A Neighbourly Favour – Gone Wild [MF] [Mast] [FMast] [Teasing]

"Jesus, more bills!"

Linda leafed through the collection of brown envelopes in a disorganised pile next to the telephone in the hallway. She cast them aside and then let her mind drift as she leant against the door frame. Anything would be preferable to dealing with her finances right now. Thankfully a rapping knock on the door diverted her attention. She peered through the spy hole and on seeing her next door neighbour she quickly ran her fingers through her fringe, smoothed down her pencil skirt and turned the latch.

"Peter – good to see you," she smiled her widest smile, hoping none of her crimson lipstick had found its way onto her teeth.

"Hi Linda, how's things? You said to pop round when I had a moment – well here I am," he spread his arms in a show of readiness.

"Thanks for coming at such short notice Pete. I didn't really want to disturb your Sunday, but I could use your expertise."

"Oh, it's no problem really. Leo's at football training and Maggie is out shopping – again."

Pete and Maggie had been Linda's neighbours for just over a year now. She had instantly taken a liking to Pete, he was perpetually cheerful and had a cheeky sense of humour, but you saw little of that when Maggie was around. Linda had never really worked out Maggie. All attempts to engage her in conversation met with the briefest of smiles before excuses were made and she was off – pet chihuahua nestled close to her bosom.

Pete was an electrician and an excellent cook, which is a passion he shared with Linda. They often swapped recipes and he helped her get the most out of the new kitchen gadgets she just couldn't resist buying on her generous credit limit.

"It's the new bread maker," she informed him, "It went kinda went… pop!"

Pete put his hands on his hips and sniggered. "I see, well let's have a look shall we?"

Linda led him through to her immaculate kitchen, tiled in green and white with a broad sweep of black granite. Appliances were neatly arranged in functional groups on the work surface – the bread maker was centre stage though, lid up and still filled with pale crusty dough.

"I brought round a few tools – let's hope the motor isn't frazzled," Peter said, as he surveyed the stricken machine.

"Coffee?" asked Linda, "I have an amazing Brazilian." She winced a little as she realised how that must have sounded.

"Uh, yeah… sure… that would be… lovely," Pete fumbled, blushing slightly.

He cursed to himself. He hated looking stupid in front of Linda. She was a stunningly beautiful women. He guessed she was in her mid-40s; long dark red hair, a toned physique, always packaged in the tightest of skirts, sheer black tights and pristine white blouses, buttoned low. Any chance to spend a bit of a time with her, away from Maggie's pointless ramblings, made him a happy man.

Linda went rummaging in the pantry to find her latest coffee discovery, whilst Pete laid his tools out on the worktop and set about the task.

She really hoped Pete could work his magic. This was only the second time she had used the breadmaker – a top of the range model – but she had instantly regretted buying it and she knew she could still return it for a full refund, but only if it was in full working order. She could really do with that credit right now, just to settle the store card bill that arrived this morning and keep the wolf from the door for another month.

"Here's your coffee… just the one sugar wasn't it?"

"Yes, that's great. You're a star," Peter replied without looking up from his task.

Linda's eyes tracked to Pete's upper arm, where a tattoo peeked out from his shirt sleeve. It looked like the legs of a bird, but she couldn't quite make it out. He had never talked about it before, so she assumed that it was something he had done during his youth that didn't really fit with his current persona. She wondered what else was hidden from view.

"I'll just leave you to it then," Linda said.

"Huh… oh yes, probably best. I'm a man, I can't talk and work at the same time," Pete joked.

Linda scooped up her favourite mug in two hands and walked through to the adjoining room, where a comfy chair and a collection of magazines awaited.

She had been single for eight years now, since her second marriage failed. The brief association was a drab and loveless period in her life, but she walked away with her freedom and nearly 100k. Initially she shared the apartment with a girlfriend but eventually took the opportunity to buy her out and live alone once more. She didn't earn a great deal as a PA but it paid the mortgage, whilst her dwindling savings enabled her to continue to live in relative luxury – for now at least.

Twenty minutes passed. There was some slight clanking from the kitchen and the sound of Peter humming tunefully as he busied away. Linda called through a couple of times out of politeness, but Peter always returned a cheerful confirmation.

A short while later a pulsing hum broke out and Linda's eyes flicked up from the copy of Vogue she had been leafing through.

"Linda – come see!" Pete shouted excitedly from the kitchen.

She swept into the room, her modest shiny wedge heels tapping on the tiled stone floor.

"It's working…. Pete how do you do it!" Linda giggled.

