The elevator

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The story begins here

Our stroll to the elevator is like walking on electricity. I am inside a vivid dream. The chime of the door opening alerts me. It is empty as we enter. Walking in we each meet eyes, stealing side glances. It is another moment I will never forget.

We turn around and face the lobby like another tired, bored couple. But as soon as the doors close the devouring begins. I grab her and finally get to kiss her neck. I want to inhale her. She pulls me closer with her fingers in my hair. I hold the small of her back as I pull her to me. As she moves her head to give her neck to me and presses her hips against me I can feel the muscles in her back moving. I find myself thrilled that I can feel her responding with that kind of movement.

“You are so beautiful,“ she whispers.

“I want to make you happy,“ I respond.

“I’m already…”

We are startled by the sound of the doors opening. We quickly stand awkwardly as if nothing was happening. A sweet little lady steps inside. I immediately wonder if she has any idea what we have been doing. She only goes up three floors and leaves the elevator. We burst out laughing. Flushed skin, crumpled clothing, messed up hair and the hem of her dress is tucked into the waist band of her panties. We weren’t fooling anyone. Smiling and relieved of the last bit of tension, we look at each other, faces sparkling.

Our walk to the room is uneventful if not being able to take your eyes off someone is uneventful. There is calmness and there is relief. We step into the room and simply start talking. We talk about our day. We talk about our travel. We talk about our feelings of this moment…our excitement, our fear, our hopes. It is like a mutual effort to make sure everything is OK with each other. That there are no residual issues or anxieties. But more than that. Not just “clearing the table“ for the sake of sex, but it is our concern that each other is happy and peaceful and in-the-moment.

And then words don’t work. Almost simultaneously we move towards one another and embrace. And the kisses begin. Softly at first. Kisses of expression. Kisses as gifts. Kisses as all the thoughts of desire, affection and admiration are translated into the only language that can contain them: tender, sliding tongues, warm breaths and pulling ourselves to one another. Frequent stops to look at one another as though we are making sure this is really happening. Hands stroke faces. Kisses travel. Skin is tasted. Words of desire and comfort are whispered.

I unzip her dress and it falls quietly to the floor. There are goosebumps on her hips and flanks. I hear a growl in my chest. She unbuttons my shirt and yanks it from my body. I think it landed on a lamp. I pause to savor this moment. After years of loneliness to stand in this private place as such a beautiful, lovely creature presses her body against me with a look of such innocent eagerness is something I scarcely could have imagined.

She bends down to take off her shoes. “Leave them on“ I say. Her black, high-heeled shoes are the perfect accessory to her lacy thong and matching black bra. She sits down on the bed. She grabs my belt and pulls me toward her. She unfastens my pants and begins kissing me. She kisses my abs. She pulls down my boxers an inch or two and kisses my waist as her hands grip the back of my legs. She stands and gently pushes me onto the bed and bends down and gently removes my shoes, socks and pants. Kneeling, she gently rubs my feet and caresses my calves. It is an act of such gentleness and affection. She kisses my legs. I feel humbled.

She stands. “You are absolutely stunning,” I say. She smiles. Her eyes smile. And then she straddles me placing her arms around my neck. We kiss. And our conversation continues. I tell her how her touch and her kisses strengthen me. She tells me about her desire for me. It is as though we are talking about the weather. There is a seamlessness to our intimacy that heats my blood.

By now I am hard. Insanely hard. She moves her hips up and down slowly as she caresses me with her pussy. We are in no hurry. We relish each moment. I unclasp her bra. But I leave it hanging off her shoulders. I gently massage that place on her back where the bra strap has dug into her skin. And then my hands slide to her chest. She moans as she drops her head backwards, giving me her neck, her chest, her breasts. I tease her as I kiss her breasts through her bra, gently sucking her nipples through the fabric. Finally she laughs and says “Enough!“ grabbing her bra and throwing it across the room. She pulls my face to her breasts. Her hips begin to writhe more passionately and I can feel her wetness through her panties and my boxers.

I tell her that her breasts are lovely. I kiss them, caress them, lick them. Another moment that I have been dreaming about for months. She begins to tremble. She pushes me down to the bed. Still wearing the heels. Oh my gosh. She has me pinned down with her hands wearing an impish smile. She lowers her breasts to my face so I may continue loving them. Which I do. I wonder if I can get any harder? She releases my hands and grasps my shoulders and begins to slide kisses down my torso. I run my fingers through her soft hair as she kisses and bites and licks me. She stops. Now I am propped up on my elbows. She looks up. Our eyes meet. We both smile broadly. She holds my gaze as she lowers the waistband of my boxers releasing my hard cock. It is the greatest, breezy freedom. Still looking into each other’s eyes as my cock throbs inches from her face, she says…

“Every bit of you.”

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