A Gifted Student (FFM, fiction)

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Lexi couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment when the dinner's mood changed from stuffy and familiar to achingly erotic.

It might have been after she rose to the bathroom, the husband brushing his hand against the small of her back. Or, after she had caught a scent of Barbara's expensive perfume, sandalwood and berries, strategically placed under on the pulse points of her wrists.

Whatever the exact moment, the course of events unfolded, aided by the parade of bottles from the couple’s wine cellar. Now Lexi found herself alone in their hallway bathroom, standing next to a crocheted toilet paper cozy, posing nude in the mirror; her jaw slightly sore, her, legs and thighs sticky, traces of the older man’s cum still dripping from the back of her throat into her belly.

The night had happened so improbably; Lexi and Barbara were barely acquaintances. They had met at the university's aquatics center, where alumni shared the facilities with student-athletes. Barbara came by for her afternoon swim after Lexi’s team practice. Outgoing and talkative, Barbara usually wore a modest one-piece, which hid her well-maintained figure. For a woman in her 50’s, she was in great shape, with full, buoyant breasts, gracefully curved hips and bottom, and a tight abdomen that could have been cribbed from a medical student's anatomy text.

It was going to be their anniversary dinner, Barbara explained, and she and her husband had hired a personal chef. They needed some extra help serving dinner and cleaning up afterward. She didn't want to be stuck with dishes that night, she said with a smirk. Perhaps Lexi was free, and needed to earn some extra money?

The husband had started off nervously, not sure what to make of the events inexplicably transpiring in his dining room. Lexi encouraged him by running her index finger deliberately over the extended tumescence in his pants, her eyes welcoming him and giving him permission to continue. She could feel the engorged veins through his trousers. He was stroking Lexi’s back over her coarse white server's blouse. The blouse was insufferably hot, and Lexi was relieved when he finally unbuttoned it. It fell away, exposing the black lace bralette she had worn, adorning her small, firm breasts.

He kissed from her shoulder blades to the hairline on her neck. She removed the pony tail fastening her long thin hair, letting it drape over back and her slim shoulders. He imbibed that vision of her, the candlelight spilling deep shadows of her lithe figure onto the floor, kindling the amber tones in her fair skin.

Of course, it was all part of the plan that Lexi and Barbara had worked out earlier that week.


Going to college had been a revelation. Finally, living on her own, Lexi had the freedom to explore an awakening sexuality.

Of course, she had boyfriends in high school. With her flaxen hair, slender wrists, and almost Asiatic features, Lexi got lots of attention from both men and women. Cautious by nature, with a slightly nervous demeanor, Lexi had a hard time connecting to the coarse, juvenile guys her own age. Her suburban town offered few opportunities to meet anyone other than spoiled, entitled jocks or prissy hipsters in training. And she often caught (and had come to enjoy) the long lingering stares from dad types while walking home after swim practice. But privacy had been the main issue in high school. An only child, her parents kept close tabs on Lexi, and she wasn’t interested in hooking up in the back seat of a car, or in some random kid’s room at a house party.

Shortly into her sophomore year of college, Lexi’s roommate had moved into her older boyfriend’s apartment, leaving the quiet off-campus dorm room blissfully to herself. This allowed plentiful opportunity for impromptu exploratory play sessions; dildo and plug serving as her instruments, a lustful glance from a professor, or a teasing encounter with a classmate providing erotic inspiration. Lexi was discovering she really didn’t have a type — she preferred to give guys a chance to prove themselves, and she craved variety and experience. Once alone, she could be quite bold; the incongruity with her slight figure and nervous eyes seemed to ignite the passion in men. She had already hooked up with a rogue’s gallery of different men that semester; the initiative to strike her up in friendly conversation had been the main qualifier.

It had been almost a month since her last tryst, an anthropology graduate student called Tyler, a boyish faced teaching assistant with curly hair, who sported corduroy pants and clunky wingtips. An invitation to coffee had lapsed into an extended date, and she had accompanied him back to his neatly kept apartment, a studio in a hulking Beaux-Arts building on the west side of campus. He had promised to play her a vinyl recording of Carmen. She had been listening to the opera recently, and the story of that femme fatale beguiled her.

Lexi remembered with pleasure his clumsy attempts to seduce her; he emboldened after a bit of cheap red wine and a hastily rolled joint. He had sealed the deal by running his hand through her hair and looking into her eyes, finally kissing her on his battered leather couch. He had held her hand sweetly while they made out, and she reciprocated by unzipping his pants, bobbing the tip of his small thin cock between her delicate thin lips. He was so appreciative as she gave him a loving extended blow job, a lazy, wet tour of her mouth tongue and throat. It seemed to have brought out the tiger in him, and he had paid her back by fucking her relentlessly for the next 2 hours. She loved that she could give so much pleasure to this unconventional partner, and he had been so thankful for the opportunity to add the wispy haired nymph to his short catalog of lovers. But inexplicably, he had ghosted her in the vacation week following week, and she hadn’t seen him on campus since.