"Magic hands," Peter replied, holding them aloft. He was beaming from ear to ear.

He continued, "OK, so you had put the dough in, then I am guessing you selected the Cake button, which baked the dough hard. Then you realised your mistake and put it back to Mix mode and the dough hook couldn't rotate, and poof – electrical overload and the fuse was toast!"

"Hmmm, you got me Sherlock!" Linda felt stupid, but she was elated at the thought of getting her full refund again.

"You even cleaned it Pete… you're an absolute darling. Please you must charge me something – you have saved me a big financial headache."

"No way," insisted Peter, "I wouldn't accept any money from you."

"Something else then? A gift?" Linda suggested.

"I can't thing of anything I need Lin, honestly. It was my pleasure."

"Mmm, well come through to the living room and drink the rest of your coffee, I am sure I can think of something," she said, her voice full of innocence.

Quite to her surprise naughty thoughts flashed through Linda's mind. She knew Peter fancied her, that much was clear from his puppy dog eyes and the way he bit on his lower lip whenever she revealed something a little too personal about herself, but she really didn't know how he'd respond to some subtle prick teasing.

Her mind flicked to Maggie. She wasn't worried about hurting her in any way – the glum bitch could do with something to worry about – but more about Peter's reaction. He might retreat into his shell, or he might be as glad as she was for a taste of escapism.

They chatted about this and that: the taste of the coffee, the latest cooking shows, the price of groceries. Peter didn't seem in any rush to leave so she decided to 'test the water'.

"Pete, I can't let you leave without repaying you somehow." She meant it to sound like an order and she raised her eyebrows ever so briefly just to heighten the suggestion.

"Really Lin, it's fine," Peter began.

"You're not the only one who is good with their hands you know," Linda said cheekily. She was about to continue but Peter interjected.

"Yes, I've seen you kneading pastry… scary stuff!" Pete joked, before he realised that's probably not what she had meant. He was uncomfortable with innuendo, especially when it came from Linda.

She attempted to drive home her point, "true, but they can also shape, smooth and stroke." She deliberately enunciated each word whilst miming actions with her hands.

"I can believe it Lin." Peter dug his fingers into his thighs. Was she really coming onto him? What he would give to grasp her manfully around the waist and pull her close. But being manful was not something he was very good at.

Linda got up and and moved the coffee cups to a nearby side table. She was already lost in her own erotic fantasies and she was never hesitant about acting on instinct. The fact that her instincts had delivered two failed marriages so far, was not something she chose to dwell on.

She turned and nonchalantly placed her left foot on a nearby low stool and began tugging gently at the top of her stockings with both hands.

"Just think… there must be something I can do for you," she purred.

Peter gazed on, admiring the supple sweep of her long legs and the split in her pressed cotton skirt. A thousand thoughts went through his mind.

"Ummm," he said nervously. In the back of his mind he knew he should laugh innocently and change the subject, and if he had more time he probably would have been able to come up with something. This wasn't one of those times.

"God Linda, I would really like to touch those legs," he blurted out, quite to his own astonishment. Peter sat frozen wondering if he had really been clumsy enough to say those words out loud.

Linda's green eyes fixed him with a piercing glaze. He would have melted into a puddle there and then if it wasn't for the upward kink at the corners of her mouth to indicate she approved. In all honesty Linda was a little taken aback. She didn't think it would be this easy to illicit a response from him and she had fully expected to have to spell it out for him.

"Pete darling, I didn't know you felt like that," she said playfully, "but that seems like a fair deal." At least externally she appeared as though she was fully in control of the situation.

"This is just between us OK? There is nothing to worry about," she added.

Peter didn't reply. He just smiled like a child on Christmas morning.

Linda sat back on the chair, crossed her legs and began to undo the strap on her black heels. She flicked each one aside with a gentle movement. Meanwhile Pete squirmed in his seat, drained his coffee and wondered how he had ever been able to pull off such a move. Was this her idea of a joke? Regardless, he decided to keep his mouth shut and see where it took him.

"I don't do these sort of things for just anyone Pete, I just really appreciate how much you do for me," she stated, maintaining a firm and confident tone. "Nor am I a home wrecker – I don't want to come between you and Maggie."

"I know you wouldn't Lin, you're a great person," Peter said, a little feebly," and frankly, Maggie doesn't care where I am right now."

She casually walked over to him and placed her foot on the sofa, right between Peter's parted legs. Unhitching the stocking from the suspender belt she hinted, "be a darling and take it off for me?"

