Hot peach cream pie [MF]

You have arrived at the address you received and, as instructed you open the door and enter the cool entranceway from the heat of the day. Doubt races through your mind. “this is insane, I’ve never even met this guy before.”

Your heels click on the tiled floor as you walk down the hallway. “Third door on the right” you repeat to yourself. The message had been so very enticing. “Hot peach cream pies available. Enquiries to u/maybe_even_a_lot

“Come in please,” drifts through the door. You push on the door which opens heavily and silently. You step inside the room. Dappled sunlight pours through timber blind hades. As your eyes adjust to the room you see a well worn leather chesterfield couch against the wall. A massage table is positioned in the middle of he room atop a large fibre rug.

“Where did the voice come from,” you wonder before your memory reminds me of your instructions: Disrobe and mount the table. Await your pleasure. Your summer dress slips from your shoulder and falls to the floor silently. Kicking your shoes off you run your hands over your bare ass. “Wasn’t any point putting underwear on,” you think to yourself. Your nipples are erect in the cool air, and you walk quickly to the table which you climb atop

You lie with your face down, looking out to the tree leaves which move gently in the hit afternoon breeze outside your window. Two warm hands are placed on your body: one on your shoulder, the other on your buttock. “Breath,” the voice that sounded so disembodied earlier is now deep and warm, close to your ear. Obeying you take a deep breath into your belly. “I must have been holding my breath for a while!” you think to yourself. His hands start working into the the muscles of your back. Finding and working to release the tension that you have been carrying, for god knows only how long.

He is moving around the table now, strong hands working you methodically. You feel the hot slick release as your pussy floods itself from the tension you have been holding since first accepting this assignment. His body moves into view. His lightly tanned body is covered in neatly manicured black hair. Your gaze moves down to his cock which is half erect, swinging clumsily as he steps closer to the head of the table. You reach out and run a nail along the top of his shaft. “Cheeky girl,” he murmurs. “Don’t rush it.”

He is standing at the head of the table now. His arms reaching over your head and massaging your shoulders and upper back. You turn your head slightly, and you swear you can feel the heat of his body on your cheeks. Your eyes watch his member as you see that it continues to fill with blood, his head swelling to tightness behind his fore skin. As it fills with blood he continues to rise towards your face, and in a moment his engorged glans are directly in front of your lips. He continues to massage you and his cock gently taps against your mouth as it sways with his rhythmic movement. “Oops sorry,” he chuckles, obviously not meaning it.

This was enough of an invitation for you and you lunge your head forward, your lips greedily taking his fattened head into your mouth like some man sized cherry. He runs a hand through your hair and takes a firm but gentle handful of your hair, preventing or from interfering with your task. He leans forward slowly but relentlessly as you take his hardness deeper into your mouth. His other hand reaches between your ass and a finger rubs along your slick labia, gently spreading them before working more deeply into your pussy.

You groan as his fingers caress your clitoris and you are surprised by how much you are enjoying having your face fucked. Your tongue furiously massages the long thick passage along the base of his cock, in an effort to coax a hot load of semen into your throat. “You are here because you are a peach,” he reminds you. “And I am here to turn you into a cream pie.” With this he pulls away from the table and you give up his cock with a long trail of your spit stretching from the tip of his cock to your face.

He stands back from the table and motions to the couch. You swing you legs from the table and sit down on the leather, which is cool against your warm ass. He in’s between your legs now, his hot tongue teasing your tight asshole. “I need you inside me,” you gasp. In a flash he is atop you and you moan deeply as his cock enters your pussy and he thrusts deeply. You feel his balls against your ass as he thrusts into you, pushing with each motion upwards, his cock massaging the roof of your hot cunt.

Buried up to the hilt his arms wrapped about you and he flips you over. Riding him now you reach behind him and grab his balls. “Give it to me,” you growl as you grind into his lap. His thrusts become more urgent now and your feel a bolt of electricity as you begin to orgasm. He is moaning loudly and suddenly you feel a throbbing deep in your pussy as he floods you.

“That is how we make a peach cream pie,” you smirk as he pulls out of you. His hot spunk is dripping from you. “And now I want to eat it!” he exclaims as he pulls you higher up. You sit on his face as he greedily laps up the mixture of the two of you. He has two fingers inside you as his tongue lashes your clit, and you shudder as you come a second time.

You lie atop him now on the couch, and no words come to either of you as you wait for your energy to return.

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