The arrangement with Barbara had started innocently enough. Lexi was lamenting the Tyler situation over text with Barbara, as they set up the arrangement for the anniversary dinner.

"Oh I have a guy for you …" Barbara texted.

She sent back the picture of a much older guy, probably in his late 50's or early 60’s. He was so a "most interesting man in the world" type, with a salt and pepper beard, wearing a silky blue suit and pocket square, an expensive-looking watch adorning his wrists. Wisps of coarse white hair peeked out of his shirt collar, underscoring a raw masculinity.

"LOL," Lexi texted back, thinking it was a joke. "Friend of yours?"

"It's my husband," came the reply. "I think he'd be available for you :)"

Lexi paused, not quite knowing how to respond. Was Barbara being serious? Lexi needed the catering gig to take care of some extra expenses, and didn't want to jeopardize it by offending Barbara. Before she could think of a tactful reply, her phone buzzed.

"I want him to have a memorable anniversary, what better gift than a hot young girl 😕 "

"IDK?" was the most eloquent reply Lexi could muster. The three dots on the other end of the text went on interminably, as Barbara appeared to be searching for the right words. At last a reply: "Sorry, had a bit too much wine with the girls tonight 🙂 We're still on for the 5th?"

Lexi relaxed a bit, as she put Barbara's overture in context. Who hadn’t texted something dumb while drinking? She couldn’t begrudge the older woman her fun. Why make her feel self-conscious? “Sure,” she concluded, “Let me think about the offer :)” she texted back, smiling, flattered Barbara had been caught in her spell.

She awoke in the middle of the night, a throbbing feeling in her thighs. She was having a vivid dream, and the details came flooding back to her. Lexi was in a small dark, underground cabaret theatre, packed with people, warm and humid with body heat. She was on the stage, stripped completely naked, straddling an athletic guy with a tattoo sleeve and long hair. Another guy, black, ripped and hung, sucked on her breasts and nipples.

Lexi looked out in the raucous, carousing audience. She locked eyes with a curvaceous, dark-haired woman, wearing only a green silk camisole, and gestured for her to come to the stage. Without a word, the woman left her seat and slowly ascended the stairs to the stage. Turning slowly, the woman faced the audience and undid the straps of her camisole. It fell to the floor, revealing her full breasts and silky, indigo pubic hair. The woman lay down on a flat couch with her legs open and Lexi saw how wet and stimulated she was. The woman then looked directly at Lexi, rubbing herself, as Lexi was fucked and pounded in turn after turn by both guys, the audience cheering and clapping.

The dream now replaying in her memory, Lexi slipped her fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties. She grabbed her phone with her unoccupied left hand, texted to Barbara with one thumb, “let’s do the gifted thing …” The phone then dropped to the floor as Lexi shuddered into the spasms of orgasm.


The husband sucked Lexi's neck with his lips, the wetness surprising given the overall desiccation in tissues that accompanied the physiology of an older man. He was eagerly concentrating on her neck and ears, and it seemed that the kissing and sucking of her supple body restored a certain primal vitality to him, in the way that a parched plant stood turgid after a long needed watering. Despite his age, he was built powerfully. The outline of his biceps were visible under his stretched tan skin, and a faded tattoo of an anchor was still visible on his forearms. She recalled that Barbara said he had been in the Navy before law school.

Lexi moved her mouth to his ears and whispered to him. ”Enjoying your present?” she teased, then playfully bit his shoulder.

Lexi had enough experience at that point to know that men were visual creatures. But the husband combined this visceral visual impulse with the restraint of a man who knew how to savor pleasurable experience. He removed Lexi's bra and admired her hard, erect nipples, perfectly symmetrical and almost comically engorged. He took a moment to savor the sight of her illuminated in the candlelight, then greedily sucked and flicked the nipples with his tongue, running his fingers up and down the exposed ridges of her spine.

Barbara was watching, transfixed, her eyes glassy and her cheeks slightly flushed. She was sitting on a dining room chair and the shadows accentuated her ample decolletage, faceted by her low cut green cocktail dress. Her legs bowed slightly, and she was moving her hand up and down her the fringe of her stockings onto her naked right inner thigh.

Lexi stood up and gestured for the husband to do the same. He grasped her hands, then licked up and down her wrists and forearms, playfully twirling her and dipping her halfway to the floor. He gathered her and kissed her neck again, as Lexi let out a giggle. “Spank me,” she commanded. Tentatively, he spanked her right buttock and repeated as she signaled consent, this time harder and sharper. A delightful pain shot up Lexi's spine and registered in her visual cortex as an explosion of bright, multicolored light. “Take me to the wall,” she demanded.

