The Harry Potter Sex Series: Part 13

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Dudley and Emily were woken the next morning as her alarm clock began to ring. The sudden noise shocked Dudley and for a second he wondered where he was. It took a still very naked Emily to turn around and hit the snooze button to bring him back to his senses. Instantly the memories of the night before came back to him, lighting up his face with a smile.

'Good morning Dudley.' Emily said, as she leaned in to lightly kiss him. The kiss still shocked him a little, but not as much as feeling her bare tits press against him and her hand run up his inner thigh.

'Umm good morning.' he nervously replied, unsure where to put his own hands, finally just resting them on her hips.

'I've got to go see one of the tutors at the uni in a bit but your welcome to hang around for a bit if you want?' she asked quietly.

'Yeah that sounds like a nice idea.'

'Ok well I'm going to take a shower. So do you want to go get us some breakfast? There's a little café around the corner.'

'Yeah sure.'

'Ok let me just grab you some money.' she said, climbing out of the bed.

Dudley tried to reply but the view of her naked arse lightly bouncing as she walked away was enough to leave him speechless. When she finally returned with a £10 note he found his voice.

'It's ok I've got some money, breakfast will be my treat. It's the least I can do to say thank you for looking after me last night.'

'The orgasm you gave me last night was enough of a thank you.' She said with a embarrassed smile. 'But if you're sure then the keys hanging by the door so let yourself back in.'

She walked into the bathroom and left him lying in the bed all alone.

Dudley quickly got out of bed and began to retrieve his clothes. He felt guilty as he buttoned up his shirt. Yesterday had been his parents funeral, but after last night he felt happy. He was sure that wasn't normal, but he could only imagine his parents would be happy that he'd met a girl he likes.

A few times his Mum had tried setting him up with her friends daughters. It had never worked though. She'd always pick out the ones from upper class family’s, and at the age of fifteen and sixteen Dudley was far from interested in some stuck up girl who wouldn't shut up about how great her private school was.

Finally Dudley was dressed. The only clothes he had were those that he'd wore to the funeral the day before, and he'd certainly look out of place walking around this area in a suit. Thankfully the summer hadn't died out yet and bright sunshine was beaming through the kitchen window. Praying it was as warm as it looked outside, he left his suit jacket and tie on the bed and unbuttoned his shirt a little to try and look more casual.

Picking the key up off the hook by the door he made his way outside. He had no idea where this café was, to be fair to himself though Emily's naked form was a big enough distraction for him to forget to ask. He'd just have to find his own way there, it couldn't be to hard.

He made his way across the car park outside until he reached the entrance gate. Looking down the road to the left hand side all he could see were more flats, and he doubted the café would be that way. So he turned right, where he could already see some small shops at the end of the street.

After a minute or two he managed to find the café that Emily was on about. Making his way in side he noticed the few tables they had were occupied with businessmen in suits. Maybe he wouldn't have looked out of place after all.

The rest of the café was how you would expect it to be, wooden laminated floors and a couple of tables and chairs cramped inside. Framed pictures were hung on the wall and flowers placed in vases to make the place look more comfortable and welcoming. The smell of fried bacon was drifting through the air and Dudley suddenly realised how hungry he was. The kind old lady behind the counter welcomed him with a smile.

'What can I get you dear.' She said, indicating the enlarged menu on the wall behind her.

'Ermmm…' Dudley stuttered, glancing at the menu. He had no idea what food Emily liked. There was quite a collection to choose from but that didn't help at all. 'Can I have two full English breakfasts to take out please.'

He'd decided to play it safe. Most people liked a full English, so he just hoped that Emily did too.

The old lady behind the counter returned after a couple of minutes with two breakfasts packed away in containers and their cups of tea placed in cup holders. He paid and quickly began to make his way back the the flat before their food got cold.

When he let himself back into the flat Emily was finished showering and had gotten dressed.. well sort of. She'd managed to put a pair of lacy underwear on as she dried her hair in the mirror, although her boobs were uncovered and in plain view of Dudley.

He managed to just shrug it off though. After all he'd seen and played with them last night. Although his cock still hardened slightly at the sight.

'Ermmm I’ve got breakfast, I didn't know what you liked so I just got us a full english each.' He shouted through to her over the sound of the hair dryer blowing.

Turning the hair dryer off, she shook her hair out of her eyes and turned round to face him.

'Yeah that's great, thank you.' she said, taking a seat at the table and pulling her breakfast in front of her.

