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“Wow,” I said, “I’ve taken a lot of family photos, and I have to say you four have been the easiest yet. Your kids are so well-behaved and photogenic. No offense Mark, but before we’re done, can I get one of just the girls?”


Mark walks over by his parents, as I position the girls

“Megan, just cradle Mary and try to get her to face the camera. Emily, stand right in front of mommy.” I instruct.

Megan lifts Mary, with Emily backing up tight against her legs.

“Mmmmm”, I say under my breath. Then louder “Such a perfect and attractive family. I’m really the lucky one.”

20 pictures click off in rapid succession. All catching different degrees of smile and eye contact.

I turn around and look at the sky. The sun is starting to set and I check my watch.

“Well, I’ve kept you 10 minutes longer than the session, I apologize for that. But how did you like it? I know you said it was your first professional photo shoot”

“It was great” Emily says excitedly, while Mark just smiles. I could tell it’s not his thing, as is the case with most men.

“And you Megan?”

“It was nice, especially having the whole family here”

As the family begin to organize their things, I call Mark over to me.

“I know it’s a little odd to offer anything for free these days, but if you’d like, I’d really enjoy taking a few photos of you and Megan before we run out of light. I really liked working with you guys and I have a bunch of new equipment I’d like to test, so it would be on the house of course. And you get a bunch of extra pictures. It may take a bit so if you want to send the girls home with your parents that would be best.”

“I’ll have to ask” Mark says, “It’s been a long day. But you’re right, the girls should probably go home and get something to eat with my folks”

Mark talks with Megan, I can see she’s a little unsure, but he motions with his hands and I can make out that it’s only for a few more minutes and it’s free.

Megan finishes packing up the girls’ things and watches as they leave with their grandparents, then follows Mark as they make their way to the bridge at the edge of the park where we were taking pictures earlier.

“Again I apologize, I just couldn’t let this opportunity be missed. There’s no one else in the park and the sun is setting but we have a little time. I just want you two to be yourselves and you’ll have some amazing photos”

Mark and Megan look at each other and smile, it would be nice to have some just of themselves.

“Just stand together facing each other, holding hands, looking at me… that’s perfect”

Multiple pictures click off. I walk around getting different angles.

“Let’s come over in the grass for a few pictures”

I take my equipment and move around the corner to an even more secluded spot with a smaller bridge going over a small pond, and a waterfall feeding into the pond. The rest of the park can’t even be seen from where I positioned the two of them.

Several more photos are clicked off as they walk and get in the hidden area.

“Megan, why don’t you slip off your boots and socks, I want this to look playful and back to nature.”

She gives a surprised and nervous look to Mark.

“I thought it was just a few photos of us?” she questions

“It’s ok hon,” Mark says “you do have very pretty feet and I know you just painted your toenails. You should show them off.”

“The photos will look more relaxed and intimate, and the grass will feel good, I promise” I interject.

She sits down on the soft grass, unsure, but slowly unzips each boot and slips them off. Pulling off her socks she stuffs them inside her boots.

Shyly Megan pushes her toes into the cool grass, still shy about showing them. She looks up as she hears the click of the camera shutter and sees the lens focussed tight to her feet and her fresh and neat toenail polish.

“Mark was right, your feet are very pretty.” I say. Holding the camera in one hand, I kneel down. Slowly sliding my hand across her foot, brushing the dirt and grass away, then lifting her foot slightly, I raise the camera and take several more photos close-up. She lets out a little gasp at my first touch on her foot but doesn’t say anything. I keep brushing along her foot, on the top and slightly along the side of her arch, barely touching it with a very light caress, my fingers tracing the curve of her arch barely against her skin but I can clearly feel the wrinkles of her soles.

“Such pretty feet” I say softly as I reposition her feet slightly apart, setting them on the grass, giving each foot a slow caress across her toes. Her legs now spread in front of me as her jeans tighten on her thighs.

Megan falls back a little into Mark’s arms as the change in position causes her to lose balance. Leaning back, I snap a few pictures.

“Megan that’s a great look, pull you feet together so they are in the shot too.”

Megan pulls her feet together, knees tight against one another. Her knees high, hiding her face.

I snap a few photos, then reach forward, touching her knee and slowly push it to the side.

