Hot Hotel Hookup (Homo)

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Mm I wish I could say I got fucked and left sweat and cum stains on the crisp sheets at this nice hotel as evidence my ass got rammed good, but I can't. I'm actually working here and craving cock. It's been a quiet night. An occasional tweaker will come downstairs for a cigarette. With one in particular, this white trash dude about 6'5, I keep dropping subtle hints that I want to taste his dick, and feel his nut explode in my asshole. Perhaps I was too subtle when I said with a wink, "Let me know if you need anything, anything at all," stressing the second "anything" and adding "to help you sleep." The subtext, of course, is that, after a vigorous fuck i'm offering, it will leave him and his balls drained; he'll sleep like king. The most overt signal, though, would have to be my boner. In between doing my job and writing this post, I play with myself through the huge hole I have in my right pocket. When he comes down, I make no effort to hide it. He hasn't noticed it.

Of course he's not my only potential fuck. I've made similar comments to the lanky ginger that checked in, the Latin dude who was sagging and lifted his shirt exposing his boxers (he's probably a long shot because he checked in with his wife, but who knows? Maybe she falls asleep). I also made a porn reference to the tipsy black guy, but it's safe to assume he passed out drunk watching porn before he even jizzed. I'd love to sneak in there and suck his BBC while he sleeps, but for now I'm leaning towards a conscious fuck buddy.

I remain optimistic that I will get some dick tonight thanks to Grindr. But I don't think it's gonna be a fuck. With a guest, I can let them fuck me in their room, but with Grindr guys, it would have to be in the back office, and that's not really copacetic for fucking. But a face fuck with a facial sounds very nice. I have two potential guys, both younger, that may cum to fruition. There's a 20 yo that wants to fuck, but I told him I couldn't let him fuck my ass, but he could go to town on my mouth. He said he will if he doesn't find some ass. Truth be told, I'd probably end up begging for him to fuck me. Cock has that effect on me. The other guy would be passing through town later and I told him to stop by. I half-kidding asked him to bring his ID. His Grindr profile says he's 18, but boy oh boy, he looks tender in his pic. You can never be too careful. If he is legal, I may end up rimming and fucking him.

As a last resort, the closest to cock I will get tonight will be the boxers in the lost and found a guest left behind weeks ago. It would be disingenuous if I denied having sniffed them already before or to deny I added my own cum stain to the one the guest left.

Wish me luck

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