She wanted his Father instead – Part ONE – (mf) (tease) (voyeurism) (taboo) (cheating)

I'd been with Steve for a little over a year, we met the first day of College and just kind of slipped into a relationship, neither of us actually asking the other. The first 6 months were hot and heavy then he left for Christmas break and came back more reserved, his fanatic religious mother had bleated on and on that what we were doing was a soul damning sin. He'd come back after only a week, "I've strayed from my path since coming here, I need to try to be pure again." in truth I'd seen it as a challenge, but we'd only fucked 4 times in the last 6 months and I swear to God I think my hymen has grown back. 

Hopefully the trip back to his home town today to see his father will change his mind again, because I don't know how long I can go without sex. The slightest friction between my legs had me aching for relief. 

His parents got divorced when Steve was only a few years old, her religious beliefs had gotten too much for Steven Sr to handle apparently. This would be our first meeting. I was a little nervous, I'd seen photos of him on Social media and to say he was a DILF would be an understatement. 

"We'll be there in about 2 hours Dad… Yeah…Yeah… okay… Bye." Steve sighed into his phone, he always sounded exasperated when he spoke to his Father but positively chipper when speaking to his Mother. I closed my eyes and leaned the seat back a little, my short loose skirt rode up. If he tilted his head forward he'd see my panties and I hoped he'd slip his hand between my legs as I slept. 

He shook my shoulder after he parked in the driveway, I guess I still didn't have any luck yet. Maybe the vodka in my suitcase will change his mind, that's how the last 4 times had happened. 

If I thought his father was hot from the photos it was nothing compared to the man that walked down the steps to the driveway. His white hair combed back and his salt and pepper beard was trimmed and perfectly styled, he wore jeans and a red plaid shirt open with a black t-shirt underneath. I almost creamed my panties at the sight of him. Did I have Daddy issues? Meh, probably. 

"Ugh," I heard Steve snort before he got out of the car, grabbing his duffle bag from the backseat and walking past his father and into the house. He left me out here. Dick. 

Steven Sr shook his head and walked to my door, opening it before I could. His deep blue eyes smiled as he grinned down at me. "Mila?" He asked, his voice was gruff and deep. So different and sexier than his sons. "Yes sir." I grinned back. I swung 1 leg out first, giving him a glimpse of my now see-through white panties, he'd made me wet with just his voice. I climbed out of the car and "stumbled", my hands and breasts landing against his hard chest. "I'm so sorry sir." 

"Call me Steven." His voice was hushed as he held my waist to steady me, his hands dropped after a few short seconds but he left me tingling. "Go on inside, I'll grab your bag." I swear he winked at me but it happened so fast, maybe I was hoping again. 

I found Steve at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water. "Thanks for waiting for me." I said it with a roll of my eyes. Lack of sex had made me snarky. 

"Sorry babe, I forgot how much he gets to me." I didn't point out that his father hadn't said anything to him yet. If he hated his Dad why are we here. I sat down opposite him with my side turned to him, a clear view from here to the front door. I parted my legs, I knew I was playing dangerously but I hadn't been this wet in months. Steven Sr dropped my bag at the bottom of the stairs and strolled down the hallway towards us, my boyfriend had yet to see his father approach from his side of the bar so I knew he couldn't see his father's eyes glued to my pussy or when he licked his bottom lip. My pussy got even wetter thinking of that tongue buried inside of me. I hoped he could see that I was so wet I knew I was gleaming, all for him and when his eyes met mine I knew for sure he could. 

"Hello son." His father's voice dropped with sarcasm. "Nice of you to visit." 

"It's only for 8 days, mom won't allow Mila at her house yet." Yesterday that statement would have stung, but today it hardly registered. "I'll put our bags upstairs, I'll be back in a minute." He basically grunted at us. I nodded my head and waited until he left the room before looking at his father. "His mom thinks I'll send him to hell for bouncing on his cock." I was looking for a reaction, something to tell me he was turned on like me. And when he smirked and flicked his eyes back down to my pussy, I knew he was. 

"You're leaving a wet patch on my seat." His voice was as low as mine. 

