Sunday Funday, Mark’s Adventure part 3

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Part 2

I woke up spooning my naked wife in the morning. It took me a minute to realize that yesterday wasn't a dream. I had fucked two different women in one day, something I've never done before. The first being my daughter's friend’s mom, Maresol, then my wife, Dani, multiple times. It was all real. I should feel guilty, but I didn't. I stirred a little, Dani shifted and her more than ample boob landed in my hand, I gave it a little squeeze. She moaned in her sleep. I figured what the hell, we had time for another romp before she headed off to work. I grab both of my wife's wonderful boobs and start to squeeze and knead them. She moans a bit. I start kissing her neck and ears, just where she likes, and she shifts her big booty right up against me. I try to slide my dick into her but can't at this angle, so I keep kissing and rubbing. She moves a bit but I still can't quite get in, I feel her hands grab my cock and guide it in. “A good way to wake up,” she purrs, “but take it slow this morning, I am a bit sore.” So I go slow, in and out, slow and deep, kissing her neck down to her collar bones and back. Pinching and teasing her nipples. I feel her cum the first time, and things loosen up down in her vagina but I keep my slow easy pace. I can last a while like this. We keep it at a nice easy pace until she cums once more and I get off too. She pops off, rolls over, and gives me a big, passionate kiss, “Good morning.” “Good morning,” I tell her. She smiles, “Yes, it is, but I have got to get ready for work. So I am going to shower first.” she says getting out of bed. “Sure,” I say, remembering Maresol telling me not to wash. She wanted to taste my wife on me, but that wasn't going to happen. I mean, sure, I fucked her yesterday but she handcuffed me to the bed. She tried to smother me with her hairless vagina. I had no choice. However, it did awaken the animal in me. And me and Dani's sex life which had stalled has exploded now. And Marcy slept until noon or later on weekends, I could shoot over, grab her and come home. No temptation. My phone rang right then, I grabbed it, Marcy? “Hey, honey,” I answer. “Hi, Dad,” my ten year old greets me, “I'm ready to come home.” “Really? It's early.” “I know, but can you come get me?” “Sure, sweetie, I will be over in a few.” I hang up and got shorts and a t-shirt on. I stuck my head into the bathroom. “Who was on the phone?” Dani yelled from the shower. I walked over to her, “It was Marcy, she's ready to come home.” “So early for her.” I reach in and pinch a nipple, she  gasps. “I know.” I start to take my hand out, “Unuh,” she says, “get them both.” My wife twists and I grab her other boob, tweak the nipple, she switches back and forth a couple times. “That's good, I want more later.” “Of course,” I say and head out.

I pulled up to Maresol's house. Quick in and out I told myself. I got out of the car and stopped to look at the dent Dani had left in my hood. Yeah, totally worth it. I went up to the door and knocked softly, not sure who was up and who wasn't. The door opened and Maresol stood there, I looked at her, she was wearing all white lingerie. White stockings, garter belts, a bustle which pushed out her boobs, but didn't cover them, all topped by a sheer robe. All the white set off her smooth caramel skin. She pulled me in, kissed me hard and passionately. Even after yesterday I was shocked. “My cock,” she said. “Marcy called,” I ekked out. She grabbed my hand, closed the door, and led me upstairs. I followed that perfect ass, butt plug still intact. I loved Dani, but her butt was just big. Maresol's was perfect shape and size with the right bounce. And the brown color, it was so tight you could bounce quarters off it. I followed her to a different room, she opened the door and the girls were asleep, Lily on the bed, Marcy on a pull out. “They're still asleep,” she whispers. “But she called?” Maresol closes the door, and leads me back downstairs. “She did. I had her call when she was kinda awake.” “Why?” She curls up next to me, “Why? I need this.” She reached down and grabbed my dick. Which started to get harder. I was sporting half wood from her outfit. “Did you do like I asked?” She dropped to her knees in front of me. “Maresol,” I started, “yesterday was, nice, hell great, but we can't.” She pulls my pants down and pops my dick in her mouth, and starts sucking. It feels great, Dani doesn't like to suck dick. Maresol does. She sucks for a minute. “You did. How many times did you fuck your wife?” “I lost count, we fucked like rabbits.” “Mmmmm, tastes delicious,” and with that she goes back to sucking. She is very good. I try to resist, but it's been so long. Well, yesterday, however this woman is fucking fantastic. Hell, I fucked her once already, and it helped me and Dani, let's go. I stopped fighting. I grabbed her head and started to go to town. She popped off, “Yes, my cock, use me. Who am I?” “You're my slut. Now suck this cock,” and I shoved my dick back in her mouth and proceed to face fuck her. She got down with it. Grabbing my ass as I shoved my dick into the back of her throat. She never gagged. My god it was great. “Take it. Suck this married cock, you slut. Suck it