25 days of SEXmas December 6 – Late for Chrismtas (MF) (Cam) (oral) (anal) (facial)

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Guys, sorry this one is late, traveling for work, enjoy December 6! Sometimes being late is a good thing…

“You were supposed to be here yesterday!” The voice was shrill as I walked in the door.

“I know mom! Sometimes life gets in the way, I didn’t have a way to reach you yesterday.” My mother glared at me as I walked in, hands full of luggage. Gotta love coming home for the holidays, it’s always so peaceful.

“Your cousin arrived yesterday, ON TIME!”

“Mom, she’s not my cousin! She’s just someone who kind of showed up and never left!” We were talking about Mom’s friend Julie’s daughter, Nancy. I grew up with Nancy over at my house nearly every day from the time I was twelve until I left for college. We never got along. I hadn’t seen her in two years, and between her and my mom, I wondered why I eve bothered to fly home from college for Christmas break. Oh, and the “I didn’t have a way to reach you yesterday.” That’s bunk. I just couldn’t deal with the thought of spending any more time than absolutely necessary back at home.

I dragged my luggage upstairs to my old room. Mom insisted I bring presents with me, apparently having Amazon ship them is just wrong. I opened the door to my old room and froze. Nancy was in my room, sitting at my desk. This was a sight that was common to me; as children, Nancy got out of school earlier than me and nearly every day when I got home, she would be on my computer playing games. Of course, when we were kids, Nancy wasn’t wearing a red, strapless lace bra and matching thong.

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Submitted by TheAdultNeeds.org

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