TRUE STORY. My first try at the Red Light District or On a way to losing my virginity.

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I am an average looking guy in mid 20s from Western Europe.

By the time this recent story took place I had quite modest sexual experience. Kissed a few girls, got head and anal sex with my ex, but never had "normal" pussy sex.

I have always lived in a region where prostitution is legal, but never seriously thought about trying it. Mostly because I hoped that my first pussy sex have to be with a person I am comfortable with.

Thus, my sexual life was limited to watching porn and fapping.

One day I was so freakingly aroused and at some pornsite I bumped into porn series where random guys are having sex at the Red Light District in Amsterdam. That kinda turned me on. The next day I have decided to go and see the closest Red Light District. It was Friday, so I took a train and soon was there. At firsr I was very shy to stare at girls, but they happened to be so beautiful that my cock started producing precum. By the time I got back in my bed my underwear was really wet.

Later the same month I have visited different red light districts, only to look around and see how it works. Still I hadn't enough bravery to even think about approaching a red light girl.

But one week when I was very busy and wasn't able to fap for a few days in a row. By the end of this week I was so aroused I could not think about anything but sex. Still I was very tired and decided to have a good sleep. In a few hours I woke up having a hard boner. I couldn't think about anything but sex.

I could have fapped to get a relief, but my strong sexual desire numbed my hesitations and led me to try Red ligth experience.

I grabbed some cash with me and went to the train station. Having arrived to the closest Red Light district I started walking around to choose the best girl. There were different ones, tall, short, with tattoos, wearing high heels, lingerie etc.

I have noticed one average height brunette with no tattoos and a nice non bitchy face. She was looking at her phone at the time I noticed her. Led mostly by heat in my pants and some bravery I waved her and she opened her door. I was too afraid to say anything and simply asked how much do her services cost. She said 50 euro for 20 minutes. I asked if she only can do blowjob and she agreed. I gave her money and 10 euro more for tips. She left me in a room to take off my clothes.

It was a small 3 square meters room with a bed, mirror and weak neon lighting. I was kinda stoned so by the time she came back I was standing at the same spot. I asked her if I may keep clothes on because she will only give me a blow. Also I told that it is my first time in "such a place".

Her face changed a bit, she kindly smiled and asked me not to worry. We had a small chat then. It happened that she was from Baltic country and has been working here for some time.

She was kind and that relaxed me.

She invited me to lay on the bed and asked if I want her to keep her high heels on. I said definitely yes. She laid on a bad just near me and took my pants down. After she saw my hard cock she looked at me and smiled. Looking at me she put a condom in her mouth, grabbed my dick in her hand and put the condom on with her mouth.

She started sucking me gently, keeping her hand on my leg. In a few minutes I asked if I may touch her and if she can take her bra off. She said yes and and started gliding with my hand all around her legs, but and feet. I saw tips of her toes and her pedicure was great. I was still too shy to ask to take her black panties off.

I liked the process so much but was worried about the time to ran out. I took 40 euro from my pants and gave them to her. She said that we may continue for another 20 minutes. Getting used to ger company I started giving her compliments about her body, legs and feet. She smiled back at me and then went back down sucking my cock. She did it slowly and for the last 10 minutes she was helping with her right hand. The left one was on my leg near my balls. I came in a condom when my cock was in her hand. She felt that I was about to come so she took my penis out of her hand.

After she let me wash myself. I did but secretly kept the condom in my pocket. Not sure why. Around 15 minutes after I got aroused again and was thinking about putting the condom in my mouth. I know it is kinda pervy. But I hesitated to do so.

At the end she kissed my cheek and I went out on the street.

That is how I open to myself the world of Red Light Districts and later eventually had my first ever "pussy" sex there

It is a true story. Please upvote and comment. Questions and critique are welcome. It is my first attempt to write.

If you like that, I may continue sharing my experiences. I have a lot.

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