“Keep your feet together beautiful, but don’t hide your pretty face”

Leaning even further back on Mark, Megan’s knees spread, her jeans tight on her legs again as the camera clicks multiple photos. Looking up I see Megan’s eyes have closed and has this thoughtful look on her face that is very erotic.

I take a few steps back “Ok now Megan look up at Mark and you Mark look down at her.” I add with a wink “Pretend you love each other”. That gets a chuckle from both of them and I snap more pictures, their full bodies in the frame but the focus is on her feet, and I also sneak a lot of closeups on her feet and her wrinkly soles when they think I am taking pictures of them as a couple.

“Alright Mark, why don’t you do like Megan and take your shoes off? We can get some pretty cool pictures here”

Mark nods and takes off his shoes then socks, then sits back down behind Megan. I take her feet in my hands again, my thumb on the top and my other fingers on her sole, gently caressing her soles as I lift her feet to reposition them together in front of her, stopping at each toe and gently taking the toe in my fingers, tracing its outline, rubbing my fingers between her toes. I can clearly see goosebumps on her shins as the legs of her jeans are pulled up a bit by the position.

“Mark, just sit behind her and put your feet on either side of hers” I say, and I snap more closeup pictures of her feet as he does that.

I keep snapping pictures of this lovely couple and with every pose change I reach out and touch Megan’s feet again with every opportunity, arching them more, putting them on Mark’s feet when I can, explaining to them it looks a lot more intimate like that. I get them to stand again and I continue my charade, touching Megan’s feet more and more, placing Mark behind her, his arms around her waist, her arms over his or up around his neck, arching her feet this way or that way, getting braver and touching her lower leg as I reposition her.

“Alright guys face each other, Megan put one of your feet on Mark’s and caress it with your foot *snap* and now kiss like before *snap* great, put more passion in the kiss would you? *snap snap snap*

I can tell the foot play has her more comfortable than they had planned, and I decide at this moment I have to take advantage of the situation and see just how far I can push this, looking at the waterfall and getting some nice ideas..

“The sun is still up and I have great light, you guys are great. It’s just… hmmm… Megan I can see the outline of your bra through your shirt. I don’t wanna sound inappropriate but I’d love to get some pictures without that showing if we could”

Megan and Mark look surprised at first then at each other.

“You’ll be facing Mark just like now so we’re just trying to hide that bra outline” I add.

They nod and Megan reaches behind her back, slowly undoes the clasp of her bra, and pulls it out one of her sleeves. She then throws it on the grass next to her boots.

At this moment I have to use all of my skills as a photographer who knows his hardware through and through and I snap pictures without the lovely couple realizing, first of her bare feet on the grass with her discarded lacy black bra and boots in the frame, then as she turns back towards Mark, a rapid-fire string of picture of what I can guess and will confirm later looking at the pics is the amazing outline of her breasts, areolas and nipples poking through her shirt.

She faces Mark back, their arms around each other, and I direct them to kiss again “Go at it guys, you’re married, don’t hesitate to really kiss each other and show me how much you love each other”

They kiss again and I smile as they follow my directions and are pretty much making out now. I snap closeups of their lips together, mouths slightly open, and Megan’s lovely tongue slowly playing with Mark’s in his mouth. Mark slides his hands down Megan’s back as the kissing becomes passionate. Over the small of her back and down to the top of her ass.

As they stand chest to chest, pressing hard against each other as they kiss, I tell Mark to kiss the left side of her neck. As Mark leans to his left and begins kissing her neck, Megan leans her head to the side, obviously enjoying and turned on by the kissing. The snaps of the camera have become so commonplace they’ve become like white noise and aren’t even noticed.

As Mark kisses lower on her neck, their bodies separate. With Mark kissing her neck, her shirt is tight against her bare breast. The camera clicks faster but neither even hear it anymore, the outline of her breast, her areola slightly visible through her top, her nipple now hard, pressing out through her top. *snap* *snap* *snap*

Bending down, I take a few photos of her feet, so pretty in the grass. Then pointing the camera upwards, see the curve of her breast and her nipple silhouetted, more exposed through her thin top.

I stand up and lean close to Megan. “Unbutton Mark’s shirt and start to kiss his chest” I whisper to her.

Stepping back and continuing to take pictures I say louder “This is your time, just the two of you, enjoy it”. Megan has the top buttons of Marks shirt undone, kissing below his chin as her hands continue down until they’re all undone. Megan kisses her way back up Marks chest, sliding his shirt off his shoulders. He catches it in his hand as it falls off and tosses it to the side near the shoes and Megan’s black bra.