The husband led her by the hand and pressed her against the wall, holding Lexi's wrists above her head. While binding her wrists, he inserted his index finger into her mouth, sliding it in and out rhythmically, collecting her saliva as he withdrew, brushing her lower lip and chin. He traced the slippery finger from her hairline, down her shoulders, over the peaks of her spine and down to her lower back, where it settled on the depression between her spine and sacrum.

His confidence building, he undid the back zipper of Lexi's functional black skirt and pulled the garment down over her ankles. With his hands, he explored the exposed flesh of Lexi's buttock and thighs. She was wearing her nicest pair of lingerie, black lace culotte panties, with a tiny pink bow affixed to the waistline.

Lexi glanced backward to Barbara. She was sitting on a chair about 3 feet away, her eyes fixed on Lexi's naked back and legs, her legs fully spread revealing white Brazilian cut briefs with a cream lace insert in the gusset, into which her hand now rhythmically descended.

The husband now released Lexi's bound wrists and guided her arms to her side. "You're the best present Barbara ever got for me," he whispered into her ear. Lexi grasped his shoulders, embracing him. She brought her mouth to his ears, then whispered back. “I want you to fuck me like a little slut tonight. Will you be able to keep up?" The husband gasped at her boldness, then paused to metabolize her comment. Mischievously, he put his hand around her neck, and tilted her chin so that he looked directly in his eyes. Framed by creased brows, he had surprisingly bright and mischievous blue eyes that seemed impossibly piercing in the low light.

Lexi met his stare, his eyes communicating his intent. They looked at each other without movement, the dynamic changing as the husband now took control. He moved his hands to her hips and pressed her thigh down against his surprisingly muscled leg, grinding it slowly back and forth.

Then he kissed her generously on her lips. For a moment, Lexi was taken aback. She had been with some older guys before, but never kissed a man of his age. But her mouth involuntarily opened as her pussy slid up and down the husband's leg, and she returned the kiss, meeting the hungry passion of his lips and tongue. His body became more erect and tense as they returned volleys of kisses, licks, and bites, his mouth foraying to her neck to inhale her scent.

He took her wrists and guided her to a standing position. They embraced again, almost dancing as his hands ran up and down her sinewy back. He gestured for her to look at Barbara. Barbara had removed her dress and was sitting splayed on the chair, her eyes revealing intoxication on some higher realm of pleasure, panties around her ankles, fingers flicking her clit, and descending into her pussy.

“Let’s put on a show for her,” ventured the husband. Lexi felt a searing sensation inside her head as the husband unrolled a furry white blanket onto the floor of the dining room. Lexi looked back at Barbara. ”You heard the boss," Barbara muttered with a pleasurable moan. Lexi and the husband both laughed, releasing a bit of tension, as he jostled her in the rib cage, his hand around her hips. He leaned to kiss Lexi, and their lips met again, now with a sense of familiarity and protectiveness.

The husband directed Lexi onto the blanket. She was lying with her back down, her legs splayed out, breasts bare and her hard nipples still pulsating. "Take off your panties," he instructed. He had removed his own trousers and stood over her admiring her body clad only in his black briefs.

Lexi was in a trance of her own. Here were two virtual strangers, enamored and engulfed with her image, scent, and sensuality. “Bring my purse over here,” she instructed him. She had brought a familiar friend to the evening, her long rugated two-headed purple dildo, nicknamed Stephen, a tribute to one of her high school boyfriends. She produced the dildo and held it up to the husband with a wink. “Let’s see what you can do with this,” she teased. She flipped it on, the head rotating and vibrating, and handed it to him.

He placed the writhing, buzzing monster on Lexi’s belly and rubbed it between her thighs and legs. The low-pressure vibrations melted her tension, and her body relaxed in a heap. The husband toyed with her, then rested the dildo on her thigh, licked his middle finger and inserted it into her pussy. She felt the pads of his finger pass over the ridges of her vagina . He withdrew the finger, now coated with a dewy slick of her creamy white secretions. He deliberately brought his finger to his mouth and licked Lexi's juices from his finger.

He motioned to Barbara. "She tastes fantastic, Barb. Just a little bit sweet. Best dish of the night. You have to try." With the vibrator now humming over her clit, he plunged his finger back inside of her, as he squirmed and moaned, collecting her secretions, then withdrew, his finger, now coated with her juices. "Come over here, Barb. I want you to taste her."

Barbara rose from her chair and slinked over to the makeshift bed. She got on her hands and knees near the husband. Barbara pursed her lips and then opened her mouth, and the husband inserted the slick wet finger into her mouth, resting on her tongue. Barbara's lips contracted on the finger, and the husband withdrew it from her mouth, Lexi's white juices collecting between her pursed lips. Barbara flicked her tongue, collecting Lexi's juices, then consuming them.

