Broke, Fat, Black, and Ugly. Ch. 9 [nc, rape, oral, interracial, Ff, rough, mdom, cuck]

Broke, Fat, Black, and Ugly. by DiscipleN


​Chapter 9

Terry used his key to unlock our apartment, two days later. It was Saturday. He carried what looked like a doggie poop bag and five twenty dollar bills. I waited naked on our new couch. He passed me and knocked on Stace's door. "I got what he promised, and what I promised."

The door opened and my teen child, red faced from frequent crying fits, peered out blankly. He gave her the money and the bag. "That's all yours. The house rule doesn't apply."

In the bag was a severed little toe, fresh. My terrified daughter dropped it and the money. She hugged Terry.

Donald screamed from the master bedroom. We had bound him to the bed. "He's got the addiction bad. Even a small dose might kill him." Terry had explained. "Gotta let it burn down for a few days."

"I'll take care of you, baby." Terry patted Stace's behind.

"I hate you."

"You got reason, but it don't matter. If you want more money, you'll work when I tell you."

I cringed seeing my daughter embrace our enemy, but when I learned what was in the bag I thanked him. He told me after sticking me on his hard prick and fucking a fresh load of cum into my cunt. After cleaning him with my mouth, I mounted him again and thanked him. "Our mess is all your fault. I hate myself for not being able to send you to the hell you deserve. I hate you more, but you're the only strength this family has." I lay across his fat torso and hugged him for warmth. His arms embraced me.

"It won't happen again." He lied.

"Will you be living here from now on, or just check in on your cunt and baby whore, from time to time?" I said it as sarcastically as I could.

He slapped my bruised, naked ass. "Fuck if I'm going to commit to anything."

"Ow!" I nestled my face into his curls of chest hair. It smelled less rank. Only two days had passed since he showered. I wished I had power to get him in that cramped bath, every day. "I'm going buy you some new clothes."

He grunted and pushed, rolling me off his girth, popping me off his cock, and dumping me on the carpet. "OWW! What the hell?"

"You're not my fucking mamma." Terry groaned and heaved himself up. He pulled on his pants and shirt. Then, with difficulty, he stood.

I felt for fresh injuries before crawling on the couch.

"Get off that!" He pulled my arm, and I landed ass to floor again.

I yelled. "Fuck!"

"You still have to pay for that couch. "He struggled for the excuse. "I don't want your dripping pussy touching it."

"I'll never pay for it!" I cried. "I don't make enough to feed my family and pay the credit card interest on three thousand dollars. Our card was for emergencies only!"

"You''ll do the right thing." He lumbered out of the apartment.

Stace found me in tears on the living room carpet. She sat on the couch. "Here." She held out five hundred dollars.

"I can't take that, Stace." I grimaced. "I'll lose you if I take that."

"You'll never lose me, Mom. No matter where that bastard takes me, you'll never lose me." She pushed the bills into my hands.

I rose to sit next to her.

"No, Mom!" She pushed me away. "He'll know!"

After that mysterious night when he summoned me to the flophouse, I checked the apartment for cameras or microphones. It was a stupid thing to do, but he had known when I cracked. I realized I hadn't been in the house. I had been walking. I looked at my phone.

I went to our cheap, notebook computer. Stace used it for school. The battery had died, but the power cord still worked. I looked up spying on cell phones. The old phones, like mine, could be set to listen even when folded and sleeping. What bum could afford that kind of surveillance? The kind that could afford to give away heroin, the answer came to me. I didn't understand it, but if figuring it out would save my family, I had to be the strong one.

Before the banks closed that Saturday, I deposited seven hundred dollars into my savings account, to spend on the credit debit, which fortunately wouldn't bill me for three weeks.

The next week passed slowly. Terry stopped by once, to dose Donald and throw a quick fuck into me, in the kitchen. He spoke with Stace in private. She told me after he left, and after I hid my cellphone in my husband's sock drawer.

"He gave me fifty dollars to buy a little girl dress." Stace's hand trembled. "He said there's a woman who will pay three hundred dollars to strip it off of me."

The woman wanted, specifically, a Sunday dress, the kind a ten year old might wear. Stace was much taller than any ten year old, but she found one that fit well enough. The ankle high dress barely covered my daughter's knees.

Following his orders, she donned it before dawn, the next Sunday. Terry sneered at me, when he took my baby girl away in the wee hours. My heart sank. My pussy clenched at a fat, black dick that wasn't there. I masturbated shamefully, imagining a horrible woman tearing off my daughter's new dress.