good. Oh, get ready,” I told her and blew my load down her throat. She swallowed it all. Every drop, then kept sucking for a minute. “That is why you are my cock, that was great.” She stood up and I drank her in again. She was gorgeous. Where my wife was plump, Maresol was padded, a classic hourglass figure. Nice boobs, not as big as Dani's but big and perfect on her. And the sexy lingerie. I never got that at home. She kissed me. I kissed her back and guided her to the couch. I sat her down and spread her legs. Her hairless pussu was there, no panties, I just buried my face in it. “Ahhh, yesss. Eat this married pussy,” she moaned. I licked up and down her gash. She spread her legs and grabbed the back of my head. I slid my hands onto her hips and squeezed a bit, she moaned more. I continued my tongue lashing up and down, “Yes,” she cried. I found her clit and gave it a flick, she shuddered. I slid my hands up and grabbed both tits and squeezed flicking her button at the same time, her whole body trembled. I sucked her clit and pinched her nipples which caused her to orgasm. “This married pussy is cumming on your face,” she cried. I loved it. I kept going, I could eat pussy for days. I tongue fucked her while my hands gropped her tits. She pushed my head further in, I kept going,licking, slurping until she came again. I continued but she drug my head up and kissed me. Sucking me in, tasting herself, Dani never did. She always liked to clean up first. This was hot. My cock was rock hard, she reached down and grabbed it. “I need you now, my cock. Fuck my married pussy with your married cock,” she guided my dick right into her. I felt her wet gash on my tip, but stopped her. “What?,” she asked. I grabbed her hands, “Hold on,” I told her and thrust all the way in. “Ahhh,” she screamed, “yes, fill me up.” I pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in, she grunted. I held her legs to the side and pounded away, hard. I felt her hands back as I fucked her. Her breasts bouncing up against my chest, I found her mouth and we kissed our tongues mingling as we fucked. I broke the kiss, easing up my pounding, and started sucking her tits. As soon as I did I felt her cum. “My titties make me cum, I love it,” she cried. I kept thrusting into her, hard and fast. I didn't know how long I could last. “Cum in me.” I did, I blew my second load into her second set of lips. I slowed down and pulled out. “That was great,” she said,” now we need to get it hard again. You still have this married ass to take.” She rolled over and pulled out the butt plug. “I need a load in my ass.” That got me starting to get hard again. “I do need to pound that married ass.” “Yes, you do. But first eat this pussy again.” I stopped for a minute, I just came in that pussy. “You haven't done that before?” “No,” I said honestly. I love eating pussy but Dani never had me do that. She thought it was dirty, same reason I didn't get many blowjobs at home. “I kissed you after sucking you off right?” “Yeah, you did” “And I am wet as hell right now, so if you do your tongue magic I can cum, you might notice, but I know it will get you hard to fuck this married ass off.” What the hell? I dove back in, she was a little looser than before, but a whole lot wetter. She did taste different, not bad, just different. Maybe that was me, maybe not. But I licked like a champ until she stopped me, “Wait.” She stood up, and bent over the arm of the couch. “This way when it pops up, you stick it in.” I just went right back to that beautiful bald twat and kept munching away. I don't know for how long it was but she came again. “I need my cock now,” she told me. I stood up, “lube?” “Just stick it in my pussy, I am wet enough, the fuck my married ass.” I got up behind her and thrust in three times, pulled out and out my cock to her asshole. I slide in slowly. I felt her ass grabbing my dick. “Yes,” she moaned, “I need this.” I slip in slowly, knowing she has to stretch. It'd been awhile since I fucked an ass, but I knew that. Finally I was all the way in, my balls resting on her twat. “My ass feels so full,” she said. “Now, fuck it.” I pulled out and slid back in, it was a different feel but I liked it. I grabbed her hips and started to pick up the pace. She grabbed the couch to hold on as I slammed into her. “Harder,” she moaned. So I dug into her hips and really slammed her, in and out. She moaned more, just a guttural sound of satisfaction. I went hard and fast. It was tight, and I did not know how long I could last. Yanking her hips back to match mine, I felt my balls get wet as she came again and that set me off, cumming in her ass. I shot it all out, and felt myself softening. I pulled out. “Now we need to get you cleaned up, so you can fuck this mouth again,” she told me. “Let's go to the kitchen.” I walked into the kitchen with her, she points to the sink, “I left you a washcloth and soap.” So I wash my member up, get it good and clean. “Coffee?” she asks. “Yes, please,” I respond. I go over to the table and sit down. She comes up and sets a sugar bowl down, and brings over two cups of coffee. She puts them down on the table then gingerly sits next to me. “Sorry,” I say with a sheepish grin. She looks questioningly for a minute, then smiles, “It's a good sore. I like it. You