"Mmmmm," Barbara moaned in ecstasy. “She tastes divine." With that, Barbara now took a turn exploring Lexi's pussy with her finger, coating and decorating her finger with her ample juices and feeding the finger to the husband. This pattern continued for several minutes, the couple sampling Lexi's body. Each pass into her pussy made Lexi contract and stiffen, bursts of pleasure soaking the insides of her vagina.

Barbara now took the vibrator and slid it into Lexi’s hot and wet little slit, coating the purple plastic coating with Lexi’s creamy white juices. Lexi gasped with each insertion and Lexis’s right hand traveled to her belly so she could stimulate her clitoris with her own wet fingers. The husband got onto his knees and moved closer to Lexi’s head.

Lexi looked up as the husband disrobed. He was now standing on his knees naked beside Lexi’s face. With his right hand, he worked his generously sized uncircumcised cock between a ring defined by his thumb and forefinger. He pulled the foreskin back even farther revealing a swollen bulbous head. The head leaked a clear liquid that coalesced into a clear heavy bead. The drop became heavier, then succumbed to gravity, falling densely onto Lexi’s sternum, leaving behind a long thin silky trail.

The husband now gestured for Lexi to open her mouth and the husband did not waste this opportunity to plunge his cock into her open throat, skillfully fucking the younger girl’s mouth with his pole. He withdrew, then jabbed again, this time shallow, appreciating the bulged impression of his cock against her cheek. Now with Barbara plunging into her pussy, the husband fucking her mouth and lips, Lexi settled into an alternating current of blissful penetration.

The tension began to build as Lexi looked up and saw the older man lovingly fucking her face, beads of sweat dripping from his brow. His eyes met hers in a glance of submission, and she groaned and opened her mouth more fully to take him deeper into her throat. Lexi kept her eyes open, fully aware and wanting to view every moment of her scene. Being worshipped and adoringly fucked by her two appreciative fans made her feel so turned on and alive, like a bewitching sexual goddess, conjured by the couple in some sort of Tantric black magic spell.

This thought propelled Lexi into a state of heat. She hungrily sucked, tongued, and swallowed the husband’s cock, while Barbara simultaneously slid the dildo in and out of her pussy, while Lexi simultaneously strummed her clit with her fingers. The wave of tension crested and cascaded into a mind-blowing ecstatic explosion, a psychophysiological bullet that hit Lexi so hard she almost passed out, followed by a huge energetic outpouring that thundered through her limbs and viscera. Lexi spasmed involuntarily again.

The husband looked down at the sight of the young girl spasming and groaning in ecstasy, her lips encircling his cock, with each wave shoving the cock deeper and deeper down her throat. As she sucked even more vigorously, the husband’s body tensed and he felt his own orgasm overcome him. A massive release of energy and fluid escaped from his body, as he was sucked into blissful oblivion. Lexi felt the hot jets of sperm discharge into a warm pool onto her tongue, and she struggled to hold him in her mouth, tiny rivulets of his cum escaping from her angelic lips and dripping down her chin, pooling on her neck and the depression in her collar bone.

The husband withdrew his cock from Lexi’s mouth, still convulsing. Lexi greedily sucked the bulbous tip, pursing her lips in a tight ring, milking the last drips of cum. The husband gestured to her neck. “You missed a spot,” he joked and Lexi laughed. A pool of cum had settled on her neck, and, to appease him, Lexi swiped a finger through the pool, coating her finger, then lifting it to her lips and tongue.

Barbara was watching transfixed, her hand still moving the dildo in and out of Lexi’s pussy. Lexi rose to kiss her deeply on the mouth, and Barbara returned her kiss her deeply. “I’m just getting started,” Lexi smiled at her. “Maybe I can get cleaned up and you guys can get ready for round two,” she informed the husband. “The shower’s upstairs,” he replied.

“I’ll wait for my re-invitation!” Lexi joked. She and Barbara kissed again. “Thank you for letting this fantasy of mine come true,” said Barbara sincerely. Lexi joked to ease some of the tension. “I can think of some ways you might thank me,” winked Lexi. Gobs of the husband’s cum still stuck to the roof of her mouth and dripped down onto her tongue. “As for you,” she said, pointing at the husband, “I’m not done with you yet!”


Lexi opened the bathroom door, prompted by grunts and guttural sounds coming from outside the hallway. She walked down toward the half-opened bedroom door. What she saw simultaneously shocked and intrigued her …

Thanks to K, based on a recent true story. K has a link to the story and will read your comments. If you liked the story, may I ask you to please add in the comments: (1) what did you like best about the Lexi character? (2) What would you like to hear happen between Lexi and the couple when they re-engage in their bedroom?

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