While She Was in the Shower Part 2–What Happened After [MF][cheat][public][swallow][creampie]

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Part 1

As I drove my girlfriend to our anniversary date, the only thing on my mind was the cum currently running down her roommate's legs. I didn't know if I should feel guilty or turned on, or if I should just try to put it from my mind. I decided on the latter.

Jade and I were going to a movie, after all; those things are designed to grab your attention away from any and all life worries.

We pulled into the movie theater parking lot and found a spot right near the entrance. A non-existant line at the box office awaited us once we got out of the car.

"Made sure to bring me out on a quiet night, huh?" Jade said with what could only be described as a verbal wink.

A Tuesday. Of course it was going to be a quiet night.

I concealed my thoughts with a smile, and led Jade towards the box office with my hand around her back, her black heels clicking with every step.

Soon, we had our tickets and were entering the theater. It was just as quiet inside as the parking lot and lack of line had suggested. Jade grabbed my forearm and quickly pulled me up the stairs to the distinctly empty last row. She had plans in store for me in this theater.

We took our seats, and, at first, Jade played coy; she didn't sit unusually close to me, nor was she touchy. However, every time I glanced over, I saw her red lips pulled in an ill-concealed grin. She was playing with me.

I still have Vanessa's juices on my cock, I thought. If I wanted to make it through this movie, I was somehow going to have to play back.

The lights dimmed, and the audio quieted down, and Jade leaned in closer to me, though still not touching, her rosy perfume filling my nose. Like that, she remained for several minutes. I hadn't a clue nor a care what was happening in that movie. All my attention was on Jade's stealthy advance.

Jade was turned and leaned into me when I felt her fingertips brush my leg. I knew exactly where those fingers were headed.

As they crept forwards, I remained still. Partly to play coy back, and partly because if she made advances on me, who knew what she might taste? I had to be the one to advance on her.

I placed my palm on her inner thigh. Just beneath the hem of her short black dress, where it was warm and soft and exposed.

Jade's hand froze, and I heard the subtlest of inhales.

I advanced my hand up her thigh. My fingertips met the edge of her dress and snaked under. Because of how short her dress was, my fingers didn't have to advance much further before they met the beating warmth of Jade's unmentionables. Her breathing had graduated to quick and breathy.

In any other situation, I would have described it as tantalizing, but, in this instance, my mind raced with images of Vanessa beside me on the couch teasing me with her hands. That hadn't even been a full hour before now.

Jade's hand moved again. No longer slow and subtle. She had taken her cue from me and gone for the bold move. Her hand was now precisely where my thigh joined my pelvis, and her thumb was at the base of my shaft.

My cock immediately stiffened. The feeling and flavor of Vanessa surely must have remained. As much as I resisted, no amount of guilt and no amount of willpower could stop this. My last hope was to give my full attention to Jade, and hope she would forget about mine.

My fingers dove into her pussy—no panties tonight it seemed. It was already fully soaked in anticipation. At the same time, my palm cupped her clitoris and rubbed gently as my fingers did their work.

The effect was immediate. Jade's hand froze completely once again, and her breathing went from quick and breathy to hastily-stifled outright pleasure. Her body gave way, and she collapsed her head into my neck. Every gulp of air I sucked into my lungs was ripe with perfume and arousal.

I brought my other hand around towards her chest. There, it worked its way under the black leather jacket Jade had worn anticipating the theater's aggressive air conditioning. I then worked my hand under all the straps at the top of her dress, and I pulled the cup of her dress down. Exposed now was her bare breast—no bra either.

In the dim light of the theater, I witnessed the rapid effect of the air conditioning on Jade's nipple. I pinched it lightly between my thumb and forefinger, eliciting an audible gasp from her. I hoped no one could hear us; my plan depended on Jade's unbridled pleasure.

I had soon established a rhythm on Jade's g-spot, clitoris, and nipple. The longer I maintained it, the more she squirmed and whimpered. She was too distracted by what I was doing with my hands to be able to do anything with her hands.

My plan was working.

In just a few minutes of that, Jade was working up to a crescendo. Her breaths were hot and ragged in my neck, and I, too, was soon lost in the joy of pleasing her. But, when Jade seemed just shy of climax, she pulled away.

Her cheeks were red, and her mouth was a teeny bit ajar. Her eyes spoke passion and desire. She leaned into my ear and whispered, "I want to cum with your cock in my mouth."

There was no stopping my now raging erection. And no stopping her nimble fingers as they unfastened my belt and unzipped my jeans in what surely must have set a world record.

