My New Stove [MF]

I didn't know this until the other day buuut only a plumber can put a gas line into a stove cause they're the only ones certified. Which I mean that's fine gives me another chance to seduce a man.

I don't normally wear 'appropriate' clothes at home, just a big t-shirt and usually panties. So when someone comes out to fix something only a pair of sorts tie this mess together. But my God was it hot and I had a raging nerve to have someone in me. So I put on shorts no longer than my panties.

He came to the door I opened it and his eyes widened like I was a rare piece of steak that just plopped in front of him. I showed him to the oven leading my arms away from my body to show how much my boobs move. Reaching out to put my hand on his arm guiding him around the house while he stared. Brushing up into the sleeve of his shirt I think caught his attention and he tried to focus back on the oven. Of course I just needed to drop everything I had in my hands in front of him. I bent over trying to pick up the oven receipt, his hand met the back of my ankle while he coughed saying he started to fall.. All I could manage to get out of my pretty little mouth was "that's just fine if you happen to grab anything else I most definitely wouldn't complain". But I guess that didn't catch his attention has he got back to work.

It came to a point when I sat on the counter and started to spread my legs apart that he took my hint. He came over to grab some water and just happened to spill it all down my leg, then proceeded to clean it with a rag. Feeling his hands move up my soft legs and into my inner thigh, sending goosebumps down my spine. Him pressing his palms into my skin to assert his dominace, squeezing my arms making them red. Grabbing around my back and neck. I felt helpless like my life was his. He kissed my thighs getting closer to my throbing pussy, asking how bad I wanted him and if I even deserved to have him. He caressed my breasts with both hands putting one in his mouth at a time sucking and biting on it. Digging his finger tips into the other one to equal the amount of pain on both sides. I couldn't take it anymore he never touched my pussy but the orgasm just fled through me. I moaned and screamed and at that very moment he spun me around on the counter ripping off my short and panties. Fucking me and pounding me. He didn't stop until I came again all over his dick. It was his "reward" for fixing my shit and giving me a dirty little whore what I wanted.

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