When a Stranger Breaks Down [cheating] [stranger]

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Living in a small southern town you don't get much in the way of traffic and most people know each other. It's one of those towns where the shops and businesses close fairly early and there isn't much in the way of nightlife.

I've lived here my whole life and currently live with my boyfriend of 15 years. I'm 35 years old, brown shoulder-length hair, 5 ft 4, a good handful sized tits, silky smooth pussy and a sex drive that is wild. Nothing outrageous has ever happened but I wish it did. My partner, well he'd rather spend the evening playing video games or getting an early night. This leads me to spend the warm evenings relaxing on the front porch reading stories on Reddit and getting swept away with the passion of it all.

The stories of cuckold, father/daughter and forced sex always make me wet, it's a private area and if I position myself I can allow the breeze to float up my skirt and send chills to my pussy.

Whilst reading a story about a sister-in-law getting fucked a heard a car slowly go do the road which was strange as it didn't really lead anywhere. I got back to reading and my hand teasing my pussy, eyes starting to close as I imagined a big hard cock fucking me, something my boyfriend seems to have forgotten how to do.

I was stopped in my tracks as a shadow hovered over me and someone clearing their throat, I thought it was my partner only to open my eyes to see a tall handsome older guy, at a guess about 50, standing looking at me. Getting all flustered I politely asked him if I could help him or if he was lost.

He went into a story of how his car had broken down and needed to call for some assistance. I offered him my phone and without thinking gave it to him with the Reddit story still on screen, he simply raised his eyebrows and smiled at me. As he dialled the number and began talking to someone and mumbling as he walked up and down the porch, all the while I was checking him out. He had a slight tan, slim build and looked smart in his linen trousers and crisp white shirt.

As he returned and asked if he could sit next to me, he told me they told him it wouldn't be till the morning that they could collect him, he asked if there was a hotel nearby. As an out of towner, I explained we don't get many tourists here so the nearest hotel was 20 miles away. I insisted he could spend the night here, we have a spare room and it wouldn't be any trouble. I asked if he'd eaten and he said no but had seen something he'd love to taste, I could feel my cheeks go red and told him I'd cook him something.

Whilst in the kitchen cooking I felt his eyes on me, he was watching my every move, for the first time in ages, someone desired me. I set the table for him and placed his food down, my bf walked down the stairs from his gaming and had a surprised look on his face as a stranger was sitting at the table.

I explained he broke down and the tow company said they couldn't get to him before tomorrow and I offered him a bed for the night. A shrug told me he didn't seem to care and I went back to talk to our guest. After his meal the three of us sat in the living room, my boyfriend was in an armchair and I was sat on the 2 seater with our guest. I had gotten comfortable and swung my bare legs onto the sofa right next to his thighs. I mentioned there was a blanket to the side to cover us up as there was a slight breeze, he took the hint and covered our lower halves and I placed my legs over his crotch area.

My bf was starting to doze with the telly playing but our guest was move focused on my legs as his hands gently ran up and down, each time going higher and higher. My foot was, in turn, rubbing over his growing cock, as his hand reached the top of my inner thighs I clamped them together in the hope he got the hint. His palm brushing over my now wet pussy, aching for his fingers to enter me, to please me. The first slid in, letting out a small moan he then added a second, letting his fingers fuck me, wishing it was his cock.

I could feel an orgasm building and I certainly wasn't going to make him stop, biting onto the blanket as a wave came over me, god this felt so naughty but so so good. With my juices coating his fingers I brought them to my mouth and sucked them and cleaned them for him. I rose to my knees and giving one last check on my bf I dived under the blanket and released his cock. I lovely thick cock at about 7 inches greeted my willing mouth, licking the tip and then taking it fully in my mouth.

My partner thinks oral is horrible, but I think there is no greater pleasure than a cock growing in my mouth and sucking the cum straight from the source, trying not to make too much noise as he begins to fuck my face. I feel him begin to tense as I expect a wave of cum to hit the back of my throat, drinking each drop as I sit to look in his eyes as I lick my lips and remove all trace from my mouth.

My boyfriend begins to move and says he's going off to bed, I say I'll join him once I've shown our guest to the spare room. I usher him in the direction of the room at the end of the hallway and escort him inside, showing him where everything is. When my back is turned he removes his clothes and is standing there naked when I face him. With a grin, he says he has no spare clothes so he'll be sleeping naked. I slowly walk to him, kiss him on the cheek and stroke his cock and whisper that was to give him something to dream of tonight.

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