A Secret Tryst, pt 2. [M/F][Oral][Rough Sex][Dom]

She was breathing heavily, but managed to slowly lick his middle finger clean. She sucked it lightly. He let out a low moan when she did the same to his index finger, but with more pressure. They held each others gaze for a long moment while she sucked and licked his finger. His moans get way to growls, deep in his chest.

"That's enough of that." She knew what was coming.

She let go of his finger and pulled him close to kiss her. So they could both taste her sweetness. She bit his lower lip again, hard. He growled dangerously and quickly brought his hand to her throat once more and squeezed. His grip lasted a lot longer than before, causing her vision to blur. She was lightheaded from lack of air. Mercifully he released her after a few moments.

"I told you, you are not in control here," he said with an ominous tone.

"Yes, daddy."

He climbed off of her and laid next to her. She moved to straddle him, but he forcefully grabbed her to place her on top of him. She could feel his hard cock under her. He grinned, and pulled her towards him by her hair. He kissed her deeply, while he slid his hand under her shirt to squeeze her tits. She had purposefully not worn a bra for just this very scenario. She loved his hands on her; the way he could be so gentle with her one moment, then a complete animal the next.

When he at last broke contact, he said expectantly, "Well…"

She moved to unbutton his jeans. She could feel her pussy almost drip with anticipation. Once her had them undone, she pulled his jeans down past his hips. His cock, rock hard and gigantic, was throbbing waiting for her to suck it. At a full twelve inches, it used to intimidate her back when they fucked for the fist time, all those years ago. Not anymore. "Fuck." She wanted him inside her; her pussy throbbed in time with her heartbeat. She wrapped her hand around the base, unable to get her fingers all the way around it. She could feel his veins, thick and pulsating.


She leaned down and slowly ran her tongue up his shaft, reveling in the gasp she elicited from him. She did it once more, even slower. When she stopped at the tip, licking the precum off of it, he twined his fingers into her hair. She stopped what she was doing and glared at him.

"You know what happens when you do that," she said pointedly. He lowered his hands. She noticed he'd now clenched them into fists. "That's better."

She eased the tip into her mouth, sucking it gently. He growled low. He wanted more, but she was going to tease him as he had teased her. She took more of him into her mouth as she increased suction. She loved sucking his cock, making him twitch. She circled her tongue around the head, applying pressure so he could feel the ball if her tongue piercing. He started to move his hands again, but desisted as soon as she released pressure. Once she was satisfied he wouldn't move his hands again, she took as much of him into her mouth as she could. She had him only about halfway in before the tip hit the back of her throat. Now she could really have fun.

Hesitantly, she took more of him into her mouth, pushing past her gag reflex. He let out sharp gasps as she slid inch after inch into her throat. She relented, still sucking hard. She tried again and managed to get it a little further. "Fuck," she thought. She had done it once before, she could do it again. She began to deepthroat him quicker now, more aggressively. She wanted to be able to lick the base again. she reached down and felt her pussy – it was practically gushing. Tears streamed down her face, a mixture of elation and pain; she couldn't breathe around his massive shaft. He was breathing heavier now, louder. She came up once more for air, then committed fully to taking all twelve inches into her throat. And she did. When she reached the base of his cock, she let out a small squeak. She had done it. Through blurry eyes, she bobbed her head on his shaft.

She felt his hands on her again, one on the back of her head, the other tangled in her hair. She didn't mind, knowing he couldn't help it when it got to this point. She continued choking on his cock, faster and faster. He was grunting and growling louder now, hammering her head down on his giant member. She felt him harden more in her mouth – he was going to cum soon. A few more thrusts deep into her throat, and he let out a roar. He dug his fingernails into her scalp as she felt rope after rope of hot cum shoot down her throat. This was always her favorite part, him cumming while he grunted with each burst.

Finally, he released his grip on her and she was able to pull him out of her throat. It felt good to breathe again. She sucked around the head a bit more, coaxing every last drop from him. He shuddered. She loved doing that to him. Eyes closed, he was trying the catch his breath.

"FUCK!" It was his turn to say it.