"Would you like me to leave it on you instead?" I smirked pushing my ass back, my panties rubbing against the leather fully and a soft moan leaving my lips, the pressure against my clit felt amazing. 

"You're playing with fire." He grinned, a huge bulge growing beneath his jeans. "No, playing with fire would be me telling you to come over here and lick me clean." I saw him swallow, the pulse in his throat quickened. Before we could continue to flirt, Steve was stomping back down the stairs, I made a show of grinding my hips silently moaning before crossing my legs to hide the evidence of what his father had teased from me faster than he ever had. 

I'd been here less than 10 minutes and I knew I'd be fucking him. Hard. Hopefully Senior was a lot more experienced than Junior the choir boy. I was far from a Saint obviously and I know I have a higher sex drive than most 20 year olds which is why this sex ban from my boyfriends mother was killing me. Even an inexperienced cock was better than none. But I knew that once we went back to College I needed to end things with him, but right now and for the next 8 days I'm going to get mine one way or the other. 

We'd been sitting in his room for hours. It's like he'd reverted back to a young teenager, playing a game on his computer with a headset on while his hot(if I do say so myself) girlfriend lay on his bed. I'd had almost every hair from the neck down waxed off and he was ignoring me, my tan legs looked silky in the evening light of his room and I couldn't see my stomach from this position, my breasts were larger than the average girls in my classes and my piercings drew attention to them. I loved how they looked straining against my white cotton shirt. I was rocking the secretary look but again Steve hadn't noticed. 

He was so engrossed in his game and insulting other players that he hadn't spared me a glance since we'd walked through the door. My mind drifted back to his father, how he'd licked his lips staring at my pussy and just like that I was wet all over again. 

"I'm going to get a drink, you want 1?" If he heard me he didn't show it. Fuck it, can't say I didn't ask. Butterflies fluttered low in my stomach as I walked down the stairs, I could see Stevens head and shoulders sitting on the sofa watching tv. I strolled into the kitchen and poured some water in a glass from the faucet. I was in no rush to go back upstairs to be ignored so I leaned on the breakfast bar where Steve had sat earlier, my barely covered ass visible from his father's position. 

"What are you doing down here Mila?" His deep voice rumbled low from the lounge doorway, I kept my elbows and forearms on the table and looked over my shoulder at him. Fuck, he'd change into black jogging bottoms and a white tank top, I wanted to lick and bite his biceps and traps. 

"Bored out of my mind, he's been gaming for hours." I arched my back as I looked forward again, I felt my skirt lift even more revealing that my pussy was now bare of panties. 

I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt a single finger between my folds to find my clit. "Ahhh" the hiss of pleasre came out before I could stop it, his leisurely pace was torture and amazing all at the same time. I wanted to thrust back but there was no need. 

"You're so wet Mila." The way he said my name made my heart speed up. The tip of his finger circled my clit. "Is this why you came down here? Did you want me to make you cum?" 

"Yes." My voice was breathy as pleasure built low in my pelvis, my pussy was pulsing with each swirl of his finger.

"How badly do you want me?" I could hear lust in his voice. I wanted him to grind against me, his cock would fit perfectly between my cheeks. 

"So much, I want all of you." I would beg for his cock if he wanted me too. 

"More than my son?" 

"There's no comparison.. Mmm.. I'd choose you.. Uhhh.. Fuck I'd choose you every time Steven." He slowly pushed 2 fingers into my pussy, scissoring them, stretching me, pumping faster with each stroke. I was so close to cuming, my clit was aching with the threat of an was happening so fast, I wanted him to slow down and make it last longer but at the same time I needed a release. 

 He tipped me over the edge into ecstasy when he slipped the tip of his thumb into my ass. His other hand closed over my mouth as a scream of pleasure escaped me, my knees shook and I gripped the bar in fear of melting into a puddle, panting like I'd run a marathon. 

"I can't wait to bury my cock deep inside of you, I'm going to fill you up with my cum.. Over and over." He thrust his fingers and thumb a few more times before retreating slowly, I missed them as soon they were out. "But not tonight." He kissed my neck softly, his tongue on my erratic pulse just as footsteps pounded on the stairs. 

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