really are great my cock.” She scoops some sugar into her cup of coffee and takes a drink. Then switches our cups and puts sugar in the other and drinks. She smiles at me, I look at her and chuckle. “What?” she asks. “Here we ae, having coffee, me naked, you in sexy lingerie, like a normal morning. Even though we just fucked,” I say laughing. “That could become normal. I have time between Lily's school and work,” she says squeezing my thigh. “Dani might get suspicious. Plus how permanent is this?” I take a sip of coffee. It is perfect. “As permanent as you want, my cock.” She runs her hand up and down myeg. I feel my junk stirring. How? I am over 40, this shouldn't be happening. But it is. I am going to run with it. “Excellent, my slut, do you do this often?” She looks embarrassed. “I'm sorry. I've never done this before. Are we not supposed to talk?” She laughs, “No, we should. That way we look like friends, our kids play together, no one will get suspicious. And I have done this once before.” She takes a sip of coffee, reaches over and switches cups with me again. Thinks a minute, I reach over and rub her thigh. “It's okay. We don't have to if you don't want to.” She smiles at me, it is a beautiful smile. “No, I feel I should. It was a couple years ago, I had my sister watch Lily. I went to a club, a guy picked me up. A one night stand. He wasn't very good, the sex was ok. It put me off for a bit.” I scoot closer and put my arm around her, it felt right she was opening up to me. She put her head on my shoulder, my arm wrapped around her. “I do like my husband, he's a great dad, but love left a long time ago. He's always gone, and a girl just needs dick sometimes,” she tells me, grabbing my cock for emphasis. “I can understand that,” I say, sliding my hand between her legs, I stick two fingers into her cunt. “Oh, that's good, but you haven't finished our coffee,” she tells me. I start playing with her boob, pinching the nipple. She picks up a cup of coffee and holds it for me, “Since your hands are full,” she tips it for me and I take a drink, then she does. “What's with the coffee?,” I ask. “I just like to share. Now fill this pussy up with something more than fingers.” I pull my fingers out, stop playing with her boob, stand up, and pick her up. She squeals a bit, as I put her on the table and dive into that sweet box. “You like that,” she says breathlessly. “I love it, slut,” I tell her.Then continue to lick her up and down, finding her clit and sucking it. I feel her cum in my mouth and I lap it up. I pull out my tongue standing up and slide into her with my dick. “Oh, yes, fuck me on the dining table.” She lit up like she had an idea as I held onto her legs and plowed into her deep. "You married slut. Like it on the dining table?" "Uh-huh, I love it. Love your cock. Harder. HARDER!" So I went harder, slamming into her, holding on so she didn't slide across the table. I slam into her a few more times. "Yes, yes, love it. I'm going to cum," she screams, "my married pussy is cumming as you fuck me on the table." I slam into her hard as I cum myself. I let her legs go, she sits up and kisses me. "I have a fun idea. Let's fuck in every room. We got my bedroom, the living room, and here. Come on." She grabs my hand getting off the table and dragging me into the kitchen. She knelt down in front of me, "Now the kitchen, I'm going to get you hard again." And she dove onto my cock with her mouth. She was so excited by this idea, I got excited. Her energy was infectious, and her blow jobs were amazing. Mouth and the tits, back to mouth, I was hard again in no time. She bent over the stove, "Take me here,"she said reaching back and opening her pussy. "Fuck this married pussy right here, my cock." "Over the stove?" I asked walking up behind her. "I'll be careful. Come fill me up." So I shoved my dick right into her, balls deep first try. "Yes, yes, so good. Fuck my ass off." I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast. She moaned, loving every second, so I went fast and hard. She was wet from her cum and mine so it was easy. Then I felt her cum, but I wasn't close yet so I kept slamming her. "That's good, my cock,"she moaned, "you can cum in me in the den." I stopped, pulled out and pulled her up, kissed her and she lead me into the den. It was a cozy room with a couple of arm chairs facing a fireplace. She took me to one of the arm chairs and pushed me into it. She straddled me and settled herself onto my cock. "This feels so nice, I feel so full,"she says, "just let me sit for a minute." I kiss her, then she moves my mouth to her breast and I started sucking. She inhales sharply and starts rocking, it reminds me of last night in the car, but far more comfortable. I start to work my hips up and down while she rocks back and forth, "Ooo, that feels good. You make me feel so good." I pop off her tit, "Glad you like it my slut," and then  begin sucking the other tit. She moans and keeps going, so do I. Her hands roaming all over me. We are really intertangled. I feel her tense up and I know she's ready to cum so I go a little harder. I hear her moan and feel her cum. I am almost there, but know how excited she is so I pick her up, and stand. "What are you doing?" she gasps. "We still have a hall and a bathroom on this