Terry walked Stace to a Baptist church. The woman must have had access. She let my girl into the chapel area, but locked out Terry. The sun rose promising on the horizon.

Stace looked at the perverted woman. She was black, older but not middle aged. She wore a church dress too, lavender with a silver pin. Her earrings were tiny sand dollars. She wasn't much taller than Stace, just by half a head.

The woman looked over my daughter. "You'll do, Sweetie." She pulled six, fifty dollar bills out of her purse and set them on a pew. "Those will be yours when I'm satisfied." Her hands trembled when they reached for the top buttons. "I knew a white girl in Sunday school. We would play sometimes. It was all very innocent, but I can't forget how it made me feel." She fumbled one button undone. "I'm glad you don't have much for breasts, Honey." She unbuttoned a second before cupping her hands on Stace's chest.

My daughter kept quiet, trying to ignore what was happening.

The woman slapped her face! "Don't you judge me, you little cunt!"

"I wasn't! I never did this before."

The woman's other hand caught Stace's cheek with a loud, SMACK! "Hush!" The woman unbuttoned the top of my daughter's dress. "Good. You got the training bra."

Stace didn't say the tight thing really hurt. She didn't want another slap.

"Oh, you have nice skin." The lady sniffed my daughter's cleavage. She shuddered.

Had the lady orgasmed? Stace couldn't stop her face from grimacing, but she blanked it before the woman noticed.

"Barbara was a pretty doll, naked." The woman kissed my daughter's pert nipples. Her hand reached up under the Sunday girl dress. "I'm going pull off your little panties." Another hand joined it and they found the undergarment's waist band. She tugged them down to Stace's ankles. Then the lady bent to sniff the crotch panel. Her body convulsed and she groaned. "MMMMnnnngggghhhh!!!"

Stace couldn't believe something so simple could bring a grown woman to orgasm. She assumed men were far more perverted.

"Sweetie, are you a virgin?" She looked up from the panties. "Don't lie to me, child." She threatened with a palm.

"I don't have a hymen anymore, but I never did it with a boy." She tried to give an answer that would earn another slap.

"I have to taste it to be sure." The woman looked fierce. Her hands lifted the pleated hem. "Sit on the pew and push your slit forward for your auntie."

"You're not suppose to touch me." Stace sniffed. She didn't like this lady.

The slap that followed was the hardest yet! "Don't tell me what I'm paying three hundred dollars for, you silly tart! Whatever Terry told you wasn't what I told him."


"Hush! or I'll slap your puss." She gripped Stace's hips and forced her next to the closest pew. "Now, sit and be a good little girl!"

Stace sobbed, but she sat. This wasn't the deal he had told her. She pushed her pelvis to the edge of the pew.

The lady threw the hem up to Stace's waist. She pushed her face between her legs and sniffed. "Barbara's was sweeter." She swiped her tongue up my daughter's slit. "But you're not bad. I guess you might be a virgin, at least enough to imagine it. Pussies get more sour every time a rotten dick goes into them!"

Clearly the woman thought all dicks were rotten. Stace sniffed back her bout of tears. The hot tongue kept lapping her puss. Her loins twitched from the sensations.

"Ooohhhh." The lady moaned. "If only you were Barbara." She complained, but she kept licking my daughter's cunt. She sucked the juices that started to flow from Stace's vulva.

She couldn't stop that. Stace told herself. Her sex tingled from the experienced tongue. She felt her inner wetness succumb to the woman's stimulation. It felt wrong. If the bastard with a knife hadn't threatened her, sucking him might not have felt worse than a woman sucking her. She didn't dare tell the woman how wrong it felt.

The lady kept licking and sucking. She occasionally moaned. Her hand reached up to Stace's naked torso and rubbed all around, front and back and sides, while she gave head to my daughter.

Stace felt her sex tremble. The woman was too experienced to miss it.

"Let Auntie make you cum, Girl." Her hands continued to roam Stace's body, lightly massaging every part.

I don't want that, my daughter told herself. Stace couldn't stop the tingles from becoming tremors. Her hips twisted and twitched. The hot mouth glued to her dripping cunt never stopped. It only adjusted postion and sucked in my daughter's turgid clit.

"OOOHHH!!!" Stace cried! She grabbed the woman's head and pulled it into her crotch.

"AAAAAAAAA!!!" The lady screamed into her cunt, swatting away my daughter's hands. She bolted up and slammed her hand across my daughter's face! "STUPID BITCH!" She struck Stace a second time, with better aim and more force. The blow knocked my daughter off of the pew. "No you don't! Not in the house of our Lord!" The lady pulled Stace's ear, hauling my hurt daughter painfully to her feet! "How DARE you force my head!" She slapped Stace again! "Out with you!"

