[NSFW][MF] Creampies Are Her Favorite Dessert

“Say cheese.” He snapped a picture of them holding each other and uploaded the flick to his MyFace page. “Come here. Let’s go somewhere.”

He got up from the duvet and held Mocha’s hand. He led her to the long path from Nikki Beach to the beach outside the club area. The beach was jet black. No lighting at all. The only colors the naked eye caught was the blueness of the water from the light of the moon that reflected off shore.

Preacher stopped abruptly and turned around to kiss her on the bridge of her nose. Then the forehead. The chin. And later her plush lips.

He quickly turned her around and lifted up her skirt. He slapped her ass twice and pressed her back onto his torso. Kissing the back of her neck. Massaging her pussy. Groping her breasts and tonguing her earlobes until moans flew over the stillness of the air away from the faint of music blaring from the club.

He savagely pulled down her black thong and slipped off his belt. He tied her hands together with the belt and dropped to his knees between her legs. His tongue split the middle fold of the V-spot to circle around the pink pearl.


He licked, nibbled and sucked on the pearl with no hands. She loved every time he ate her out. He knew how she wanted it. She didn’t want the excess biting, pressing, and sucking. All she wanted was his tongue to whirlwind on the pearl and nowhere else in that cir-cum-ference.

Multiple orgasms rattled her body as she collapsed on the sand. Noodle legged. Spreading her legs wide for him to take the altar in her temple.

“Come on, church boy. Fuck me like you love me.” Mocha licked her lips and felt his wholeness inside her moments later.

He fucked her silly. Pants legs ringing around his ankles and all. She didn’t want romance. She wanted a pounding. An A-1 Hulk Smash she wanted for months since the last time they saw each other.

Her body was still used to his and no one else’s. No other guy knew the ins and outs of her body like him. He knew when to grind, thrust, stop, speed up, twist, turn, and switch positions before she could climax. He knew when to come without drying her up.

“I want you to cum in me. Cum in me, please. Please, daddy, cum in me.” She breathed.

Her begging heightened his sensitivity to cum.

“Oh shit, oh shit! Here cums. Aaaaarrrrgh aaaaaah uuuuggggghh aaarrrrgh Fuck! Fuck!” He felt a rush powering from his balls to the shaft of his dick.

He let loose and seeded her walls. Creampie. Her favorite entree when they sexed each other. He didn’t pull out as he kept going for another nut. Still hard. Still energetic. Still amped for another round.

Just the way she loved it.

He held her waist and rabbit fucked her to the point of no return.
“Oh shit! Aaaaarrrrgh aaaaaah uuuuggggghh aaarrrrgh Fuck!”

Even then he didn’t pull out.

He fucked her balls deep for a third and final nut until she drained him dry.

She caught her breath and was like, “Really? Three nuts? Is that how you feel?”

Preacher shrugged and pulled up his pants before anyone got the chance to see them from afar.

“Shit! I gotta hurry and get back to the car before they give me a ticket.” Mocha sprung to her feet and placed her thong in her purse.

Then she swiped off the cum from between her legs with a napkin.

Taken from You, Me, Us, Them (erotic drama)

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