Dudley took a seat opposite her in front of his own food. 'So do you always have breakfast topless?'

She looked up from her food and smirked at him. 'No I normally have it naked but seeing as I have a guest I thought I best put at least some clothes on.'

'Makes sense I suppose.' Dudley responded, forcefully looking at his food. He'd managed to shrug of seeing her topless a minute ago, but sitting down having breakfast practically naked was something completely new to him.

'Which makes me wonder.' Emily added. 'Why have you not joined me and took your own clothes off?'

'Do you want me to take them off?'

'I certainly wouldn't mind.' she said with a cheeky wink.

Dudley just had to laugh. He'd honestly never met anyone like her before. Which was probably why he then stood up and removed the clothes that he'd not long put on, until he was down to nothing but his boxers.

'Happy now?' He asked.

'Not entirely, I don't like that we're still wearing underwear. It's all a bit to formal.' she replied, her face still light up with a cheeky smile.

Dudley's confidence was growing, and he was quickly feeling more comfortable. 'Well we can always change that.'

'We can indeed.'

Emily stood up too, and together they took off the last piece of clothing they both had. They just awkwardly laughed at each other and then sat back down to finish their food. But after that it was very difficult to concentrate on their food. You see the kitchen table was clear glass and Emily was making a show of spreading her legs to bare all to him. Equally she could see the reaction she was having on him, as his cock quickly grew to its full length.

Minutes passed and eventually they managed to finish their food.

'Do you want to chill out on the sofa whilst I clear up here? You can watch some television or something.' Emily said as she stood up from the table.

'Umm sure.' Dudley responded, standing up as well and making his way over to the sofa.

He turned the TV on and lay back on the sofa flicking through the channels. There wasn't much on at this time of the day so he settled with some show about antiques.

After a couple of minutes Emily walked over to him. He still couldn't stop himself from staring at her perky tits or her shaven pussy. Thankfully it looked like she enjoyed having his attention. She sat down next to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

'Dudley, remember what I told you last night?'

'Ermm what do you mean?'

'Well I said if you still had this in the morning I'd take care of it.' she said, wrapping her hand around his hard cock.

He shook slightly at the contact. 'Yeah I remember now.'

'Well sit back and enjoy.'

And she slowly began to stroke his cock. Pulling her soft hands up and down, occasionally rubbing his head. He turned to her and leaned in for a kiss, theirs lips parting and they began exploring each others mouths with their tongues. She reached out with her other hand and began to cup his balls, squeezing them gently. Her pace soon picked up and she could feel his breathing getting heavier. He was beginning to moan into her mouth and she worked both of her hands on his cock and balls. Bless him she thought to herself as with a single gasp he exploded, his cum firing onto his naked body. He hadn't lasted long but she knew that she was the first girl to touch him, and after all she herself had not lasted long the night before when he had gone down on her.

'I know what your going to say, but you haven't got time to return the favour because I've got to go to this meeting with my tutor now.' She said. 'But if you want to stay here while I'm gone then we can fool around some more later.'

'Okay.' was all Dudley could reply as he continued to pant softly.

'Why don't you have a shower, and I'll bring us some dinner home tonight on my way back.'

'Ermm I should probably ask Harry to pick me up and then come back later if that's ok?'

'It's up to you, I don't mind you having some friends around. I'd like to meet them all properly anyway.' she said with a smile.

'Ok then, but don't worry about picking dinner up. We'll order it later tonight.' He replied, reaching for some tissues to wipe the cum that still pooled on his stomach.

'Sounds good to me, anyway I need to go. See you later darling.' She said, giving him one last kiss.

Half an hour later there was a knock on the flat door.

Dudley had used the note that Harry had left him yesterday to get in touch. He'd mentioned to him about coming round for some food as Emily wanted to meet them all and also he needed some fresh clothes. So after a quick shower he'd dressed and was ready in time to answer the door to his friends.

'You alright mate?' Harry asked as Dudley let him, Ginny and Hermione into the flat. 'Ron has quidditch practise so couldn't make it. He said maybe some other time though.'

'Yeah I'm great and that's fine. Hey Ginny and Hermione.' Dudley said as he lead them over to the sofa.

'Hello Dudley.' They both responded, taking a seat.

'So this is Emily's flat then? Where is she by the way?' Harry asked, noticing that Dudley was alone.

'She's had to go to her University to speak with her tutor. But she'll be back in a couple of hours.' Dudley explained.

Hermione's attention was caught immediately. 'Ohhh what's she studying?'