floor," I tell her. "Oh, yes, My Cock. Carry me. Fuck me. Fuck me against the wall in the hall." I carry her to the hall and hold her against the wall, never leaving her vagina. We go at it fast and hard. She's holding onto my while I thrust into her. She's making all kinds of noises. It makes me go harder, I haven't been able to do this on years. I feel great. "You like this? You like this you married slut?" "I love it. I want your cock. Keep fucking me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me," she moans in my ear. It makes me go harder. "Cum in my married pussy. I am cumming on your married cock." And i feel her go, and then me. A couple of good spurts. Then I set her down. "That was intense," she says breathlessly. "I thought so too" "One more room, come on," she says taking me into the bathroom. It's small, but enough room for us both. She drops to her knees and starts sucking me. I grab her head and enjoy. She gets me hard and stops sucking, "I want you to cum in my tits." "Okay!" She puts my dick between her boobs, and then sucks the tip as it pops in and out. She has me hold her boobs in place, and then reaches down and starts fingering herself. Its hot. I feel another load coming up. "I'm close." She starts sucking harder, i start to cum and she lets my dick out of her mouth. I shoot a load of white cum all over. It hits her face, her tits, on the floor, in her lingerie. It's a lot of cum, seen as how I have had so much sex lately, I am a bit surprised. "Sorry," I tell her, "that's quite a load." "Your body is making more, due to the amount of sex," she says rubbing the cum all over her breasts. "Let me help," I say fondling her boobs. She smiles. "That's sexy. No one has helped me rub their cum in." "Their loss, these are world class boobs." She blushes. "Thank you. Let me clean up and I will cook breakfast." "We are in a bathroom. Let's clean up together." She looks surprised but then smiles even more. Almost as excited as the sex in every room idea. "Sounds great," she says. I help her up, and undress her. She starts the shower, we get in, its tight but we fit. There is lots of kissing, fondling, asses are slapped, we joke, and get out and dry off. "Your clothes are still in the living room, I am going upstairs to get dressed," she tells me and gives me a kiss. Then heads upstairs hair wrapped in a towel, her naked body looking amazing. I feel a tingle in my dick, but know now isn't the time. I go out and get dressed and head back into the kitchen, thinking I will help out and get started. I look around and realize I have no idea where anything is, or what she wants to cook. So I sit down and drink the cold coffee. She comes in wearing yoga pants and a sports bra top. "Wow, you look amazing." "Thanks," she says blushing. I get up and kiss her, a good passionate kiss. "I wanted to start, but have no idea where anything is." "Sit down, I can do this." "I know you can, but I want to help." Her smile is enormous. It lights up the room. "Plus we need more coffee." She laughs, and says "I can do that. The bacon is in the fridge if you want to get it out. There are cinnamon rolls, too." I get out the bacon and cinnamon rolls, start the oven while she pours some coffee, and bends over to get pans. While she is bent over I slap her ass. She comes up smiling, puts the pans down. I kiss her again, and grab her butt. She giggles. And then fixes up the coffee. "Why me?" I ask. "Why you, what?" She puts bacon in the pan, we pop the rolls and put them in a pan too. "Why make me your cock, my slut?" "Because of what we are doing now. And your pussy eating is second to none. Better than some girls I know." I am a bit taken aback. "And your cock game is strong. My husband is a one and done. No one has carried my like you did. And rub their cum over me? He thinks its gross." "I thought it was it hot," I say honestly. "Me too,but really" she turns the bacon, takes a sip of coffee hands it to me, I take a sip, "I saw you at school. At first I thought you were a single dad. You look good, were always there by yourself and had amazing rapport with all the kids." The oven beeps, she puts the rolls in and sets the timer. "I wanted you, but figured you wouldn't want a married woman. Then I found out you were married and hoped you could do with a bit of side action, since you'd have as much to lose. Now I know I made the right choice." And she gives me a kiss. "Really?" "Absolutely. You are sweet. Here we are, acting like a normal couple but we are married to others." She stops like she is sad. I come up behind her, turn and kiss her deep and grab her ass. "You look hot my slut, wish we had time for another round." "Tomorrow my cock, i think the girls are up," she tells me. I give her one more kiss, and twist a nipple, and we step apart. The girls come in groggy. "Dad?," Marcy asks, "What are you doing here?" "You called me, Booger, then went back to sleep. I came over and Maresol and I hung out until you guys woke up. I wanted to wake you up, she talked me out of it." "That's cool. Breakfast smells great, mom," Lily says. "Thanks honey." And we settled into normal conversation with the kids. We shot each other glances now and then and I realized I wanted to keep this up. I wanted to date her. I think I was falling for her.

