Lap Dance

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It’s midafternoon, and you and I are out on the patio. It’s highly likely that we could be seen by anyone passing by. But that doesn't bother us. Frankly its kind of kinky doing it out here in the open. You're sitting on my lap, facing me. I have my arms around you with my hands on your ass. Your skirt is raised up and you aren't wearing any panties. Your blouse is open and you’re not wearing a bra either. You put your arms around my neck and your tits are pressing against my chest as we’re kissing hard and passionate. You start rocking yourself against my cock. Breaking the kiss, you reach between us and takemy hard cock in hand and press the head against the opening of your pussy. You pull yourself forward, closing your eyes. I can’t help but moan to the feeling the tightness of your pussy as it grips my huge cock. You start doing a lap dance and fucking yourself on my cock. Up and down, back and forth, you're riding me. Your vaginal muscles are clenching around my cock, and I’m throbbing furious. "Whoa, baby, slow down," I say. But no. You start dancing on my cock even more relentless than when we started. I see the lust in your eyes. You're not ready to stop. As you ride me hard, I’m bucking upward, thrusting myself harder into your burning pussy. You suddenly cry out, “Oh Fuck!”, as you feel me start to twitch inside of you. You look into my eyes and tell me to do it. Cum inside of you. “Fill my pussy with your hot cum!” My balls are tight, and my heart is racing. I can hear my pulse rushing pass my ears. In the next instant, my balls explode sending a hot gush of man cream into your sweet pussy. Your vaginal muscle clench around my pull and I can feel it slicken even more than it was as orgasm washes over you.


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