Megan begins kissing down Mark’s chest again as the camera snaps photos. As she nears his belly Mark reaches down and begins to lift her shirt, pulling it up slowly, exposing her back and belly. Her shirt bunches under her arms and under her breasts, lifting them slightly. I move to get better angles of her newly bared skin and her feet, arching more as she squats kissing Marks mid-section.

I can tell they’re both getting into it now. I look at Mark and give him a single nod, lifting my head, then raising the camera to snap. As Megan kisses his belly, he pulls more on her top. She instinctively lifts her arms, almost forgetting she’s in a park with another man taking pictures.

Her back, almost full exposed, as the front of the shirt puts more and more pressure under her large breasts. She continues to kiss Mark’s belly, backing away from him just a little as my camera snaps. Her top begins to slip, then in an instant, it breaks over her breasts, causing them to lift under the top, then fall out, bouncing slightly as they rest exposed against her chest. The camera snaps as I move slightly getting a better view of her dark bare areola.

Mark lifts her upward, pulling her top over her head and tossing it on the ground next to her shoes. They press tightly together and kiss passionately. I can tell the warmth of their bare chests touching and the kissing has taken them to the next level of passion. I let them kiss without making a sound, except for the click of the camera.

“You both look amazing” I finally whisper. “Mark lets showcase Megan a little more before the natural light goes away. Turn her toward me, and stand behind her. Mark cover her beautiful breasts with your hands. Megan, reach behind you and put your hands on Marks hips”

They arrange themselves as I instruct, camera snapping pictures as they do. Megan grabs Mark’s hips. Mark has her breasts covered, but slides his fingers around slowly, still teasing her nipples slightly. I can tell the kissing has taken affect as Megan’s hips press harder against Mark, no doubt feeling his erection behind her.

The camera clicks rapidly and I capture Megan’s breasts, glimpses of areola peeking out from Mark’s covering hands. Her belly, tightening as she presses against him. Her feet, one firmly planted, the other, alternating between rubbing her own foot and Mark’s leg.

I catch Mark’s eyes and he sees my next request. His hands move slowly off Megan’s breasts, first exposing the top of her areola, then her hard nipples. Leaving her breasts totally exposed, he slides his hands across her soft stomach. They reach the top of her jeans and slowly unbutton, giving a glimpse of her black panties. The camera snaps almost non-stop, pausing only for me to re-adjust my hardening cock.

As Mark slides his hand inside Megan’s panties, she reaches back and feels his hard cock with her hand. He pulls his hand out from her panties and pushes her jeans down. Megan’s hips twist slightly, helping the jeans slip over her hips and down her thighs. Mark runs his hands back up along her smooth bare thighs, her jeans by her knees. He continues to slide his hands softly across her stomach and exposed breasts. I can tell both are lost in the moment.

I move in closer, snapping photos upward, Megan’s beautiful face as a backdrop to her full breasts. I capture her soft belly as I snap photos down her body. Her black panties, more sheer than I first realized show a small patch of pubic hair, dark and trimmed neatly. As I get to my knees, I see them still caressing each other.

Holding the camera in one hand, I slide my hand to her knee, pressing her jeans farther down. Megan instinctively lifts her leg to step out of her jeans, as my hand slides down her bare calf. As her foot begins to appear I hold her leg tighter, slowing the jeans from coming off. I raise her foot slowly, snapping photos as her foot begins to emerge from the jeans. Then a rapid succession of photos as her perfectly painted toes rise from her jeans. As her jeans fall off of her other calf, she steps out of them. Now standing topless, with only her black lace panties holding on to the modesty I expected from a mom and teacher.

Still kneeling I keep shooting upwards, capturing Megan’s beautiful mounds and their round but slightly sagging shape due to their weight. I then slowly reach up with my hand, and I hear Megan let out a very faint gasp at my touch on her knee and bare thigh, gently pushing it to the side and spreading her thighs more. As she complies I let me hand slide down her entire leg, from that spot on her thigh where I was, down to her knee, then calf, then her foot that had been caressing her other foot. I stay a few seconds there, caressing the top of her foot, caressing her sole and toes. I aim my camera again and I start taking closeups of her crotch, the sheer black panties allowing me to get some great shots of her pubic hair, and the shape of her slit that I can clearly see now through her underwear.