Marcy and I went home, we were silly, goofed off, cleaned the house, did laundry. Our regular weekend stuff. Mel was out with her friends, but came home in the afternoon. She came in and sat at the table. "So you going to start dancing again?," I ask over a sink full of dishes. "Yeah, Rachel's mom was cool with it," she tells me. "Great. Get your chores done." "Ok," she says heading off. "And keep your grades up if you want to keep working." "Got it, dad," she says in a way only teenagers can. I let it go, get things around, manage to relax a bit, start dinner. It was weird getting back to normal with what was happening, but I was rolling with it. Dani came home, gives me a big kiss and grabs my butt, "love you." I smack her butt, "love you, too." "Not quite the exciting welcome as yesterday, but you will take care of that later," she whispers. It's not a question. "I sure will" "Good. I am going to check on the girls and  change," she says heading down the hall. Evening was fairly normal, dinner, TV, but Dani and I were extra touchy, never far from one another. A rub of the arm, or touch of the thigh. I grabbed her ass more than a few times. Mel saw us and just said, "gross." It was getting late, we got Marcy down, said good night and headed to bed. As soon as the door was closed, she was all over me, taking my clothes off. "I have been so horny all day, thinking about you I hope you can perform like last night." I respond by taking her shirt off, and her bra and sucking on those fantastic pink nipples. "Jesus, yes," she says holding me to her boobs. "Fuck, I need this." We finish getting each other naked kissing and fondling and before too long I am face down between her legs. I suck her clit, tongue fuck her, lick up and down, she cums at least twice, maybe more. I don't know because I love it. She finally drags me up "Your tongue is great, but I need some dick," she tells me. So I slide into her. She moans, "that's it." I hold her legs to my chest and pound away at my wife's hairy pussy. I am going fast and hard, I watch her boobs bounce and flop it makes me hornier and go harder. "Jesus. Yes. Harder, fuck me harder," she moans. I feel her pussy tighten and it pushes me over the edge and we cum together. I let her legs down. "That was great." "Up for more," I ask with a grin. "Are you?" "I can be," and I start to crawl between her legs, my face going for her twat. "But you just came there," she says, shocked. "And?" I say licking her thigh. "Its dirty. And kinda weird." I lick her other thigh, right up to her opening but stop. "Tell me to stop then," I say breath blowing on her clit. She starts breathing heavy, and I get closer to her clit. "Just say stop." And I suck her clit into my mouth, she gasps  and pushes my head in her pussy. Guess that means go ahead. It's different than this morning, but still hot. Dani was climbing the walls with my technique. She came again. "Alright," she says pushing me off, "I want it from behind, and then we need some sleep." She gets on the bed on all fours, and I get behind her. I go balls deep in one thrust since she's so wet, she squeals in delight. I grab her hips and go hard, she is moaning in pleasure, then I smack her ass and she screams and cums. I am not done, so I smack her ass again and keep going. I go deep and cum in her. She falls forward, I cuddle up next to her. "We need to clean up." "It will wait until morning," I tell her setting the alarm a little bit early. "I want to hit that again in the morning." "You are like a teenager," she says kissing me, "but I am not going to complain. Still I am going to clean up." She bounces out of bed and goes to the bathroom. I watch her ample ass walk away and fall asleep to the shower running.

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