Peter gulped audibly and then began to raise his shaking hands. "Are you sure this is OK Linda?"

"Calm down Pete, it's only a leg rub right?"

"Absolutely," he agreed, a little too enthusiastically.

Placing his hands on the either side of her lower calf he slowly moved upwards in a sweeping motion, tracing the toned limb. True perfection, he thought to himself. He repeated the motion up and down several times, lost in his own world of simple pleasure.

From his sunken position on the couch he could see up along her inner thigh to the hidden treasures beyond. A quick glance confirmed that her black lace knickers were adorned with little roses and embroidered leaves entwined in spiral patterns. He gingerly moved up to her lower thigh, his fingers hunting for the lacy top of the stocking. He lingered there for a moment as Linda inched her skirt yet higher, revealing pale bare flesh beyond.

Peter willed himself to continue, his hands either side of her thigh, his fingers pinching the welt of her stocking. Slowly but surely he peeled the sheer layer back towards him, exposing her exquisite legs as he went. As he reached her ankle he repositioned his hands to remove the stocking from her slightly pointed foot. He paused to take in her pretty manicured toes, adorned in the same crimson glaze as her fingernails and lips – then he let out a long slow breath and whispered, "wow!"

"You like what you see?" Linda asked.

Peter didn't reply. Both his hands ran up and down her raised leg and he kissed her lightly on the knee. He couldn't help himself.

"Shame to leave it there," Linda prompted and she returned her lone naked leg to floor, legs slightly apart. Peter nodded, not waiting for any further permission.

Linda unclipped the suspender and raised her heel off the ground in anticipation whilst Peter made straight for the top of the other stocking and peeled it back in one fluid motion. He then sat back in his seat and laughed gently to himself.

"This is mad," he said, and then, "you are truly beautiful Linda – not your average girl next door!" It was a long time since she had been referred to as a 'girl', but she took the compliment nonetheless.

Peter continued his gentle massage of her calves for a few minutes – he seemed locked in a trance. Linda's mind was racing. She hadn't really thought this through at all, but the feeling of her arousal spurred her on. She brought her knees together and sensed a slight moistness in her knickers; her body only confirming what she felt.

Without further contemplation she adopted a suggestive tone once more "of course, there is much more I could show you?" Peter immediately came over all shy school boy.

"I, I… really don't want to take any liberties Lin, this is amazing but… I really don't know whether I can… control myself. Do you know what I mean?"

She knew exactly what he meant.

"It's fine – I will show you what to do," Linda replied, pretending to miss the meaning of his previous statement.

She lowered herself gracefully to her knees, her eyes level with his. Swiftly she grasped and guided his idle hand towards her blouse and then to her top button. Her blouse was already open to the third button, displaying a neat cleft between her breasts. She helped him with the first fastener, then pressed her chest towards him, coaxing him to do the rest.

As two more buttons were undone her black lace bra came into full view. The same elegant pattern of roses and leaves circled the C size cups. Peter continued down, tugging at the slim-fit blouse to free it from around her waist, then he eased it backwards over her feminine shoulders as she wiggled back and forth allowing it to slip down her upper arms and onto the floor.

Once again he paused, bathing in the splendour of her upper body. Linda realised he was wavering and she didn't want it to stop here, so she coaxed him on some more.

"Pretty underwear huh?" She prompted.

"Stunning," Pete whispered.

"And so it should be, it cost an arm and a leg," she joked.

She got up again, easing herself in between his knees whilst facing to one side. "Zip" she said clearly, and gestured towards the fastener that ran the full length of her dark green pencil skirt.

He froze, not certain whether he had heard her correctly. She widened her eyes and then kicked him lightly in the ankle.

"Oh….uh, yeah… sure thing" Peter mumbled. He hadn't really given notice to his own growing

arousal, until he leant forward and found his reach severely restricted by his firm erection. He inhaled deeply then continued by clasping the tiny zip between forefinger and thumb and tugging it down the side of her thigh. The noise of the zip entranced him; it seemed to go on for ever – but finally it reached its retainer and the skirt fell to the ground.

Linda turned to face him and then took a step back, hands on hips, adopting a faux-catwalk pose. She swished her hair around her neck, mocking the women on shampoo adverts. Peter sat quietly, his mind blown.

She swept her hair back again with one hand and blew him a kiss. It was only then that she noticed the tent pole in his trousers.

"Hmm, seems my little gift has had the desired effect," she smirked.