'Ermm some teaching course. She wants to be a primary school teacher.'

'Ohh that's a very responsible job.' Hermione responded with a smile. 'It's a lot of hard training though, so I bet she's really clever.'

Ginny let out a snigger. 'Watch out Dudley, Hermione's got her eye on her already!'

Hermione rolled her eyes and lay back on the sofa without a word as everyone else laughed.

'So you're getting on together then mate?' Harry asked.

Ginny looked up again.'Getting on? He stopped the night didn't he. I bet they've been shagging all morning.'

Dudley went bright red. Ginny had a way with getting away with saying anything, and never getting embarrassed. 'It's not like that, we just hung out.'

'Yeah well we're happy for you Dudley.' Harry said, before looking around at the flat. 'So what do we do until she gets home?'

'I think she's got some video’s in her room, I’m sure she wouldn't mind us watching one.'

Emily didn't know what to expect as she approached her front door. The truth was that for the last couple of hours her flat had been occupied by complete strangers, who she'd never spoken to before. Despite knowing Dudley for less than a day, she did trust him however. She didn't know where that trust came from, she just knew that it was there. Composing herself, she pulled out her spare key and opened the door.

Dudley was sat around the TV with three other people. She recognised them all from the funeral yesterday and the other lad with dark hair was clearly his cousin Harry. Wondering what on earth was in store for the next couple of hours she made her way over to them.

Dudley stood up and came over to welcome her back with a kiss. She had to admit she was a little disappointed to see him in a hoody and some plain jeans. She'd rather enjoyed sitting around all morning naked with him, but they'd be plenty of time for that later.

'Hello everyone.' She said with put on confidence.

They were all nice enough to come over and introduce themselves. It made her feel more comfortable.

'We put on a video, I hope you don't mind?' Dudley said as he pulled over to the sofa so they could sit together.

'No that's fine, which one did you watch?'

'Independence Day.'

'Ahhh good choice!'

Eventually they all sat back down around the TV, mostly looking awkwardly at one another. Emily tried thinking of a way for them all to relax. After all it was her home and she should make the effort to make them feel welcome.

'Would any of you like a drink? I've got some beers in the fridge or there's a bottle of wine open.' She asked, getting up to fetch some drinks. Alcohol was always a good choice to help break the ice.

They all told her what drinks they'd like and thanked her, and she went to get another film for them to watch. She wasn't sure what they'd like but she decided to go with a comedy. Everyone likes comedy films. Plus there was a new one she hadn't watched yet called There's Something About Mary.

So they all sat around with their drinks as the film started up. Light conversation started to break out as her three new guests asked her about her life. She asked some questions back, about school and what jobs they hoped to have, but they gave really restricted answer. They were probably just nervous she thought.

The further through the film they got the more everyone started to open up. The drinks had been refilled a few times and they were all starting to become a little drunk. Lucky she had plenty of wine then.

As the film ended they all got a surprise when Ron turned up. Apparently he'd got back to the Burrow to find that they were still all out and had guessed they were making a night of it. So even more glasses of wine were drunk and pizza was ordered and eaten.

As the night continued Emily put some music on and fetched a bottle of vodka from her cupboard. She was really enjoying herself with what she now called her new friends. She couldn't believe how nice they all were.

Everyone enjoyed having a a dance in the flat. The music was up loud, they were all drunk and not a minute passed where one of the three couples weren’t snogging or grinding up one another whilst dancing.

Eventually though the alcohol and dancing tired them out and they all sat down to recover. The lads just crashed down on the sofa and lay about barely speaking. Ginny and Hermione however had other idea's. They grabbed a hold of Emily's hand and dragged her into her bedroom.

'Hey, what's going on?' Emily slurred.

'Well Hermione and I want to know all the juicy gossip? Dudley wouldn't tell us anything!'

'There's nothing tell though.'

Ginny and Hermione looked at each other in agreement. 'Something definitely happened didn't it!'

'Ohh alright, maybe something did happen.' Emily said, going bright red but smiling naughtily.

Ginny continued to question her. 'Did you have sex?'

'No, I'm a virgin.' Emily replied, not entirely sure why she was telling them this, but not caring because she was drunk. 'And I do want to sleep with him.. but like.. I dunno, I'm not ready I don't think. And he said it's fine to wait.'

Hermione's face went all dreamy. 'Awww how sweet. But you fooled round right?'

'Well I sucked his willy.' She said whilst sniggering at the dirty word. 'And he went down on me.'

