Seduced by an aristocratic cougar

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My first go at some of this. Part one is below. Tell me if you like it but also feel free to tell me to stop lol.

Paul was a respectable figure in his local community. Aged 35 he had always been a “joiner in”, raising funds for the local community, meeting with the local pastor. A middle-class man who grew up in a regular family with no pretences, he was doing well for himself. Five years ago, he had been elected to the local city council, very young to do so. A tall man who always talked and acted like a man ten years older, he was the face of respectability. Married to his childhood sweetheart and with a senior role in a local haulage firm, his evenings were filled with charitable dinners and company events. When he wasn’t doing that he would often be on the road with work, travelling to close a new contract or at work training or conferences.

But Pauls family and those close to him knew he had a mischievous cheeky side and this mixed with the growing feeling of power and invincibility he felt. He had always suppressed sexual desires, starting with the transsexual porn he found in is fathers’ wardrobe to the fetish he had for girls in high heels and boots. His wife was, truth be told, a boring lover. She was kind but plain sex was a chore between them that both did occasionally to reassure each other that their relationship was ok.

Every night when his wife went to bed early to read, Paul would pretend to need to work on some paperwork downstairs. Instead if she had ever looked, she would have found him watching the most extreme porn on his laptop, looking at hookers on the internet and reading erotic stories and chat groups. He never acted on his desires thought such was the fear of being “found out” and his carefully constructed life coming to an end crashing around him.

Margaret was a very posh divorced woman living in the rural English countryside. From money, it showed from her silk blouses, her clipped accent and her large house. Her husband had been an impulsive marriage that the family disapproved of and annoyingly they had been proven right. He was a drinker and abusive. She slung him out, but this left her in a precarious situation, dependent on family handouts. Her father had pulled strings to pay for her two girls to go to the families favourite boarding girls’ schools and as a result she found herself rattling around in a large country house with little to do. She flung herself into good deeds, fundraising for the local hospice and lunching with all the local housewives. When the local community launched a community artists project, Margaret threw herself into it, quickly becoming the stations programming manager. In her fifties she loved the mix of young people and bon vivents involved in the programme.

Paul and Margaret have come into contact when she had emailed him for some financial aid for the project. He had shown interest in the project and even had offered to be interviewed in their magazine, but it had not come to anything.

One-night Paul was, as usual furiously wanking to some hardcore porn – watching scenes that he could never hope to realise, when his computer beeped, indicating a message on Facebook. It was a friend request from Margaret. Paul happily agreed, flattered for the attention from someone who he felt could help his career in the coming months. Having cum hard off the porn, he idly had a look at her profile. He was surprised at how racy Margaret’s posts and profile pictures were. She had a lot of seedy old men giving her attention as often happens on such profiles and she was incredibly flirty with them in the way that a very well-educated woman who hasn’t had to want for much often is.

There was a picture of her in tall suede boots, tight jodhpurs and a silky blouse that made Pauls mind think “Margaret isn’t quite as respectable as I thought!”. Other pictures of her in Italy in skimpy outfits and random guys fast cars compounded these thoughts.

Just then a message popped up. It was from Margaret. “thanks for being my friend, I was wondering if I could ask a favour”. Paul asked what in reply. “I have some great ideas for a community arts project, and I wondered if I could run them past you sometime” Paul said that would be great and just to give him a few dates. Her messages back came think and fast, with more of her ideas being fleshed out. Increasingly they seemed to Paul more flirty in nature, occasionally sending kiss emojis at the end of the sentence. “I’m sure to be misreading it”, thought Paul. These women from aristocratic backgrounds are different to us, I’m sure she is being flirty for fun. Besides, he thought, she must be 15 years older than me at least. About 20 minutes later after a lot of messages, Margaret said, “do come round tomorrow afternoon” and apologised for being so chatty but said it was because she had drunk a full bottle of Pino Grigio that night.

The next day Paul drove over to Margaret’s house in the country, which was bout 50 minutes from his humble house in suburbia. As his car crunched along the gravel driveway, Margaret came out to meet him. Dressed in tight jeans and a body suit with a loose fitting throw over her shoulders, she looked the part. Paul came in and Margaret apologised as she had a new house guest. Christina was a younger woman who was staying at her place for a few days. Margaret explained that she had needed a break from her awful husband who was the owner of a massive estate in the north of the county and had been insufferable the last few weeks when the cropping season had started. She said with a knowing look “I’m sorry, I was hoping to get you to myself”

Paul was ushered into the sitting room with Margaret while Christina made them both a cup of tea. For about an hour Margaret raved on about her new ideas to set up a community television station on the net. Paul thought to himself that the idea sounded dotty and wasn’t likely to happen, but he was more than happy to humour the cheeky energetic older lady who was talking to him. He noticed that though her throw he could see her breasts pushed up tightly in her body suit. He looked at her tight jeans on her legs and ass and his mind drifted to them wrapped around him. He was a consummate blagger in these situations, so he continued to make supportive noises while not really committing himself to backing her scheme.

After and hour or so the meeting was drawing to a close and Paul made noises about needing to go. Margaret walked him to the front door. He mentioned that he should say goodbye to Christina, but Margaret indicated she was out in the back garden and probably was a bit away. On the front step he said how lovely it was to meet her properly and he loved her ideas. They embraced and just as he would normally pull away, she pulled him closer. Conspiratorially, she whispered that it was a shame she had company, or she might have been a bit scandalous. As she spoke the words in his ear, Paul felt a shiver of excitement down his skin and his cock hardened even further.

Margaret leaned back and looked at him then suddenly lurched forward and passionately kissed him on the lips. Paul kissed back and she pulled his hands down from behind her back to on her hips on the waistband of her jeans. For a minute they passionately kissed, and Paul ran the tips of his finders under her jeans onto her naked hips.

Margaret pulled back and said, “if you want more, you know Cristina is out tonight in town”. Paul nodded and said he’d like that. Inside his heart was racing knowing this could get him into so much trouble but feeling like it was one of the hottest things he had ever experienced.

Once he was home he sat down to the boring Pasta meal his wife had cooked him and checked his phone periodically. A message popped up from Margret. Quickly he popped to the toilet in case it was rude and his wife saw. “shit I just saw you are married” it said. Pauls heart sank – he thought she knew. Then another one came up “so I really like you but this is secret ok? I don’t want my kids to know and if we meet it is between us”. Paul started to feel excited and so relived. He quickly said to his wife that an important emergency budget meeting had been called for and strode out of his house and started the car, his heart beating with excitement. He was really going to do this.

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