Dirty Wife Dancing (Part 2) [cheating]

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She then said she needed the bathroom and she'd be back in a minute, as she walked away I noticed what looked like cum running down her leg.

As soon as she was out of sight, three large Arab men sat at the table, the two guys I bumped into and the one who had just fucked my wife.

• • • • •

I took a big gulp.

"I saw you watching me with that bitch, are you some sort of pervert?"

"no no, that girl is my wife"

"let me get this straight, you were watching your wife get fucked on the dance floor? Is this a kink you get off on?"

I then proceeded to tell them that she didn't know I saw here, that I froze in the moment and couldn't believe my eyes. The three guys gave a deep laugh then the two guys said that when I turned away from the dance floor earlier I adjusted my dick and obviously enjoyed what I saw.

Before I could protest, Kyana returned to the table and had a cheeky grin on her face. With full confidence, she downed the drinks and the three guys made an excuse and left the table but not before he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I was dazed, in shock. I wanted to leave, but Kyana wanted to stay and said if it was ok with me she'd go and find Kelly and dance with her. I told her this was fine, she replied: "you won't be upset if I stay?" I responded "I know you love dancing, you enjoy yourself, it's too noisy here for me"

She gave me a kiss on the lips and said she'll grab a taxi with her when they want to leave. She got up and walked over to the dance floor. As I began to exit I spoke to the bouncers and let them know I was just getting some fresh air and wanted to get straight back in, they said that was fine. I walked to the corner and turned back and they let me back in without queuing again.

Kyana obviously thought I had left and the guard was lowered. I managed to spot her just as she entered the back of the club and was walking with two of the Arabian guys, I couldn't spot the other one. They were all laughing and talking to each other, the guy she'd fucked early was holding her hand and they'd found a quiet area of the club and again the three of them were dancing and grinding to the music. Looking at her you'd never know that she was married.

After about 10 minutes the guy called over a barmaid and pointed to the door leading to private rooms and handed her what looked like a was of money. The barmaid took the money and ushered them to the hallway and then into one of the rooms, locking the door as she left.

As I walked towards it she stopped me in my tracks and said I'm not allowed in there as it's a private party, I used my charm and mentioned who I was and I was worried for her safety. She said I could view from the security mirrors where I can see them but they can't see me and if there's a sign she's in danger they'll drag her out. She said as she went in of her own accord and showed no signs of distress we couldn't just bust in there.

The area I was in showed everything, the whole room with music playing, a sofa and a little bar area. The perfect view, there would be no secrets here. Kyana was standing in front of the guy who was sitting on the sofa. "So that guy early, he was your husband?" She smiled "yes he is, the dancing isn't for him and he's gone home". That was the invitation he needed and pulled her on to his lap and starts kissing her. The kissing was a lot more passionate than before, and then she suddenly stopped and stood up. There was a part of me that thought she'd come to her senses. I was shocked as she removed her skirt and then top and bra to stand in front of him completely naked.

She lowered to her knees and removed his trousers to reveal his huge cock standing to attention. As her head lowered to take it in her mouth the other guy moved behind her and started kissing her back and massaging her breasts. I was in shock but at the same time, I'd realised my cock was hard and I was rubbing it over my trousers.

Her head bobbing up and down on this strangers cock, the other guy was now dipping his long fingers in her wet pussy. The pair of them stopped what they were doing and pulled the cushions of the sofa and placed them on the floor. Kyana instinctively lay on her back and spread her legs looking like a whole, begging to get fucked.

As the main guy lowered himself to her waiting married pussy she grabbed his 10-inch cock and guided into her, the pleasure was evident on her face and the other guy offered his cock to her mouth and she gobbled it up. She was getting fucked hard, and he was grunting with force and she seemed to be enjoying it more and more. Hands tearing at her tits, her face getting fucked, pussy taking a beating.

Without thinking I dropped my trousers and whilst watching started to stroke my cock, the sight of my precious wife acting like this was something that messed with my head but my dick had other thoughts. I was too engrossed in this and hadn't noticed the third missing Arab guy was standing metres from me, his phone in hand recording it.

"Tut tut tut, what have we here?"

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