[m/f, f/f] [wetting] Poolside Temptations – Chapter 3.

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This is the third part of an ongoing series. If you would like to start at the beginning, click here.

The rumors at school were intense, so much that no reasonably minded teenager would believe them. An underclassman had snuck into the women's room at a pool, masquerading as a girl to masterbate as he peeped on the others.


It had been a week since the alleged incident. A quiet week; Jules (or Tom as he was now being called) had kept his distance and my insides needed a chance to recover.

That didn't stop my teasing, though. My usual lower-than-necessary shorts had given way to low riding jeans with the fall weather, but that didn't stop the eyes tracing my waist or the hands gracing my ass in the hall.

Not all of them were classmates.

I sat down at the lunchroom with my tray. I felt my jeans creep down, turning my thong into a black whale tail. Hearing someone sit next to me I looked up expecting to see my friend Ashley, but instead it was Jules.

"You've got to help me, the teasing is relentless!" His voice was hushed but with intensity. Kinda hot. I thought about blowing him off, but remembered the video he had of me blowing him and paused. I placed his hand on my leg.

"Hmm.." I leaned in, batting my green eyes and excessive eyeshadow. Maybe it made me look easy, but sometimes it pays to be transparent. Like my thinly meshed bra, not that Jules could see it.

Not like there was much fabric to see.

"Meet me in American Eagle after school. Bring a friend." I shifted his hand to the inside of my thigh, and kept sliding it up

"How will that help?" His voice was getting weaker. He looked at me questioningly, buy no longer hopeless. Our hands had worked their way to my crotch. I pressed my hand into his, into my heat. A steady rhythm.

God, did I need it this bad again? Today was going to be another long day. I moved our hands up and unbuttoned my jeans, then slid our hands down on top of my thong. The cloth was more slick than I was expecting. I pushed his fingers – and my thong – into my vagina.

"That's for my amusement. You show up and I'll fix your problem." Jules looked even more unconvinced. Or maybe that was just the concern from Ashley sitting across from us. His hand tried to dart out of my panties, but I grabbed his wrist.

Ashley laughed. "Having a lunch time snack I see?"

Jules froze, then snuck his hand out.

"Was hoping for something a bit more filling than this," I motioned to my tray with my free hand. "But I guess I'll have to wait."

"Oh, I've got you covered," said Ashley as she changed to sit on my other side. Her fingers deftly found their way under my black cotton thong and I gasped as they immediately found my clit. I moaned – quite loudly – but covered by the cafeteria noise. I pushed my tray back and collapsed against the table as her expert fingers went to work.

"Run along now, boy," she said to Jules. He stood up, taking a long gander at my jeans which were now barely covering half my ass, the Y back of my thong on full display.

I don't know if he ever left. Ashley made short work of my pussy. I was glad too, maybe I'd finally pay attention in History.


Volleyball practice was hard as our coach pushed us. Today we were doing blocking drills, his favorite. Our breasts bounced, our shirts flew up, our butts clenched and we were sweating from the onset. I chugged water during our breaks, feeling an increasing fullness shoot pains with each jump.

Quite. Pleasant. Pains. With each landing I felt a small squirt, my pee mixing with the sweat to dribble down my legs and into my socks. I flipped my waistband down twice to relieve some pressure – or rather lower it. My nipples hardened and poked through my sports bra, both at the change in sensation and at knowing my white spandex underwear was showing.

On the next break I made eye contact with my coach. I pulled the bottom of my shirt up to wipe the sweat off my brow, and when I looked back at him his eyes were between my hips. I made a show of adjusting my athletic panties, pulling them and my shorts down just at the top of my slit before snuggling them back into place.

He walked over and gave me the obligatory smack on the ass to say good job as he ended practice, the girls doubled over in relief. His hand lingered, cupping my cheek as he gave his closing remarks. I felt his index finger push into my crack. I felt violated.

It was a shame he stopped.

As I walked to the locker room I let a small flow saturate any fiber of my clothing not already soaked, no longer needing to prevent the noise of the drips with all of the squeaking gym shoes.

I followed Jessica to the showers, admiring how her sweat soaked shorts grabbed inside her curves. She went to one of the three shower stalls with her clothes peeling off along the way and I joined her. She turned her back to the wall with eyes closed, curved her arms back and luxuriated under the water. Now where had I seen that look before?

She relaxed and I quietly observed, loving her cute tits but mostly sad I couldn't see her firm butt. And then a stream spouted.

It wasn't cute, but a race horse relieving it's desire. I stepped into the flow, then quietly yelped. Jessica's eyes shot open as she realized she was sharing a stall. She tried to stop the flow but couldn't; covered it with her hand but only managing to spray us both. I laughed and she then did too.

I slid my fingers down to open my pussy lips and peed back on her. Jessica's let out a "Fuck!" and then laughed harder. I hugged her in our laughter, feeling the shower water mix with our streams and run down our legs.

I ran my hands down her back and pushed my thigh between hers. After our streams subsided she realized she was grinding against me. I held her close, and without another word she let herself continue the motions. I ran my hands down her back and grabbed that perfect ass.

She was in it hot and heavy. When she pushed her head down into my chest I pushed it lower, down my stomach and between my legs. She kissed the outside of my vagina tenderly. I pushed my bladder hard and my stream started again. Her lips locked around my lower ones and her face was lost between my flow and the shower's. It was obvious she had no experience, but also that she knew her way around a female body.

After getting a bit weak in the knees I pulled Jess back to her feet and pushed her into the wall, wasting no time to slip my expert fingers into her. Unlike myself she had lost all sense of the moment and started moaning to the whole locker room. I had no choice but to kiss her.

As she climbed I told her, "Jules is my fault. I seduced him and now he's powerless. Just like you." Her inner walls grabbed at my two fingers. I rubbed her bean with my thumb and that sent her over the edge.

"Tell them you made it up. That it was my cousin after all. Then I'll owe you one. And you know how good I can be." I slid a third finger up inside her.

Jessica gasped and promised a hasty "Anything," grabbing at my hand but not knowing whether to push it in further or pull it out. I made the obvious choice for her and she came on my hand.

"Shower time's over, time to go home." I turned to the side and saw coach observing us. He was obviously hard.Jessica sheepishly collected herself and scurried to her locker.

"Give me a second, I'm still a bit dirty." I looked him straight in the eyes as I soaped up my fingertips and began massaging my clit. I leaned back against the wall, letting out soft gasps of pleasure before closing my eyes, going full on pornstar. I slid my fingers deep inside, arching my back to show coach how another finger fit in my ass. His eyes never left mine.

I came. He made no movement until I went to leave too. He stopped me, the back of my wet body pressed against his gym teacher outfit. He thrust against my ass, bending me over with his hands grabbing my thighs.He dry – or rather wet – fucked me for ten or so minutes. It was humiliating and I felt helpless, getting no physical pleasure.. And yet I never wanted it to stop.

He must have pulled his cock out at some point because he spun me around, shooting his load all over my breasts.

"No, now you're dirty. Go get dressed."

I did, feeling cheap and used and fucking wonderful. He watched me walk to my locker, watched his cum squish between my tits and mesh bra. I pulled up my thong and jeans but still felt naked as I left the locker room and made my way toward Abercrombie and Fitch.

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