Chapter 13: Weekend Away M/F

I set a goal for myself after reaching a milestone birthday, to write one piece of erotica a week. I currently have over 25 chapters done. It started as an exercise to aid in coming up with scenes for my wife/sub and I, but I've started to enjoy it. She absolutely loves my stories so mission accomplished!

I figured I'd share here to see what you lot think. I'd love to hear any feedback, both on the story itself as well as the writing. I'm NOT a writer, so I'm feeling my way through and am not entirely confident if using present tense, etc. is the best way to go. Additional topics to write about would also be helpful. I have another dozen or so ideas waiting to be written but after that it's going to be a struggle.

All of my stories are from her perspective.

“I packed you a bag,” his email reads, “meet me in room 225 at our favorite hotel. 7 pm, don’t be late.” With no time to change, still wearing her work clothes consisting of a dress with no panties per his morning instructions, she rushes to the car and drives to their favorite hotel.

6:59 pm, her phone reads, as she parks and rushes in. Waiting for the elevator is taking too long so she rushes to the stairs, and arrives, breathless at his door. An older couple smiles and waves as they enter the room across the hall.

Knock, knock. She waits. “You’re late,” he says through the door, “it’s 7:03 pm.” She looks around. I’m sorry Master, she whispers, traffic was terrible. “Remove your bra and place it in your handbag,” he orders.

Frantically she looks around. Apart from the couple across the hall she hasn’t seen anyone else on this floor. The elevator is just down the hall though so someone could appear at any time. Quickly she unsnaps her bra and slides it out of the sleeve of her dress, quickly shoving it into her bra.

I’ve removed my bra Master, may I please come in now?

“Now remove your dress,” he orders, “then you may come inside.” With a gasp she flushes a deep red and looks around. Still no one, but she contemplates using her safe word. With a deep breath she takes another look down the hall, then at the room across the hall, and then slides her dress over her head and shoves it into her bag.

No sooner has her dress hit the bag, and she hears the ding of the elevator down the hall. Frantically she turns back to the door and knocks, hoping he’ll be quick. The door opens, her Master pulls her inside the room, safe at last.

He appraises her with his eyes, then grabs both ass cheeks while firmly kissing her. “Here Pet, put those on,” he says turning and gesturing to clothes laid out on the bed, “we have dinner reservations.”

He’s laid out a pair of tights, with no crotch, a short white skirt, a black belt with silver rings, and a black turtleneck sweater. There’s no bra, and as usual, no panties. There’s also a thin satin collar, and a pair of satin wrist restraints. She begins to dress, thankful that the sweater covers the collar, and once finished, turns to her Master to present herself.

“Bend over and place your hands on the desk”, he instructs, lifting her skirt above her ass as she complies. She feels his finger, covered in lube enter her ass, and he warms her up before shoving the butt plug inside her. “Dinner time.”

At the restaurant downstairs, he has reserved a corner booth. He motions to her seat, facing the restaurant, and takes his seat to her side. “I’ll take a glass of the 1985 Haut-Brion,” he says to the waiter, “and she’ll have a French 75.”

The waiter returns with their drinks and they order dinner. She appraises the rest of the customers while he orders and notices a thin short-haired woman in a dark red dress seated alone at the bar. She feels a slight shiver and crosses her legs when the woman looks back and catches her eye, suddenly aware that she’s wearing a short skirt and no panties. She feels her Master’s hand on her thigh, lifting the skirt even higher and squirms in her seat.

“Don’t be shy Pet,” he suggests once the waiter leaves, “a hot little slut like you, of course people are going to look!” He rubs two fingers against her clit, and she lets out a small gasp, uncrossing her legs. He returns to his drink and she squeezes her legs shut when the waiter comes to deliver their food, hoping he won’t look under the table to see her skirt around her waist.

Periodically during dinner, she catches herself looking at the cute girl in the red dress, wondering what she’s doing. No date still, her mind wanders. She’s never been with a woman but if she were, that would be her type. Short black hair, small frame, small round breasts, a tight ass, she gasps as her Master pinches her clit between his fingers. “Something on your mind?” he asks.

I couldn’t help but notice that cute girl over there in the red dress, I think she keeps looking at me.

“Well, make sure to give her a good show then,” he says with a wink, and pushes her knees apart. “Keep them that way until we’re done with dessert.” She looks down at her dessert, afraid to look across the restaurant in case she makes eye contact. “Here, try a bite of mine,” he says, bringing a spoonful to her mouth, “Open”. She opens her mouth to accept the bite and he brings the spoon near her mouth, but not quite close enough for her to get it. “Wider” he demands, and finally gives her a taste.

“I’ve had enough,” he says quickly, removing the spoon from her mouth, “let’s go up to the room.”

Once they reach the room, he opens the door, and motions for her to enter. He follows her inside, shuts the door, and tells her to use the restroom and come out once she’s ready for him. After spending all night at dinner being teased, she’s extremely aroused and rushes to get cleaned up and back to her Master. She steps out, still wearing the clothes he picked out, to find him waiting outside the door for her.

While gently removing her clothing, he talks in a low voice. “You remember your safe word, right?” Yes Master. “You trust me, right?” Yes Master. She shivers as she answers his questions, something about the way he says them scares her.

By now he has her standing in only her crotchless tights, belt, collar, and wrist cuffs. He attaches black suction cups to each breast, contrasting against her skin, squeezes them several times to increase the suction, and then leads her to the bed. “Sit,” he commands, as he opens his bag.

From his bag he pulls out several restraints. He has ropes, chains, cuffs, even an eye mask. He also has a collection of toys to penetrate both her ass and her pussy. From under the bed he pulls out restraints that he’s obviously placed before she arrives. He begins to restrain her, starting at the top.

He attaches each wrist to restraints attached to the headboard, thus keeping them spread and behind her. “Lie back,” he instructs, and she lays back on the bed, with her thighs on the edge. He tightens the ropes attached to her wrist and she feels a slight stretch.

Next, he attaches the belt around her waist to the bed using the under-bed restraints, tightening them until she can’t move to either side. Finally, he places an ankle cuff around each of her ankles and runs ropes from them to the headboard. With a pull on the ropes her ankles are pulled in the air, causing her knees to bend, and she ends up completely immobilized, with her pussy and ass exposed and her ankles spread behind her head.

She’s in a perfect position to get fucked, and her pussy responds as she readies herself. She can feel the heat coming off her pussy and lets out a moan before he even touches her.

His mouth latches onto her clit without any warning, and he spreads her lips for better access. She squirms in pleasure, hardly able to move at all, and immediately begs for permission to orgasm. “Tonight Pet, you have my permission to orgasm, as many times as you would like,” he responds, returning to her engorged clit. A flush of heat hits her body as she explodes in an orgasm, but he doesn’t stop, he continues to suck, much softer now, as her body spasms and her juices coat her thighs and run down her ass. She feels another orgasm begin to build, and rocks her hips as much as she can, but this time after she orgasms he steps back and checks his phone.

“Ah, now things are going to get interesting,” he says. “Don’t go anywhere!” he says with a laugh, and after placing the eye mask on her, he walks away.

Her senses are on high alert, wondering what he has planned, and she hears him walk to the door, she hears the door open, and she hears the door close again. She waits, listening for any sounds, wondering how long he’s going to leave her.

Finally, after what could’ve been 1 minute or 10, she hears the door open, she hears the door close, and she gasps as her body aches to be touched. She writhes as much as she can, begging to be touched, and is met only by silence.

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