a time, revealing her perky b-cups. Damn, she is hot, I thought. Good for her. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on watching my sister have sex with her boyfriend, but this was a great show.

Jenna had a firm grip on her boyfriend’s erect cock, and didn’t have the time or the patience for his shorts getting in the way. She slid them down is legs with the hand not engulfing his dick, and tossed them aside. James was completely naked at this point, and his thin body was what I was craving to see. And his dick had to be at least seven and a half inches long. Perfect.

Jenna was stroking him, almost with anger as James reached down the front of her shorts to play with her pussy.

It wasn’t long before I discovered I was playing with my own pussy. I was soaked.

James glanced over at me and saw I was playing with myself, and I gave him a wink and licked my lips. He turned back to Jenna and pulled off her shorts, revealing her drenched pussy.

I took off my t-shirt as well and started playing with my nipples with the hand that wasn’t teasing my clit.

Now both James and my sister were naked. I decided it was time for my shorts to come off while I was vigorously fingering myself as I watched.

James took my sister by the shoulders and threw her down on the bed. He grabbed both her thighs and spread her legs as far as they would go, and then buried his face between them and started eating her out. As he ate her, his throbbing dick was just laying there on the bed. It was practically begging someone to play with it.

I got up from my spectator’s seat and moved toward them. I used one hand to grasp his cock and the other hand to cup his balls. They were filled and needed to be emptied. I was going to be the one to empty them.

As I started playing with James, my sister looked at me and gave me an approving smile, almost as if to say “about time.” My thoughts exactly.

Jenna let out a moan of pleasure just as I decided to start going down on James. I could taste a generous buildup of precum, and I gently used my hand to massage from the base of his dick to the tip to get more out and onto my tongue. I licked all the precum from the tip and continued stroking as I sucked and played with his balls.

Jenna was panting hard now and I could tell she was about to cum. I knew, because this was the sound I would hear from above her room when I’d spy on them fucking. This was so much better, I thought. Her breaths got shorter and shorter, and then she released. She had to have had at least three orgasms in a row, her screaming was so intense and continuous it made me want to cum too as I was still jerking and blowing James.

After she couldn’t take it anymore, she pushed James’ face away and collapsed onto the bed. Here eyes were still closed and she was massaging both of her breasts. It looked like she was reminiscing about the orgasms she had just had. It was so hot watching my sister be pleased my her man.

“Your turn,” Jenna said to me, almost taking me off guard. It took James off guard too, and he gave her a look that seemed to say “Are you sure.” Jenna just nodded, still touching herself.

I laid James onto the bed, on his back, next to Jenna. His cock was still erect and standing almost straight up from his body. He turned his head toward Jenna and they started making out; she was surely tasting her own pussy, and she seemed to love it.

I moved up James’ body and put one hand on each side of his face and directed it away from my sister and toward my face. I buried my tongue in his mouth he returned the favor. I could taste my sister’s pussy, and that turned me on a lot.

I sat up and took another grip of James’ hard cock, and touched the tip of it to my clit, massaging it around the opening of my pussy. I was perfectly lubricated, and I just slid his dick balls deep inside of me. As I rode him cowgirl, Jenna was on the bed next to us, rubbing her own clit as she watched her boyfriend fuck me. I watched Jenna as I rode James, and I could see Jenna cumming again. I loved how James’ cock felt inside me, and I could tell it was ready to explode. He was so deep inside me, and with every thrust I could feel myself getting closer. Then, finally, the moment I felt him bust inside me I allowed my orgasm to explode simultaneously. James came inside me harder than any guy ever had, and my orgasm was one of the most intense I’ve ever experienced. I could feel his warm load shoot so deep inside me. I fell off of James onto the bed, completely spent. All three of us just laid there, silently, for what felt like an hour.

I didn’t go back to my mom’s room after that. The three of us went to sleep, and when we woke up, went down to breakfast and didn’t speak of what had happened. It was a normal morning, and we went to the wedding that afternoon and had a great time.

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