I knew the truth that coated my cock, but, as Jade got down on her knees on the floor between my legs—her breast still exposed—all I could think was Vanessa on her knees, cock in mouth. It was all I could do to rub Jade's nipple again, hoping she'd be so rapt by the scene that she wouldn't notice anything unusual.

Jade engulfed my cock in her warm mouth, and, thankfully, she seemed not to notice Vanessa's lingering flavor. She brought one hand up to help with the blowjob, and brought the other one down to her clitoris. Soon, she had established her own rhythm as she gagged and moaned on my member.

This was the second throat my cock had been in in less than an hour, and I was in ecstasy. Jade was a master of oral. And the lucky son-of-a-bitch known as me was somehow going to get away with tonight.

It was too close for comfort, though. Had Jade been any less fired up and horny, she would have tasted Vanessa. I had to let what happened with Vanessa be just a one-time failing. If Jade didn't know now from the taste of my cock coated in another woman's juices, she'd never know. That indiscretion of could slip into history—eventually nothing but a minor blip in an otherwise faithful relationship—and I could continue on with Jade as if nothing had happened. I could do that, right?

I had to. I just had to return back to the joys Jade brought me…

…And was bringing me in that very moment of heaven. My mind was soon back on the unbelievable woman on her knees before me, and the practiced tongue working its magic on me.

Crescendo was now building up again in Jade. Where her tongue had been determined and committed moments ago, she was now struggling to remember to suck cock between stifled moans.

Crescendo was building up in me, too.

I upped the pace with her nipple in my one hand, and I grabbed the back of Jade's head with my other. I was ready to burst.

Jade and I locked eyes. In that glance, we both knew the other was about to cum. She rubbed herself more vigorously, and I pushed her head up and down on my cock.

She was the first to cum. Her throat tightened on me as she squirmed and came hard. Only a moment later, I burst as well. I exploded my load down Jade's tight, cumming throat, and shot several more down in the following pulses. She didn't even have to swallow, as each spurt must've gone straight from cock to stomach.

I still don't know how I mustered such a big second load so soon after cumming in Vanessa.

When both our climaxes had subsided, Jade got back up into her seat, fixed her dress top, and kissed me. "Wow," is all she said to me.

Wow is right.

Suffice to say, we had missed so much of the movie and hadn't the faintest clue as to what was happening on screen, so we opted to skip out on the rest. We had both gotten what we came for.

We made our way to a nearby diner for burgers, but Jade ended up only pecking at her food, claiming my fat load had done a plenty good job of filling her up. I had almost completely forgotten about Vanessa.

Until I got Jade back home.

Because we had skipped much of the movie, it wasn't terribly late when we got back to their apartment. As Jade took her heels off and used the bathroom, I went to the kitchen to put away the leftovers in the fridge. When I turned the corner into the small kitchen, there stood an all-too-familiar face.

Vanessa. Still dressed in that same jaw-dropping skirt-and-shirt ensemble. The air around her was electric, and a faint whiff of that fruity perfume sent my thoughts wild. She eyed me again just like earlier that evening, and I eyed her back.

Not a word was shared between us, but our looks spoke volumes.

She knew she had my attention.

And I was in trouble again.

Shortly after, I made my escape and left for my place, as I had the excuse of a class first thing in the morning. When I got out of the car once home, I pulled out my phone and saw a blinking light. A message. I unlock my phone, and it's from Vanessa: "Do anything fun in the movie tonight? ;)"

I stared at the screen for several seconds. Was I about to go down this route? Was I about to make this not a one-time thing? Who was I kidding, of course I was going to. After all that, no way could I have stopped myself from double-dipping or even triple-dipping or more.

I decided a risky text from her deserved a risky response. I typed back, "I'm not sure how, but she didn't notice any taste on me."

A few minutes later, Vanessa responded, "Maybe she'll notice next time…"

Later that night, she also sent me several pictures she had taken in the bathroom right after I'd fucked her. It was captioned: "Something to remember today by." I wasted no time saving those to a hidden folder on my phone. What a memory. I fell asleep replaying that scene over in my head.

And woke up thinking about it, too.

Throughout the day, I was busy with classes and wasn't able to make it over there—for either Jade or Vanessa—but Vanessa and I kept messaging each other. Every chance I got, I pulled open that folder on my phone.

I'm gonna fuck that again, I thought every time.