"Huh? Oh..uh." Peter quickly crossed his arms in a feeble attempt to mask his erection. Then rather

apologetically he blurted out, "I did warn you Lin, there is no way I can control that." He gestured towards his loins as if it were some foreign body.

Linda sensed this was a tipping point. She could either reign it in now, or just go full steam ahead and make him fuck her right here and now. She was useless at making decisions at the best of times and it seemed that this one required a clear head.

"I just need to check my phone Pete – make yourself comfortable darling." And with that she glided

around the sofa and into the bedroom.

Peter took the opportunity to rearrange himself and partially free his cock, which had found its way through the gap in his boxers and was pressing forcefully against the cold steel of his zip. He quickly unzipped to wipe the pre-cum from the tip of his penis using the inside of his shirt. He hoped Linda wouldn't notice and he tried breathing deeply in an effort to divert the rushing blood pulsing round his groin.

Meanwhile, Linda perched on her bed and took a few deep breaths of her own to collect herself. She hadn't been this turned on in months, maybe years. Of course, she could have easily ended it here, but wasn't the end game inevitable? It was obvious Pete was besotted with her and she so enjoyed having a man in the palm of her hand. She figured she might as well have her fun – either Pete would blow his load in anticipation, or he wouldn't be able to control his urges and fuck the living daylights out of her. Either way, win-win.

Peter was just thinking about getting up and making a run for it, when Linda reappeared again. Her hands landed softly on his shoulders and she circled her thumbs in a firm massaging motion. Peter tensed, then relaxed. She bent over and whispered in his ear.

"I want you to close your eyes… no peeking."

"I really don't deserve this Linda," Peter said. He meant it to sound like he wasn't worthy of such

attention, but Linda took it to mean the opposite.

"Close your eyes Pete, this won't hurt."

He shifted in his seat again but did as he was told. Linda quickly reached around and unfastened her bra, letting it drop silently to the floor. She slowly padded around the end of the sofa and positioned herself in front of him, before sitting astride him, her knees bent and her bum resting on his lap.

Peter stifled a gasp then muttered under his breath, "Jeez Lin, what are you trying to do to me?"

She ignored him and grasped him round the waist moving her hands upwards in a smooth arcing motion, across his tummy, then over his chest and up round the nape of his neck. He shivered violently.

"Eyes still closed I hope?" Linda asked. Peter just nodded. He couldn't have been trying any harder.

His intense concentration broke the moment Linda's boobs came to rest against his face. They felt like two firm balls of gel. He could have convinced himself that they were a pair of rubber fakes – just a trick to taunt him even more – if it wasn't for the rock hard nipples that swept across his eyebrows and the sweet smell of sweat on her chest.

She wiggled herself left and right, smiling as she did so, watching her breasts bounce off each of his cheeks. Then she guided a nipple across his parted lips, as his tongue shot out to circle her nipple purely on instinct. She was highly aroused herself now and she revelled in the power she had over her stricken prey.

Digging her knees further into the couch, she raised herself up and towards him in a motion purely designed to tease. Her crotch met his and she lingered there pressing the head of his cock into her vulva. He tried to shrink away but quickly realised he was already as far back as he could go. Quickly she reached down for his hands and directed them firmly towards her butt cheeks.

"Lin, Lin… you're fucking incredible… but this is… I've g-g-gotta…" She quickly placed two fingers against his lips before he could say, "go".

"Shhh… I know this feels strange but we've come this far, a little further won't hurt right?" She winked but then noticed he still had his eyes firmly shut.

"I guess not…"

"I think you might relax a little if you were a little less… uhh… constricted?" She got back to her feet

and held out her hands in front of her gesturing him to stand also. Peter remembered he had his eyes shut and slowly opened them. He hesitated as he surveyed her gently curving frame; his mouth dropped open – those breasts could have belonged to a 25 year old, he thought to himself. He took her hands and pulled himself up, barely able to stand at first.

She tugged on his belt and with the subtlest of movements managed to undo the clasp and free the button of his jeans. From there she pulled down the zip and slipped her hand quickly beneath his balls, fondling them gently. He instinctively nuzzled his head into her neck, overwhelmed with the feeling of release. It was all he could do to stop himself spraying the inside of his boxer shorts.

She gave him a teasing peck on the cheek and pushed him gently backwards and he collapsed onto the sofa. The engorged head of his penis poked through the split in his boxer shorts, but by this time he couldn't care less.

"You want to see me naked right?" Linda asked just for effect. Peter's cock flicked up at very mention of that word.

"I do…. I really do."

"Take them off then", she demanded.