'Did he get you to cum?' Ginny said, almost demanding the answer.

'Yeah he was great, I felt all tingly after.' Emily responded, and they all burst out laughing.

Now that Hermione and Ginny had their gossip the three of them made their way back into the living room to the boys, who were still lay about muttering nonsense to one another.

Emily leaned over in front of Dudley and whispered into his ear so no one else would hear. 'I'm so horny. Get in my bedroom now!'

Dudley's eyes lit up and he was instantly wide awake, half dragging her into her room.

Hermione and Ginny soon found their way to their boyfriends, snuggling up on the sofa to fall asleep.

Inside the bedroom as soon as the door closed Emily and Dudley were tearing at each others clothes, kissing ferociously. Dudley pressed her against the wall, kissing her neck whilst kneading one of her boobs and squeezing her arse with his other hand. Emily had one arm wrapped around Dudley's head to keep him close, whilst her other made its way, snake like, between their bodies, pushing inside his trousers to squeeze his rock hard cock.

With all the will power she could muster she pushed him back.

'What?' Dudley uttered in surprise at being pushed away.

'Clothes off! I can't wait any longer.'

They both stood in front of each other, pulling at their own clothes as quick as they could until they were both stood naked.

'Lie down.' Emily told him, although not giving him a choice anyway and pushing him onto the bed. She crawled up over him and turned around so that he wet pussy was hovering inches above his waiting mouth. She knew what she was going to do, her friend at college had told her all about the 69 position.

Without another moments wait she widened her legs a little bit more, pressing her pussy down onto his mouth which his tongue reacted to instantly. The first lick of his tongue had her moaning. The alcohol had made her so horny that her body was begging for some release.

Leaning forwards she took Dudley's hard cock in her hand, stroking him slowly. Wasting no time she reached out her tongue and licked his head, before engulfing it in her mouth. She stroked the base of his cock with her hand whilst sucking on the head, pulling away every few seconds to moan out in the pleasure that Dudley's tongue was giving her. He was licking her clit and she couldn't control her hips from grinding her pussy into his mouth.

She pulled her mouth away from his cock one more time to gasp .'Dudley I want you to cum for me.'

She didn't hear his response but felt the mumbling of his mouth on her pussy. She began to suck on his cock again and moments later his cum exploded into her mouth, filling it. She spluttered for a second and then regained her composure and managed to swallow the lot. She wasn't sure what had made her keep her mouth there when she felt him cumming. She hadn't liked the taste of his cum but she didn't regret it.

Dudley had recovered from his orgasm and was back to work on Emily's clit. Licking and sucking, he could feel her body start to tense up on top of him. Now that she wasn't using her mouth she was letting out a flow of loud moans.

'Oh God Dudley, keep going…just there… oh fuck yes.'

His jaw was starting to ache but he carried on giving his best to please her.

'Oh god.. soo nearly… really.. veryy… oh yes yes YES! THERE!! Urghhhhhh'

Emily's body went into a fit of ecstasy on top of him, squirming about as she squealed in pleasure. He carried on licking her clit until she let out a final gasp and her body went limb on top of him.

Minutes past where they just lay there. The sweet scent of Emily's pussy filling Dudley's lungs, and Emily resting her head on his thigh, his soft cock still in her hand. Eventually she pulled herself off of him and they both climbed into bed.

'Goodnight sweetheart.' Dudley whispered as he pulled her in close to him.

Everyone woke the next day with terrible hangovers. The group gathered round the kitchen nursing their headaches with glasses of water and any scrapes of food they risked eating.

'Bloody hell last night was mental.' Ron said, the first thing he'd said all morning.

'Tell me about it.' Emily said from the sofa. Despite her hangover she and Dudley were really happy snuggled up on the sofa together.

After an hour of lying around hoping their hangovers would disappear, with no luck, they decided they should probably tidy up. Everyone started picking up empty bottles and putting glasses in for wash. Pizza boxes were spread out over the room, which were soon gathered up.

Hermione was the last to finish tidying up and as she made her way back to the sofa she slipped and knocked an expensive glass ornament onto the floor where it shattered.

'I'm so sorry.' She said guiltily as she looked down at the broken shards of glass.

'It's ok, easily fixed.' Ron said before anyone else could speak up, and with out thinking flicked his wand causing all the broken glass to weld itself together and float back up onto the side.

Everyone looked from Ron to Emily in shock until she finally spoke.

'What?… How… How did you do that?

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