After several minutes of capturing this enticing and definitely encouraging view, I take a few steps back. “Megan, I’d like you to put your hands up and back around Mark’s head, look back at him, look at him in the eyes” She follows my directions and I snap more pictures with new angles as her motion readjusts her body. “Mark, cup her breasts from below please”

Mark’s hands leave her hips and belly where they had been and Megan closes her eyes for a second as Mark’s hands reach the bottom of her magnificent tits, and start holding them. “Hold them more firmly please” I say, getting him to close his hands more onto her breasts. I keep snapping pictures then I reach with my hand, taking Mark’s hands one after the other and repositioning them, still holding her breasts, to push them higher, closer together, or further apart, to get all the different shots I want of her breasts. Megan is visibly affected by my manipulating her breasts that way, even though I am not touching her directly but through Mark’s contact.

After a while at these, I position myself to their side, capturing the rest of the park in the background behind them, Mark holding up Megan’s breasts, her nipples very hard and standing up.

“Mark, why don’t you let go of her breasts, and take her nipples between two of your fingers and pull a little on them”
“I … sure….” He says and follows my direction, pulling slightly then harder or her nipples, holding up her breasts like that, their weight pulling down on her nipples while Mark is pulling up. I snap snap and snap more pictures, and as I capture a few shots of Megan’s entranced face, I have to readjust my throbbing cock in my pants again, and in the viewfinder I notice that Megan has caught me doing that but doesn’t look horrified like I could expect such a respectable mother, wife, and teacher would or should be.

“Go ahead and face Mark now” I say as I reach my hand to her shoulder and help her turn around, her chest now pressed against Mark’s. My hand slowly slides from her shoulder to her back and I can feel her having a very small but uncontrolled shiver as my hand caresses down her bare back slowly, stopping just short of the bottom of her back where her nicely shaped rump would begin. I take the opportunity to shoot closeups of the goosebumps on her arm, shoulder, back, and her exposed buttcheeks with her undies diving between them, all of this without either Mark or Megan protesting that I had touched Megan’s body.

I look back up and Megan has laid her head on Mark’s shoulder. I took her arm, which causes another shiver, and move it around so it would cup her breast in her elbow, pushing it up and into view as I snap more pictures from the side. After a while I move back behind her and take more pictures of both of them, her buttcheeks poking out from her undies, and more closeups of her butt.

I step back closer and send a shiver throughout her whole body as she feels my fingers slide on her hip and under the edge of her undies, and start slowly pulling down, taking a few steps back for more pictures as I inch her undies further and further down over the shape of her butt, then fully exposing her butt as her undies were resting around her thighs, then, knees, then dropped on the ground on her feet. She instinctively steps out of them as I pull them away.

Still without saying a word, I tap on the inside of Megan’s ankles then knees, get her to take her legs apart, I take Mark’s hands and put them on her buttcheeks, and have him spread them. I couldn’t resist this time, and as I kneel back down after positioning Mark’s hands, I let my fingers trace the shape of her butt and run along the inside of her buttcrack. I take my camera and aim it straight up, leaving Mark’s stunned face right out of the frame as I take closeups of Megan’s butthole clearly exposed by Mark’s hands spreading her buttcheeks, but managing to catch Megan’s face in the frame too in some of the shots of her asshole. I can also very clearly see her outer labia, those delicious curves slightly parted, and I can get the faintest of smells from paradise while down on my knees snapping those pictures.

“Hey Mark” I say “Why don’t you step aside here, let’s get some pics of Megan by herself”

“Oh … alright” says Mark, slightly confused but following my directions.

“Alright Megan, look around over your shoulder, and look at me and the camera” I tell her.

She turns her head, looking directly at me. As I stand up I make no effort to hide that I am once again readjusting my hard cock in my pants, and I actually add a few more strokes to my cock as she watches me do that.

I snap more pictures of her fully naked in the park now, still from the back, her legs slightly spread. I ask her to arch her back a little so her butt sticks out a bit *snap* then straighten up, turn her chest to the side so we can see her beautiful breasts from the side *snap snap* her legs move back together as she stands firmly on one foot, her other foot arched to the side *snap of her butt and the gap between her legs* *snap of her feet and close ups of her feet and wrinkled soles* *snap of her breasts exposed in the park*

“Alright Megan” I say “It’s time …. Turn around, slowly please”

Megan looks very shocked for a second, with a sudden come back to reality, but starts slowly turning around, as I’m snapping pictures furiously, my camera sounding like a machine gun, until Megan is facing me, her hands shyly half covering her mound, and I can spot her neatly trimmed hair between her fingers.