Peter immediately went to his waistline to tug down his trousers, ready to bet his own nakedness against whatever Linda had in mind.

"No, no," she laughed, "mine!"

Peter's eyes widened and he mumbled something incoherently, meanwhile Linda snapped impatiently at her knicker elastic.

At last he recomposed himself and shuffled forward until his eyes were level with her pelvis. He reached up and grabbed the delicate panties at the hips with the firmness of grip one would use to open a sash window. He then inched them down until a narrow strip of auburn hair was visible. Continuing he observed the strip narrowed to a point just above her vagina, where delicate folds of skin glistened teasingly. He didn't want to look away for a second, so he let the panties fall about her feet. He gazed up her, as she looked coyly down at him, her copper hair falling about her face. Peter was not a religious man, but he sure felt like thanking God right now.

He grabbed awkwardly at his own clothes, lifting his butt temporarily so he could drag his trousers and shorts down past his knees. He had to free his erection before it burst. His inhibitions had all but dissolved now. After all, here he was, his older next door neighbour in front of him, naked as the day she was born. He kicked off his shoes and the garments gathered round his ankles, and he sunk back into the sofa with a gentle sigh. His cock rested on his belly button, the shaft engorged, the veins thick with blood. His hand instinctively moved to trace its length.

Linda ran her hands over own body, taking time to squeeze her breasts and accentuate the curvature of her hips. She crouched down elegantly to pick up her own panties, before tossing them playfully in Peter's direction. They landed on his chest and he grabbed them with his free hand, cradling his prize. She swung to face away from him, bent over, her legs together. She rubbed her knees against each other and teased him with the glorious sight of her smooth round behind and her puffy pink labia. Without thinking Peter raised his hand to his mouth, to rub the crotch of her knickers against his face. He inhaled deeply.

They were both at breaking point, but Linda was the only one with the clarity of mind to continue. She stood up, then inched herself backwards until the back of her knees met his. She gently swayed her pale bottom in front of him, moving slowly downwards as she did so – her wet pussy searching to be filled. Peter was masturbating vigorously now, her knickers still clamped against his face.

"Take me Peter," she said. Her voice low and husky.

He placed the panties to one side and reached round to grab the front of her upper thighs, pulling her ever closer to him. He buried his nose deep between her pussy lips, the sweet musk of her juices bathing his lower face. He stretched out the tip of his tongue as far as he could and began a path which traced across her perineum, right to the lowest reaches of her labia.

Linda moaned gently as waves of pleasure ran up the back of her legs. She had to place her hands on her knees to maintain her stance. Seconds passed like minutes as Peter continued his exploration – flattening out his tongue and sweeping up towards her clitoris, taking in the full wetness of her pussy. She reached round with her left hand and instinctively grasped his cock, jerking it up and down firmly but fluently with flicks of her wrist.

They were both utterly lost in the moment, all thoughts of breadmakers, debt, wives and past husbands evaporated completely. Peter had but one goal, to bring her to orgasm – to hear her shout his name. He hadn't given thought that he might be about to reach his own climax.

Linda continued unabated, her body had taken complete control over her mind. She applied pressure to the top of his shaft with the crook of her forefinger as she upped the pace of the cock pleasure. Peter stifled a moan with a sharp intake of breath and he felt a fire growing in his balls which quickly rose up threatening to overwhelm him.

"Oh fuck Lin… I am going to cum!"

This spurred Linda into action. She turned as quick as she could, hoping to sink down onto his cock. She was desperate to feel him inside of her now. Peter had his head back, eyes nearly closed. His hands had instinctively taken up residence on his cock, repeating the same motion that Linda had done not a moment earlier.

"Fuck, fuck…" he spluttered.

As the words passed his lips his back arched and he clasped his balls tightly. Moments later a thick jet of semen was propelled upwards splattering across Linda's stomach and her left breast. A second volley quickly followed, but as his penis was now cocked to one side it missed Linda and flicked onto the carpet and down his own leg.

Linda took up the position she was originally aiming for – straddling his legs but with her breasts pressed up against his face. She guided her right hand to her clit, rubbing and teasing it between her forefingers. She increased the pace, sensing her own orgasm was building, Peter's engorged penis slapping against the back of her hand.

As the climatic moment approached she hooked her free arm around Peter's neck and thrust her head into the sofa to steady herself, her auburn hair falling about his shoulders. Her body was a mass of vibrating energy and she convulsed gently as the orgasm consumed her. Utterly spent they embraced, breathing heavily – the sweat of their bodies both warm and cold to the touch.

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