The Pill 4[cheating][sci fi][oral][swallowing][anal]

I stood in front of Max, my flesh damp with bodily fluids and my hair stuck to my neck with sweat. My tattered yoga pants clung to my thighs, the fabric soaked through with a mixture of my juices, and Max’s cum. I pulled my top over my head and tossed it onto the floor behind me. I pulled my ripped pants down over my hips and left them in a heap on the floor, stepping out of the legs and bearing my naked body to the man of my dreams.

“Mmm, don’t worry baby, there’s always more for you.” I taunted, cupping my ample breasts. I squeezed them, gently pinching my nipples while Max stared with his erection in his hand.

I could tell he was tired, but still so turned on that he couldn’t control himself. He was like any man, he would have always needed time to rest and replenish between sessions. But, this pill had some fun effects for both him and myself. He never got soft and was ready to go immediately. I could tell he was shocked by his own stamina, not to mention the amount that he could ejaculate each time. I wasn’t about to let him think too much about all this, I just wanted to use him for all I could get.

“You like these tits, don’t you?” I asked, teasing him, and leaning over him. I straddled him once again and pushed my breasts together, pulling his face into my chest. I smothered him with my round orbs, feeling his hot breath between my tits as he inhaled my scent. His hands wandered up my thighs and rested on my firm backside. His hands squeezed and groped me just the way I liked. He was intoxicated, drawn into me. I wouldn’t let this opportunity slip away.

I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face from my bosom. I shoved him backward, and he laid back, staring up at me with a thirsty expression. I shifted my body over him, positioning myself so that I was squatting over his face. I looked down at his desperate face, his tongue lapping up the sweet liquids that already dripped from my gushing pussy onto his lips.

“You want more, don’t you baby?” I spread my labia and massaged my clit as he watched with hungry eyes. “Do you want to feel my mouth on you while tasting my delicious little pink cunt?”

“Y-yes, Holly. I know it’s wrong, but I need it. I fucking need you!” He lost control. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and pulled me down onto his face. His mouth immediately found my moist opening, and he slid his tongue deep into me with vigor. He explored every fold and crevice of my womanhood, licking at me and sucking eagerly on my engorged clit. His lips closed around my clitoris, the enthusiasm of his suckling mouth making my shudder. The sensation was so intense it was almost painful, but I knew if he continued, I would soon orgasm all over his eager mouth.

“Fuck! Holy shit, Max, slow down honey! Keep going like that and I’ll end up drowning you!” I pulled away slightly, just to slow him down and prolong the pleasure.

I leaned forward, his tongue still teasingly dancing around my clit, and took his mass into my mouth. He throbbed against my tongue, his engorged tip sliding down my throat as I swallowed the precum that dripped from his head. I bobbed my head up and down on him, all the while, his enthusiastic lips on my gushing hole. I periodically squirted into his mouth, hearing the delicious sounds he would make as my feminine fluids drenched his face.

My clit was pulsating, and Max’s fingers were digging into my ass as he pulled me down hard into him. I grinded my pelvis against his mouth, and he began to moan, thrusting himself up into my throat. His cock choked me, but I couldn’t love it more. He fucked my face, spanking me as we grunted and grinded against each other. We both climaxed, and the intense orgasmic convulsions nearly shook me off of Max’s body. Max shot string after string of warm cream into my mouth and down my throat, his fingers grabbing my ass hard as he released. His animalistic grunts continued, even as he tongued my swollen clitoris. I let go all over his face, filling his mouth with my womanly fluids, and gurgling on his cum while I moaned in ecstasy.

We shook and clawed at each other as our orgasms intensified. I humped Max’s face, his tongue rubbing against me in just the right way. Max’s ejaculation seemed to go on forever, and I swallowed several times before he was finally finished.

“Jesus! How…how can I possibly be cumming this much? It never seems to end!” He gasped, mumbling through my thighs that squeezed around his head. I contracted my vaginal muscles once more, dripping every last drop of juices onto his face before rolling off of him.

“Mmm, I knew that pill was a good idea. You’ll never stop cumming for me now.” I panted, laying next to Max on the damp mattress. “There's almost no more places for you to cum now, haha.” Max swallowed hard, wiped the sweat from his brow, and looked over at me.

“Almost.” He whispered, licking my juices from around his mouth.

Max jumped to his knees, the blanket beneath us soaked with bodily fluids. He pulled me to my knees and bent me over in front of him. Before I could wrap my head around what he was doing, I felt his thick cock push against my tight ass hole. His tip parted my sphincter, sliding in slowly but steadily. I groaned in both pleasure and discomfort as he entered me, forcing his length inside until I was filled with every inch of his massive member.

“Oooh my God! It’s so big!” I whimpered with a sweet smile on my face. I looked over my shoulder at Max, his eyes were heavy and he wore a desperate and focussed expression.

“Katy never let me fuck her in the ass.” He grunted, giving me quick, shallow thrusts. “If I’m doing such a horrible thing, I’m getting what I’ve always wanted.”