By the ear, the lady dragged my daughter away, leaving her panties on the church's polished, wooden floor. She reached the main doors and unlocked them before thrusting Stace through!

A meaty hand slammed against a door before the lady could shut it. Terry stormed in. "What the fuck, Bitch!"

The lady retreated at the look of him. His features disgusted her enough, but his anger drove her down the main aisle.

"I heard you slapping her, Negress." Terry invaded the sacred place. "You gonna pay extra, now." He reached the pew with three hundred dollars and her purse. He snatched them up.

"She grabbed me, like I was the whore!" The lady complained.

"Did she?" Terry paused. He looked back.

Stace had reentered, to button her dress again. "I didn't mean to! She was sucking on me, and I couldn't control myself."

Terry turned to the lady. "I'll punish her for that, Lady. But did you suck her? I said you could have a couple licks."

"I got carried away. There's another hundred in my purse." She cast her eyes downward, red faced.

"I set the price." Terry shouted. He pocketed the three hundred and pulled another fifty from the purse. "I should charge you five hundred, but the little whore shouldn't have done that to you. I'm sorry." He dropped the purse on the pew and turned around. He marched back to Stace and grabbed her arm.

"I'm not done buttoning."

"We're done here." He pulled her outside. He let go when the pastor's car pulled into the parking lot. He led her in the opposite direction.

"Whores never grab a lesbo's head. Got it?"

"I didn't know. I wouldn't have-"

"If they want it, they'll tell you."

"Please don't punish me." Stace was far more afraid of that than her mistake.

"She hit you enough. I got a different plan." Terry didn't say more until they reached our home.

Stace managed to button her dress along the way.

"CUNT!" Terry hollered upon arriving. He glared at Stace. "You stay here, until I call you."

He and I stripped and we approached the couch. He plunked his fat down on the solidly built couch, and he hauled me on top of his bulk, fitting my cunt to his incredible cock. Several days had passed since it had filled me. Our one fuck in the middle of the week had merely teased my fuck hole. It was eager to suck him inside me. I looked away, not giving Terry the satisfaction of having tamed my cunt.

"You're little whore daughter earned a hundred and fifty dollars for you this morning, Cunt." He bucked his foul root up into my groin.

"A hundred and seventy five." Stace complained from the entry way.

"NO." Terry looked her way. "That extra fifty is mine, to keep that rich bitch a customer."

"She hurt me!" Stace reminded him. "You said she wouldn't touch me."

"Yeah, well, I said I'd punish you too."

I barked. "Terry! Don't you touch my daughter!" It was an empty threat. I didn't know what I'd do except stop humping back on his hungry cock."

Terry grabbed my hair from behind and pulled my head back until he could glare directly into my eyes. I swear he nearly broke my neck!

"You don't have a daughter when you're on my dick, Cunt!" He scowled. "Got that?"

"Please!" I didn't know if I meant my neck or Stace.

"You've got a cock. That's all you need take care of." He forced me to nod. "Good." He let my face slam into his stinking, hairy chest fat.

"Hump me, Damn you." He stopped his fuck motions.

I made my body writhe up and down, sucking in and spitting out his dick with my cunt.

He called out to the entrance. "Come over here, baby bitch." When she hesitated, he swore. "I'm not going to fucking hurt you!"

Stace had tears seeping out of her eyes, and she was shivering by the time she reached us. I looked away. I was so ashamed, being fucked by the man who was selling my daughter to evil people.

"You need to learn something." He started. "I assume you finger fuck. Don't lie to me."

She nodded slowly.

"Good. That's half of what you need to learn. I don't like little girls, and you're too little for me, but I gotta train you in this, or you won't be worth fifty cents in ten years."

"I already sucked you." Stace pouted

"HAH!" Terry burst. "That wasn't a suck!" Humor fled his voice. "Now get on this couch and straddle my face with your baby cunt!"

"NO!" I yelled.

A meaty hand walloped my head. "Shut the fuck up and fuck, Cunt!"

"I don't want to." Stacy refused.

"You want to keep making money?"

"Not if the customers hurt me!"

"That woman gave you a few slaps. You'll get use to that. Your mother is use to worse, but I'll never let a customer really hurt you."

What he talked about made the horrid man's cock even harder in my fucking cunt. He may not like girls, but he liked women getting beaten. He wasn't lying. He had cut off a man's toe for endangering my daughter. He would protect her.