“That’s it, great” I say. “Now slowly move your hands to your hips” She follows my instructions, revealing herself nude full frontal to me for the first time. I zoom in and get a lot of closeups of her pussy, her neatly trimmed hair stopping before her lips, that are glistening with moistness. She’s obviously getting turned on by this, I think to myself.

I keep snapping pictures, giving her new positions directions, spreading her legs to the side with a foot arched in a sexy position, her hands up on her head holding up her hair. I keep going back and forth between full shots of her body, to closeups of specific bodyparts, her breasts, her face, her feet, her slowly spreading labia revealing more and more of the final prize.

I move her to a nearby bench for the next set of pics, getting her to kneel on it first, bent over the back of the bench and getting all the pictures I can of her asshole once I instruct her to spread her buttcheeks for me. I then have her sit down on the bench, first one foot up on the bench, then both feet up. I take her hands and move them to her pussy, and I take her fingers and position them to spread her lips for me. She lets herself be guided, and I send another shiver through her body as I trace my hand back up from her mound to her stomach, to slowly caress between her breasts, to her neck and chin, lifting her chin up to look at me.

I snap a few pictures from above, framing Megan’s face and beautiful breasts. I put my finger on her mouth and open it ever so slightly, giving her a very sexy and alluring look, and take more pictures. Still without any word or protests from her or Mark, I decide to take my chance, and I slowly bring my left hand down, lightly brushing the back of my hand between her breasts, then rotating my hand and grabbing a full hold of her right breast. I see Mark jump up a little but step back down almost immediately, not saying anything. After her initial quiet gasp at my touch, she remains quiet but looking at me straight in the eyes as I slowly fondle her breasts while snapping pictures of my hand holding them.

I step back, away from the bench, and notice she has not moved at all from when I first positioned her, her fingers still spreading her pussy lips. I kneel down and take a lot more pictures, and closeups of her spread pussy, showing us her vagina in full glorious display.

“Alright get up Megan” I say. “We’ll try something fun” She gets up all flushed from these past few minutes, and I put my arm around her waist at first, sliding it up caressing her ribs and taking a breast in my hand again. I lead her to the little pond, releasing her boob but caressing my way to her back, then sliding it down to her ass and I grab her buttcheeks. She lets out another surprised gasp as I touch her behind for the first time. “The water is a little cold but it should be ok” I say as I lead her to step down into the pond.

The water is not deep, only reaching up to her calves and knees, and I pose her in various ways, bending this way, arching that way, holding her hair up and looking at us seductively. I get her to step under the waterfall, and she lets out a little squeak that I find very cute as the cold water embraces her body, runs all over her and wetting her hair. We snap more pictures of sexy poses, and I assume a puzzled look on my face “Hmm I’m pretty far from you here on the shore … but I don’t wanna mess up my pants… hang on a sec” Megan steps away from the waterfall as I say this, I put my camera down on the grass and start undoing my belt, unzip my pants and pull them down and off. I then pull down my underwear, my rock hard cock jumping up as I do that, and remove them. Megan’s look of shock is amusing as I kick off my shoes and step into the pond, walking towards her with my lower half of my body naked, and my cock pointing straight forward. As I am now closer to her, we resume the waterfall photo session, punctuated by my stroking and caressing my own cock in front of her, and she can’t seem to take her eyes off of it.

“Alright done with this water, let’s go back to the park” I say as I let her walk back and snap pictures of her wet body as she gets back to shore. I join her there but I don’t even bother to put my clothes I discarded back on and stay like this. I see her look back, staring at my hard cock as we approach the bench

As she towels off I continue to take pictures, closer now without protest. Cupping her breast, taking a closeup of her hard nipple, the bumps on her areola. I stand close, the head of my hard cock grazes her soft body. She drops the towel as I take her hand and guide it to my hard cock. She shoots a shy and worried look at Mark but lets herself be guided. I soon feel her hand softly grasp my cock, squeezing it and beginning to lightly stroke it. I instinctively look over and see Mark has pulled out his own cock and is stroking it.