That night, Vanessa sent me another couple pictures, this time of her in a pink polka-dot dress, each picture a little more naughty than the last. Now, instead of driving me wild every time I saw her, she was finding ways to drive me wild even when I was away.

Before I was about to fall asleep, I received another message from Vanessa: "You coming over tomorrow?"

"Jade's in class till 6."


That was a long night of anticipation. And, in the morning, I found myself with an extreme case of morning wood.

I rushed through my morning routine and made my way to their apartment. When I got there, Vanessa was waiting for me at the door. This time she wore a tight pair of black skinny jeans that showed off her butt and legs, a royal blue t-shirt knotted at the waist again, and a grin from ear to ear. She knew exactly how to pull off the cute-yet-slutty look

I had to have her.

She grabbed my waist and pulled me inside. I had scarcely gotten my arms around her when she got up on her tippy toes and locked lips with me.

Her arms were around my neck, and mine were around the small of her back. Our tongues met, feeling and exploring each other, and I moved my hands down to her ass. Then, I got a wild idea: I grabbed her butt with both hands and lifted her up off that ground, which earned me an audible gasp from Vanessa.

I carried her to her room, and shut the door, our tongues somehow never leaving each other's mouths the whole way. I tossed her onto her bed, and we pressed our bodies close as our hands were all over each other. Soon, she was ripping off my shirt, unbuckling my jeans, and pawing at the hard effect she was having on me.

I reached under her shirt and grabber her boobs with both hands and squeezed her breasts through her bra. A thin bra, judging from how I could feel her hard nipples through the material.

I pulled off her shirt, confirming my thin-bra suspicions: a sheer baby blue bra. When I peeled off her pants, matching baby blue panties had lain in wait, with a distinct wet spot in the middle. And that wet spot was growing.

I dove in, kissing her thighs, kissing closer and closer it. Soon, my lips were immediately touching Vanessa's wet spot. I kissed it for several moments, drawing out more and more volume from Vanessa, before I pulled her panties down and went straight for her clitoris.

The effect was immediate: louder and louder whimpers turning to full-on moans and gushing more wetness. He legs clamped down and her hands grabbed the back of my head, pushing my mouth further in. I drank in her sweet juices with every lick and kiss.

In a few minutes, Vanessa's squirming intensified. She pulled me further and further in, moaning freely in the otherwise empty apartment.

"I'm gonna cum," she let out. And, with that, a torrent of warm throbbing pussy met my eager tongue.

After that initial waves of orgasm wore off her, Vanessa, red in the cheeks, said, "Wow, you really know how to make a girl cum."

I pulled back up to her face to kiss her. "I've had plenty of practice the past few months."

"I've heard." She cocked a grin at me. "Although I was never sure whether these walls were thin or you were that good."

I waited a moment. "…And?"

"And you're just that good. No wonder I had to steal you away from my roommate." Vanessa looked towards the ceiling for a few brief seconds, then her face lit up. She had thought of something. "Speaking of your skills, I think a reward is in order." She reached towards my dick and started stroking.


"You're gonna cum in me again." She bit her lip. Soft. Pink. Tantalizing. "In Jade's bed."

My cock sprang to full hardness. I shouldn't have been so immediately aroused; it was so wrong. But I had done nothing but wrong the past two days, and it felt so right.

"You're on," I said, and grabbed her and hurried her to the other bedroom. I wasted no time throwing her to the bed again, but this time the sheets smelled of Jade.

I hope Jade doesn't mind, I thought.

Vanessa hopped down on all fours and presented her round ass for me. Her juices glistened at her entrance, and her asshole, a little brown star, eyed me. The air was quickly beginning to smell of sex and pheromones.

I had to pump Vanessa full.

I slid in. Warm. Wet. Welcoming. Just as I had remembered.

I thrusted, in and out, in and out, each movement earning another moan. Vanessa's arms gave out, and she collapsed face-first into Jade's pillow. I grabbed hold of her hips and kept fucking.

Less than a minute later, Vanessa begged me to cum inside her. There was no way I could last any longer than that. I slammed home as deep as I could go, and Vanessa screamed in pleasure. My cock spasmed insider her and unleashed the previous day's worth of built-up cum. I kept pulsing inside her, her breathing still ragged and whimpering.

"I've been thinking about doing this again ever since Tuesday," I said.

"I was thinking about your cum inside me again all day yesterday," Vanessa said. "Last time, I made the mistake of cleaning up in the bathroom afterwards. This time, I'm keeping this inside me."

"Trust me, this is just the beginning," I said.

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