"Now get that bare cunt of yours across my face. I saw your panties lying in the church."

"You won't hurt me?"

"I will if you don't get that ass up here pronto."

Stace sniffed fresh tears, but she climbed on the couch and then straddled his head. She knelt down, lifting her skirt away from his mouth.

Terry's anticipation surged through his loins, fucking me harder and faster. I was crying and fucking him back while my only daughter submitted to his lesson.


Stace stopped from burying his face with her curly hair sprinkled quim.

"Turn around." He wanted my daughter to face me. "It'll work better that way."

Stace obeyed. My whole body flushed red. I would have to watch my rapist sucking my dear child's young cunt. She rose and stepped around Terry's head. Then she squatted. His hands guided her. She gave me a look of pure hate. This was my fault. We both knew it. I had allowed this monster to attack our home. I should have died before letting him destroy what was left of our family.

The cock plugging my nest kept piercing me, while I watched my daughter sink her pussy to the evil man's mouth. His tongue darted out, touching her slit. She flinched. His hands steadied and pulled. "Lean forward." Stace obeyed until her face nearly touched mine. I had to look away.

My daughter reminded me. "You get half."

"Don't think about it, Stace. It's just this once."

"You don't get to decide anything when you're on that awful cock!" She nearly spat. "I'm not your daughter right now. I'm a whore in training. Uhhnnngg!!!" Her pupils became daggers. "He put his tongue in me."

I leaned further away. She leaned closer … whispered in my ear. "He's licking me, Mom."

Terry smacked my head firmly. "Unh!" It pushed me to face my daughter. She dodged. He didn't have to say anything. She was saying it for him. His cock and her words told the story. He fucked me steadily, driving cock up my slick chute with solid force.

"He sucking- Aahh! my clit."

Fat rough hands grabbed my tits and mauled them.

"I'm getting more juicy, Mom, while he fucks you." She sneered. "It's what cunts are made to do – get wet."

She couldn't have been as wet as I was, down there. The prick hauling in and out of me glided meatily but freely. Its surging power rocked me. My daughter sat calmly. Occasional twitches flared here and there but mostly around her waist.

"His lips are clamping my cunt, Mom. They and his tongue are going to make me cum. That's what he wants. Uuuuhhhgghhh! He's better than that church bitch."

"AAAAAAA!!!" I wailed as my first orgasm shook me. "STACE!!!! PLEASE!!!"

"You want me to cum too, Mom? Is that it?" The tongue dove in and out of her little cunt. "I think I will, Mom, but I'm not a slut like you."

Terry's cock piled drived into me, nearly flouncing my thighs away from his pile of belly. "OOOOHHHHH!!!" I cried out.

"Unnngghh." Stace breathed heavily. "I'm going to hold on- AAaaaa! a little longer."

A third orgasm shook me, and I cried out. "NOOOOOHHHHH!!!!" It was the strongest. I humped Terry back as hard as I could. Our bodies struck each other like heavy waves. My ass lifted and slammed down, sucking up his fat cock for all it was worth!"

"He w-wants me to ho- OOOOHHHH!!!" My daughter lost it. She screamed her big O.

Hot cum gushed into my pussy. My daughter's puss growled with Terry's voice. He couldn't last any longer either. His cock lurched and spat semen at my womb. His hands clawed into my tits, making me yell from pain, ratcheting my last cum up another notch. "UUUUNNNNGGGHHHH!!!" I howled.

The fat meat twitched, losing life. Stace grabbed for me and hugged. "Don't let him do it again, Mommy." She cried. She was my daughter again.

Our mutual reveries swam through our bodies and minds for lingering minutes. We huddled into a mound on the new couch. When pussies, cunts, cocks, and tongue could move no more, we waited until our heaving breaths calmed.

I ease myself off of the softening dingus plugging me, and I stepped off Terry and slipped out of Stace's arms. She looked puzzled for a second. While cum drained down my thighs, I sucked on the rancid cock that had filled me, until it was clean and hard again.

Stace moved, tried to lift her ass from Terry's face. He struck her butt and grabbed her hips. "NO!" He said, mouth briefly free of her cunt. He pulled it back to his face.

I climbed back on to the black man's giant belly and reinserted his prick. It filled me with what my body had been trained to miss. I lay across his chest until my hair tickled my daughter's crotch.

"Mom?" She sounded frightened, like a young woman should. "Why won't he let me go?"

"Sunday is a day of rest, Sweetheart, all day long."

to be continued…

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