I push down on her shoulder and Megan slides to her knees, still stroking my cock. The camera clicks non-stop, catching the action of her hand, the glint of her wedding ring as it slides along my shaft. I place my hand on the back of her head and gently push it towards my groin, she kisses the head of my now throbbing cock. I snap pictures with one hand and move her hair to the side with the other, her full face exposed as she looks up at me. She parts her lips, and pushes out her tongue, licking the tip of my cock. Then as she slides it along the head of my cock, I put my hand behind her head and pull her forward. Megan doesn’t resist, sliding her lips tightly across the shaft of my cock, looking up at me as the camera clicks.

She takes my cock deep into her mouth, sliding back slowly leaving a lipstick mark at the base. Her hands cupping my balls she takes it deep again and looks up. Her eyes asking for more that just oral satisfaction. I snap a photo of her begging eyes, then pull her up and laying her back on the blanket next to Mark. I part her legs,exposing her pussy, lips parted and wet. Mark reaches over and touches her cheek. Letting his hand slide across her mouth to her hard nipples.

“Have you ever had sex with a stranger, Megan?”

She slowly shakes her head no, biting her lip shyly. I can see the barely restrained desire in her eyes.

My hips positioned between her thighs, Megan’s eyes widen and Mark jerks forward.

“Wait aren’t you going to use a condom? Something? Some kind of protection?” Mark asks nervously.

I put a finger to my lips, “shhh, absolutely not!”, and smile as I lean forward. The head of my cock breaching her outer lips. Mark looks on still, one hand still on his cock, a mixture of nervous and excited. Seeing his beautiful wife fucked bare as she lays beside him.

“Make yourself useful.” I say to mark, handing him the camera. Both of my hands now grabbing her upper thighs, pulling her into my bare cock. I hear the clicking as Mark takes over as photographer as I take over satisfying his wife and mom to his kids. Megan moans as my cock slides deep inside, causing Mark to look around to see if anyone is nearby.

Her tits sliding back and forth on her chest as my thrusts gain momentum. My hips slapping against her thighs. Mark reluctantly taking pictures but trying to nervously stroke at the same time. As my rhythm and force speed up, I can see Megan’s eyes close and her legs begin to shake. I slide my fingers across her bulging clitoris, taking her over the edge. Moaning loudly, her legs shake and her back arches as she orgasms violently.

“Mmmm” I whisper just loud enough for Mark to hear. “Now it’s my turn”

As I start to thrust quicker, slapping Megan’s ass with my balls, Mark asked worriedly “You’re not going to come inside her are you?”

I don’t respond, just continue pushing my cock deep into Megan. Then lifting her legs and pushing them forward I put my whole weight into my hips burying my throbbing cock deep in her wet stretched pussy. As I bear down on the next thrust, I hold the position, my hips pressed tight against her inner thighs, cock pressing against her cervix. My back arches as I release stream after stream of hot cum inside Megan’s pussy.

I pull my cock out of her pussy slowly, making sure Mark captures the moment in photos. I step over Megan’s legs and position myself by her shoulder, one hand sliding across her breasts and one guiding her head onto my cock. She begins to suck and clean it with a new excitement.

I look at Mark as he sits in shock, one hand still resting on his penis. “Make sure you get a few pictures of her reward” I instruct him, pointing at Megans pussy, now slowly leaking a portion of my cum load.

The camera clicks as my cock slides along Megan’s lips. I slap her face with it as she lays there with my cum in her fertile pussy. Mark stares in disbelief but the look on Megan’s face tells me she’s satisfied and ready for more.

My cock cleaned, I stand up and begin dressing. Megan continues to lay on the grass, dew starting to fall. I pull a card from by camera case and scribble a few notes. As Mark stands up, I hand it to him.

Dated 2 weeks from today. Mark tells Megan “He’s offering us a free photo shoot for the whole family. “

“It will be at my studio so very professional.” I say, looking at Megan and smiling. “I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.”

As darkness falls, I load my equipment. “I’ll have it all setup, will it just be the four of you?” I ask Megan

Megan nods, “Do we need to dress special in any way?”

“However you want the pics is fine with me” I reply, smiling, knowing how the shoot will end.

As Megan stands, putting on the pants and top, leaving her bra and panties on the ground, I lean against her, taking her hand and placing it on my cock. I kiss her neck, then place a full kiss on her lips.

I whisper “you are amazing, I’m sure the next shoot will be even more fun”

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