I had never felt the sensation of my ass being filled by something so girthy, and I enjoyed every second of it. He was fat and long, and the feeling of being violated made me tingle in such a spectacular way. Besides the new and exciting sensations, the knowledge that Max had always wanted this, and that I was finally giving him something he has always dreamed of, made me ecstatic. I was overjoyed, pushing myself back against his pelvis, and clutching the edge of the mattress.

“Oh Lord, right there! Fuck, that feels so amazing, Max! Pound that ass, pound it like Katy would never let you! This ass is all yours baby, that prudish bitch could never make you this hard, and cum this much! Cum in my fat ass!” I couldn’t control myself any longer, and my screams echoed throughout the apartment. I knew that my neighbours would hear, but I didn’t care in the least. Max’s loud moans and cries of passion were heard throughout the building, and my eyes rolled back as the echo of his deep voice made my shiver.

“Take it! Take all of it!” Max growled, his thrusts getting harder and deeper than they had begun. He was ravenous, digging his strong fingers into my shoulders and jack hammering me from behind. I bit my lip as I looked over my shoulder at him, my seductive eyes begging for more.

“God, yes! Please baby, fuck this ass. Katy is fucking nothing compared to me, there’s no way she would ever let you in nice and deep like this. Cum right in this ass!” I groaned, bracing myself against the wall.

Max’s speed increased, and his pace became erratic as he neared orgasm. His breathing was heavy and laboured, his grip tightening around my hips. I could feel his passion as he smacked my ass over and over, pushing himself over the edge with the sight and sound of my round ass being pounded and slapped. His breathing stopped, and I could tell he was holding his breath as the explosion began.

“Fffffuck! Fuck! Fuck yes!” Max finally exhaled in a fit of joy. He released inside me, and the sensation of finally cumming deep inside a nice firm backside sent him to heaven. He slammed so hard into me, that my face was pushed against the wall. His thrusts seemed to continue on and on as he grunted like a wild dog. I could feel his essence spurting from his cock, filling me to the brim with his warm cream.

It didn’t stop. I could feel my colon stretching and expanding, the fluid overflowing and gushing around his shaft as he continued to fill me. My hole was flooding, my insides crammed with cum, and my companion wailing behind me. He was feeling the most intense pleasure that he had all night, and in fact, that he must have felt in all his life. He gripped me so hard my flesh stung, but I didn’t care in the least. I wanted him to enjoy my body in every way he could. When he couldn’t let any more out, he fell backwards and collapsed on the bed behind me.

“Oh my God, Max! I’ve never been filled with so much cum!” I giggled, afraid to move for fear of spewing his liquid from my gaping hole.

I could hear Max gasping for air behind me, and he reached out and penetrated my flooding colon with his fingers. Suddenly, his cream gushed out and flowed down my thighs.

“Jesus! How much did I cum? There’s like a litre of jizz in there!” He panted, playing with my stretched hole and watching the cream drip down my legs.

“Oh, oh my God. I-I can’t get enough!” I whimpered. I could feel my body glazed in his manly fluids, and I knew that I needed him to orgasm just once more. I was covered in him, used and enjoyed by the man of my dreams. I would have one last load inside me before I could let him go.

I turned around on my hands and knees, every movement causing my ass to gush cum. I crawled on top of him, and his still rock hard cock stood straight up for me to mount.

“Holly, I-I can’t. I’m exhausted, I can’t take anymore.” He whispered, as if he were to spent to speak up.

I didn’t care. I needed more. I climbed on top of him and sat on his cock once again, his pole slipping easily into my pussy. The pressure pushed even more cum from my backside, and his mass filled my hole.

“No, no Holly. Please, I can barely move.” He protested, laying without movement as I began to ride him. “You’ve gotten more than what you wanted from me, I’m telling you to stop, now!”

He didn’t lift a finger to stop me, and I let him lay there, reluctant and unable to move. I rode him, bouncing my overflowing ass on his erect dick and waving my tits in his face. He looked both horny, and like he could fall asleep at any moment. He didn’t touch me, he didn’t protest, he just groaned as I slid up and down on his cock over and over.

“Oooh, shit, yes! Max, baby! I wanna make you cum one more time! My body is going to be completely filled with you!” I cried out, humping him faster and faster until his grunts grew louder. I knew that even without any other contribution, he would soon ejaculate inside me and give me more of what I craved.

“H-Holly, stop. No more, no-nnnggh!” He let go again, firing an unimaginable amount of cum into my feminine cavity, even though he had just cum an unbelievable amount just minutes before. “Whaaaat the fuuuuck!”

Max and I both looked down as I sat back, allowing him to fill me as I sat upright on his cock. His spurting was endless, and we watched as my stomach began to distend from the amount of fluid he was depositing into me. My colon and my pussy were stretched, filled to the brim, and my bodily cavities were packed. My stomach pushed out as he sprayed his last few drops into my cunt, and as his eyes widened at this sight, he lost consciousness.

I leaned forward, my holes all dribbling and spurting cum, and I stroked his hair away from his face.

“Thank God for that Pill.”

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