She smirked as she laid down next to him, savoring the moment. She knew she was good at giving head, but being able to deepthroat every inch of him was empowering.

When he at last caught his breath, he sat up and turned to her. "You are amazing."

"I know," she replied smugly and made to get up. He pulled her back down to him. He kissed her deeply, tasting himself on her tongue. She sighed as their tongues intertwined, a post-fuck haze about them. He rolled over and put his arm over her, inhaling deeply. In a low, calm voice he rumbled, "you know this isn't over, right?" Her nipples hardened. She said nothing, just taking in the smoky smell of him.

After several minutes, she could feel his cock start to harden again against her leg. "Fuck." Now she was in trouble. She looked at him and he just grinned evilly, eyes still closed, holding back a laugh.

She tried to wriggle out from under his arm, but he was too quick for her, as always. In an instant he was on top of her, pressing her into the mattress once again. He kissed her as she squirmed to get away.

"No, no, princess. That was the easy one. I told you this isn't over." His voice was dark, threatening. It made her so wet, and he knew it.

He reached down between her legs to feel her arousal. "That's my girl."

He released her as he began to inch his dick into her. She gasped; he was stretching her and that was only the head. With her wetness, there was no need for lube. For his size, he was incredibly gentle, slowly pushing himself into her to coat his pulsating cock. She let out a long moan. Once he was fully in her, he began to pull out. Then in again, agonizingly slow. He grinned watching her writhe beneath him. She clenched her pelvic muscles tightly around his shaft, causing him to inhale sharply. She didn't want him teasing her anymore. She held him there, stopping him from pulling out any further. With nowhere to go but forward he thrust hard into her. She cried out as he began fucking her. His giant cock made her feel so full, and that just turned her on more.

With no warning, he pulled her leg up and put it over his, lifting her hips off the bed. His hands around her waist, he squeezed her tightly and he relentlessly rammed into her.

She could feel her orgasm building. Her whole body was one fire. She tried as best she could to hold back, but it crashed over her like a tsunami. She was moaning loudly, almost screaming as she came on his dick. And he didn't let up drilling into her. She struggled to catch her breath as she felt another orgasm creeping up on her. At last he slowed his thrusting to a steady even pace. In, out, in, out. She could feel every vein, and the ridge of his head rubbing against her walls. She was almost vibrating at the sensation of it. He picked up on this and increased his rhythm. She tried to push him away but he was too big, too strong for her. He was growling as he thrust into her again and again. He was once again digging his fingernails into her flesh, increasing her pleasure and pain.

She couldn't handle it. She couldn't hold back any longer. She moaned deeply as she came, her cum spilling out of her. She felt limp, helpless. He was going to throw her around like a rag doll. She reveled in the thought.

He did just that. Lowering her leg, he grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over onto her stomach. He pulled her ass up and moved one of her legs into a bent position. She looked like she was trying to bear crawl away from him. He definitely wasn't going to let that happen. Roughly, he gripped her hips as he lined up his cock with her dripping pussy. He pulled her onto him slowly, impaling her. Her breathing was ragged as she moaned into the mattress. He dug his nails into her hips as he pounded her. She was screaming, cumming hard on him. This only urged him on. He was going to get at least 4 out of her, god damn it. He picked up his pace, aggressively fucking her as he felt her pussy squeeze around him.

She was trying to get away. She pulled away from him, which on/y made him fuck her harder. She had reached that point of cumming so much, it was just torture. He was growling, grunting as he thrust into her. He could feel her orgasm about to ride over her. She was screaming into the mattress again. He loved making her scream. Nails digging into her, he roared as he exploded in her, thrusting wildly with each wave. When he was spent, he stayed in her for a moment, feeling her pussy squeezing tightly around his shaft. Breathless, he pulled out of her and watched his cum slowly start to pour out of her.

He gently turned her unto her back. She was glistening with sweat. She loved the feeling of him towering over her, cumming in her, dominating her.

Laying next to her, mouth on her neck, he put one hand on her pussy. In her ear, he commanded,

"You will keep my cum in you until the next time I fuck you."

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